I don’t know how it’s going to be and the news they said, it’s going to be really bad and really intense and it’s really going to hit mozambique’s coast, which is where we live. We live like 30 kilometers away from the coast, but yeah i’ll. Take you guys, along with me through today, just to give you an update how it is. I don’t think we’ll really leave the house much. Maybe we’ll go to the harbor just to see like the water waves and stuff like that, but yeah. Besides that, i’ll just keep you updated from my window, live in mozambique, kilimani and let’s see how this storm is going to turn out. Bicycle taxi is still active, but i guess you know that’s the reality of a lot of people. They just have to get to places they just have to work, earn their daily income. If the problem with those tropical storms here is that a lot of the houses are in really bad condition, if you see my other videos, you saw how mozambique looks like you saw how a lot of people live, how the houses are so usually when there is A storm like that, a lot of houses, a lot of people get really badly affected as well, because a lot of things are happening outside. We have bicycle taxis, a lot of people, don’t have cars, they need to walk to work and then there’s, trees, falling and stuff like that.

So yeah it can get really bad, but i will keep you updated today and let’s go back inside moments like this. It just can be so grateful. You have a nice warm cuddly house with a nice, healthy kit, that’s, safe and that’s protected Music Music. I thought i’d show you something out here: um, because there’s this little barrack shop, kind of yes, that’s there right opposite our house! Next to our trailer, it’s actually broken down already it’s, so bad for the guy he doesn’t even know yet he didn’t came to work yet and yeah. Maybe he was guessing something like this can happen but shame i hope our food truck over there. You see our food truck, i hope it’s standing strong i’m wearing my gum boots now, because i want to just check out how it is outside i’m, not sure if it calmed down, they said it’s going to calm down and fight, and then i think, wander off To zimbabwe but yeah, i just want to check if my car, Music cutters, Music, 31, winters, Music Applause, Music, um inside Applause, that’s, breaking my heart Music it’s, been both there’s, still Music, more Music, a little right now kind of really calm down. I think they said around five am five pm and yeah. I think it’s almost that the cyclone will kind of pass and then travel over to like the next next place, but yeah we wanted to go for right now to the harbor just check out how the water is.

If we like can see, you know how the city was affected and stuff from the rain and the wind, all those moods got really clean. You see how shiny those houses are now the colors and stuff iva. Can you see outside the rain? Can you see the rain yeah and the rain? Could you just put your head on yourself cutie it’s like i think this is rain, related yeah, but it doesn’t seem like there’s too much tractors. Anyway, i mean there’s some shops. You know, casa foota. Those supermarkets need to be open. I don’t know the city looks normal. I guess it’s more like out of the city in those areas where the houses are really like. You know here you see it it’s like proper construction, but all the water comes here. Yeah it’s look guys it’s all flooded. Do you think we can drive by even is it yeah it’s like like a river a bit off even here those trees fell down this whole thing the shop. I think that broke down all those trees. Man, do you see that yeah this thing broke inside branches wow like this whole street, is just covered in branches that fell. So i think this is everything um that i can show you right now, because we’re not really going anywhere else, it’s, not really the safest thing to really go to other places because of the flooding and we don’t want to get stuck with our car but yeah.

I hope you guys got a bit of an impression of the cyclone and basically, let me know in the comments down below if you like this video, if you like me, sharing that with you and yeah, i hope you guys are staying safe and protected. I wanted to mention that we live in kilimani and i don’t think kilimani is like really bad affected, but i heard from friends that live in beta, which is also where the cyclone hit in 2000 is 2019 right, the last one, the last big cycle and yeah. They they unfortunately got hit again really badly and yeah i’m gon na try to maybe ask my friend to send me a clip or something, but i know he also filmed the video about it. So i’ll also put the link down below but anyways thanks.