Today we are doing our typical 70 mile per hour highway. Mpg efficiency test with this c8 corvette now i’m, going to go through all the test procedures in a moment. But i can’t wait to see what kind of fuel economy the corvette sports car gets. I imagine it’ll actually be pretty good we’ll find out. So this is the 85 000 lt 3, with z51 pack corvette. It has every available option. Even has some michelin snow tires because yes, it’s cold it’s about 36 degrees here in colorado, so what we’re gon na do, of course, is we’ll run through the tests, but take a look at this car. It looks really neat uh, it’s, 85. Grand, i think, is the exact sticker. 85. 300. Look at the interior as well really super neat in there. This one is a convertible. We are going to be running it with the roof up, but it certainly is nice to drive with the roof down if you’re interested in more about the corvette, we have tons of videos coming out uh and even written reviews on our site out of, where We have tons of reviews. This particular video is just about the efficiency, though so let’s go see what kind of fuel economy you can expect to get in the real world in a chevrolet ca corvette in the winter time in colorado, with a little bit of side. Wind, you guys know how we run our tests.

We do not trust the internal mpg calculator. What we do is we fill up the tanks all the way, let the tank settle for 30 seconds and then go until it clicks. So we know the tank is full. We then run our loop all the way from here in northern colorado, up to cheyenne, wyoming and back here to colorado it’s about 70 miles just under, and then we fill up the car to see how much fuel we’ve used. Now the tire pressures are all set to manufacturer rating. This car is on snow tires, not summer tires, so that’ll be interesting, it’s also cold, outside right, around 38 degrees. Today, so how will the corvette do on the highway? We have a little bit of crosswind about a five mile per hour, crosswind that should take about a half a mile per gallon uh. You know advantage or disadvantage, i should say we should add about a half, but we won’t and so now let’s just get it filled up all the way we’re gon na fill it up with, of course, 91 octane now i’m curious. What you guys think some scientists have commented on our range test post that we actually will get artificially a little bit better mpg tests here at altitude, and part of that is because our air is less dense and part of that is because um, who knows, maybe Just a better burn efficiency i’m, not really totally sure it’s.

Why we also have 85 octane here in colorado because of the altitude again we’re over 5000 feet of elevation, so we’re just filling it up all the way we’re going to let it settle after 30 seconds and then we’re going to jump onto the highway right over. Here let’s see what it’ll do all right. We are in the corvette now so test procedures, no heated seats, sorry Laughter time in our videographer uh. He and i both love it. We do have the starbucks, so no heated seats, we’re, letting the car stay off. For now, we’re gon na keep an eye on the trip log. Do our loop now we’ve already tested the gps speed on this car, where uh indicated 70 miles per hour on the car, because we run our tests at 70. Accurate speed was what 68 gps accurate. So it reads two over or just about so we’re gon na run our test on the way to cheyenne at 71 miles per hour and then we’re going to run 72 miles per hour on the way back and that will get us an average of 70 miles Per hour, so without further ado, i think we get. This thing started up: we’re, going to run the car in tour mode, where there’s, no eco mode, it’s, tour sport track and then there’s also a weather setting, but we’re not going to use that it’s a nice day out here, just a little bit of wind.

So we’re going to run tour mode, gentle ease onto the highway and then we’ll loop back here and see what kind of economy we get. I you know i predict about 30 miles per gallon. What do you think yeah? I would say saying: 32. 32. That depends if the car goes into v v4 mode. Oh, we should talk about that yeah, so, just like chevrolet’s have done forever. This car also switches into four cylinder mode. Under light acceleration now i’ve only driven the car on the highway about seven miles to get it here and i did not see it go into four cylinder mode. It definitely does around town, though, when you’re just cruising so uh, i think we’ve averaged what 10.8 miles per gallon over the last 430 miles. I don’t know what you were doing with this thing, but uh. What we’re gon na do now is see if we can get that number up, and i i’m really curious here so let’s. Do it let’s go all right. I think we’re good to go so start button into drive. We’Re gon na run again no heated seats, temperature somewhere around 68 to 70 degrees, and we are going to put it not in sport, but in tour mode there we go it’s a little laggy. Actually, this whole display like takes a second and off we go. Then our typical route – i don’t know this – will be interesting to see what it can do.

Let’S take a look just to make sure our trip odometer. We know the route of the loop that we’re taking but 450.3 miles we’ll see what we return with so off. We go then, on our little mpg loop up on i 25 heading north to cheyenne really nice day outside 36 degrees. Right now indicated. This is part of our cold weather range test series. Anything under let’s say 45 50 degrees. We put in our cold weather range tests, uh not range test, uh, cold weather mpg tests i’m, so used to doing evs uh really curious to see how this car does. I bet it will surprise us. I don’t think too many people have mpg tested the corvette. What do you think i doubt anyone has ever done that everyone’s just shredding them around the tracks and uh yeah i’m curious to see what it’ll do here in our little standardized test. I bet it’ll. Do pretty well off, we go, then gentle accelerations onto the highway we’re gon na leave the car in automatic mode. It’S gon na do all the shifting for us as soon as we get up to speed. We’Re gon na run 71 miles per hour, indicated on cruise control up to cheyenne, and then once we reach our turnaround point, we will run 72 miles per hour on the way back, we’re already in seventh gear, still accelerating up the hill get up to about 71 Right so cruise control on and let’s just get it set at.

If i can figure out there, we go 71 mile per hour on the cruise and we’re set under the speed limit. We have 201 miles predicted on our full tank of fuel and it’s a big tank. I don’t really know the number, but definitely close to 20 gallons right simon, something like this and um that’s, just because it’s averaged 10.9 miles per gallon right here over the last 452 miles feels so weird going 71 miles per hour into corvette. This is something that loves to be rung out to redline sounds really meaty when you get on it, transmission is ultra crisp. Uh definitely check out our other videos on this car where we drive it in more of a proper setting, but this is an interesting place to spend time with on the highway, because it’s actually extremely noisy in here uh and also the roof is leaking. I think tymon and liam brought it to the car wash yesterday and water started pouring in the car from the seams uh. This whole roof mechanism is leaking air it’s really quite loud in here from a road noise perspective and also a ride comfort. Now this particular car does have the z51 performance package, which is giving it a different suspension better brakes. So it is to be expected that it doesn’t ride super supple on the highway that’s, not the point of this car, but certainly something to think about. If you’re planning on doing a ton of miles is definitely make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of road noise that makes its way into the cabin here, a lot of it could be down to the tire selection of being winter tires.

They’Re, michelin, sport, alpine, something or others and really good tires, but definitely uh, definitely quite noisy. I would say and other than that, though tracks really nicely on the highway. The car is fun to drive on a back road, very capable vehicle, but a lot of corvette owners are going to road trip their cars, so this will be an interesting test to see how it does on the highway you can see now the corvette is in V8 mode it’s, switching between v8 and v4, depending on the load. Here we have a little bit of a downhill, so yep it just switched into v4 and what a neat uh solution that is it’s been technology for 20 years gm’s been using. But i wonder how much this will help it uh in our fuel economy test just cruising along here at 71 miles an hour. The car is a pretty hard time, maintaining exactly 71. uh it. You know electric cars, i think we’re used to them just saying dead. On because they can regen and then they can output more power, but you can see here we have the crew set at 71.. Sometimes it goes 70. Sometimes it goes 72 hard to say, but we’re mirrors makes no difference right at 70, i’m sure it’ll average out and then on the way. Back of course, we’re going to run 72 miles per hour up here, we’re going to be passing the buffalo on the top of the hill.

I don’t know if you can see it off in the distance up there, pretty neat that it’s there it’s also, i believe, a buffalo farm and occasionally you’ll see them just roaming. The highway here, uh up here on one of these northern colorado farms. What a nice landscape we have for sure and uh yep! So far, pretty good, just a little noisy in here, a little rough in here, but other than that got ta, be loving the corvette, definitely an interesting experience to drive. We are just going past our little wind check station and you can see we have a wind heading, uh to the south, actually right now, we’re heading east and what that means is. We may have had a little bit of a headwind on the drive up north and we might see a tailwind on the drive down south either way. The reason we do a loop style test is to negate any altitude and elevation changes, but also any wind differences. So uh we’re, just about one mile away from our turnaround, point exit seven up here. The thing i like about this turnaround point is it’s: a free flowing double left turn, so we can get off up here and we just make a left and another left. We have never have to cross traffic it’s, really cool uh. Someone commented with the exact name of the interchange. I think it’s, pretty neat. Why don’t you join us for the interchange.

I think there should be more of these out there, especially if you have to make a lot of. U turns like me so let’s go here. This is the correct one right: timing, yep yep, okay, just want to make sure and uh off. We go we’re gon na. Let get off the throttle, cancel cruise control. Just there, we’re gon na be coasting as much as possible. Of course, we’re not trying to be efficient. We drive every car in the same exact way, or at least as close as we can get it so we’ll scrub the speed here you can see here no one’s coming to the right. We have a green light, so we can just go which is so neat and then we have a uh, a free left turn without a light. Don’T even have to stop it’s like the dream, efficiency test. U turn. I think this truck might be stuck over here. He’S holding up a whole bunch of traffic yeah. I think he made a wrong turn, and here we go back onto the highway gentle accelerations as usual, and we’ll uh check back with you at the gas station let’s see what this thing can do in terms of efficiency. It feels efficient so far by the way. We’Re halfway and our projected uh range is higher than when we left because we’re driving the car more efficiently, no surprise, but still an interesting thing to see your estimated to empty increase as you drive, instead of decrease so now we’re going to set the cruise at 72.

, there we go and heading back to the gas station. We are exiting now at the gas station. I’Ve just kicked off cruise control we’re at 509.1 miles. I think we left with 450 450.3 uh, so we are just like. I said right around 60 miles or so and uh. Here we are pulling off and i got to say the return trip at 72 miles an hour felt like we had a little bit of a tailwind it’s. Why we run them in reverse direction. Certainly was a little bit quieter from wind noise, which would lead me to believe there was less interference from headwind. So now, we’re going to pull off go back to the same gas pump. We were at shut the car off immediately as soon as we’re there. So we don’t have any wasted fuel, idling and uh we’ll fill it back up to 100 fill it back till it’s full. Do the 30 second little weight thing and then we’ll see how many gallons of fuel we have used on this trip and then extrapolate the data afterwards pretty exciting, all right guys, we just finished up our loop. You have to apologize for all the noise here. It always is noisy uh. We drove 59.3 miles as we normally do. Uh. What we’re gon na do now is fill the car up with the same fuel uh the pump we use block but it’s all pretty much the same. Doesn’T really matter for sure and um got ta, say corvette, looks really good in case you’re wondering this.

One is about 85 000 thicker, so it’s a lot of money, it’s a maxed out, corvette let’s, get it going all right. Gon na fill it up. I’M gon na get the 30 second timer ready, stop watch as soon as it clicks just like before we’re gon na start, the timer and uh see what it does so far. Let’S take a look. We’Ve already used one two gallons, so oh, not much starting the timer here. This might be really efficient. We’Ll have to see just depends on how much it’ll take on the second go around here. Second clip: oh, this might be really efficient. Let’S, take a look! 2.2 gallons well, we’ll go do the math outside of the win, so we just drove 59.3 miles and we used two uh. Let me just back up so i can actually see the exact number on it. That startup noise is pretty nice. Let’S see 2.2 whoa don’t need any copyright. 2.286 here’s, the official number 25.9 mpg, really not terrible so 26 miles to the gallon cruising at 70 mile per hour, gps whoa in cold temperatures, and we even returned with a higher projected fuel level than we left with. Now it’s, of course, saying 256 miles, but there you have it corvette not too inefficient on the highway two reasons. I think this helped or actually let’s just say three reasons: first off pretty aerodynamic uh. Secondly, it uh switches to four cylinders uh when cruising, which is nice, and lastly, it has a really tall eighth gear on this dual clutch transmission and just lets it sit at about 1500 rpm cruising at 70.

. I think that’s, its real main benefit right there. Anyway, thanks so much for watching, if you like these quick 70 mile per hour efficiency tests, we do them for evs and combustion vehicles.