You make me come over there i’m an activity, Music grove street home, at least it was before. I everything up, stop it. What are you doing? Carl brian? Stop it quit it. Moms are here mom they’re up to something you picked the wrong house, fool, hey, hey big smoke. It’S me carl chill chill cj! Oh my god! What’S up, hey baby, you, okay man, nah man, it’s, my mom’s, homie, hey. I don’t know why this had to happen, but i promise you i’m gon na find out who killed your moms. The streets is cold. Dawg, like it says in the book, we are blessed and cursed. What book same things make us laugh, make us cry, but right now we got ta. Take care of business go see your brother at the cemetery come on let’s bounce you wan na drive, yeah that’s cool nice car smoke. You know me it’s not cut, keep the value in and keep it real. I miss you these five years, man, they’re gon na, be real happy to see you hey what’s, up y’all. Look who i found hanging around carl, hey good, to see you. I can’t believe she gone man that’s another funeral. You ran away from fool just like bryce, hey. She was my mama too, not for the past five years. She wasn’t and what the you think you go get out my face. I’M going to see season the hell you are girl, you ain’t messing with them essays.

You know we beat them ain’t, nothing, but a bunch of low light. What the are you at least i got princess, oh, and i guess that makes you an upstanding american call. Tell him carl will tell me long as he treat her right disrespect you and he did the hell. You gon na say that like it’s, any business of yours, you sweet. Oh, let me go again. This shit’s real up everything what you mean. What, apart from your mother being dead, things, are going real bad here? Let me show you running man tony’s buried over there, little devil over there, a big devil over there, man it’s just crazy everybody blasts on fools. First then ask questions second ballers drive by. We got ta get back to the hood man. It’S too crazy around here, grab a bike and pedal. If you ain’t forgotten that follow my lead, guilt has ruined. My life takes you back somehow cj yeah things has changed around here. Cj watch your back around here. Man i get so bad Music. I thought this was family’s turf, yeah, it’s temple drive family, we don’t roll with them. No more three people move it cj abolish cars on to us split up, keep up you just a liability cj. Why you bother coming back straight back into the game right dog? Was it this bad before you left east coast? Got you all thinned down home i’m sober? I wish all my wives and kids could come back Music.

Nobody can tell me Music Applause. My car come on cj you can’t, keep up with the fat man moving cj you’re, embarrassing us Music. I got what the though showed them, whose gangsta rider so when you leaving carl, i ain’t sure thought i might stay things just up. The last thing we need is your help. Ah man, i won’t, let you down, i swear, hey we’re gon na call some hood rats and chill the hell out you want some. I got a whole lot going on i’m, tired i’ll catch y’all. Later, hey yo just drop in we all hanging out jia and get yourself some colors fool and a haircut it’s embarrassing to be seen with you.