Welcome back to another amazing video. We are up here at big sur, california, up highway, one we are to in the ca. Currently we do have the porsche and we’re doing a beautiful video. This is an absolutely beautiful area, we’re at overlooking the ocean with these beautiful, rolling hills in green because it rained yesterday. It is absolutely magnificent, sorry that my voice sounds a little rough i’ve been driving in this loud car all day having to yell over it and it’s very loud uh, and so therefore, my voice is a little rough right now, because it’s been the last three days Of this um, but it’s absolutely amazing. So today, we’re gon na be talking about our new 2020 ca and an overview of this car so hope you guys enjoy all right guys. So, first and foremost, we’re gon na be showing you around the car. Some of the cool features um and just kind of into your exterior engine, different stats and specs on the car and all that um. I do want to give a shout out to our original 2002 porsche boxster, which started this channel, which has been with us since day, one my dad bought that car brand new 20 years ago and it’s time to find finally time that we upgraded the car to The c8, so with no without further ado, let’s jump right into it. So here we are guys, like i said, we’re up here on the coast.

It is absolutely gorgeous. The car has never looked this good up until now. Absolutely stunning, i am still speechless. It’S been three days with this car and i still can’t get over just how magnificent and amazing it looks is by far one of the prettiest most amazing, looking cars i’ve ever seen beautiful absolutely so. This here is one of the uh top packages. We did get the one lt with the like, i said, in blue um. We did get the interior lighting on the engine bay. Now, unfortunately, i can’t show you guys during the day, but at night this lights up inside the engine bay uh, we did get the upgraded exhaust system for the sport race, exhaust uh. We did get the custom interior and exterior colors and inside we’re gon na step. In and we’re going to take a closer look all right here we are inside of the car, as you can tell, we got this beautiful um performance racing steering wheel, design from formula one um. This pretty much is the epitome of economic, just practicality, as you guys can see everything is driver, oriented and that’s what you look for in a sports, car or supercar like this, you want to be focused on the driver. The passenger is a second thought now. It’S very comfortable as the passenger i have both ridden and driven, and it feels absolutely amazing. Now um i got ta say these seats are unbelievably comfortable.

Uh you get the nice removable hard top, which is in the back right now, because it’s beautiful day. So, of course you have the top down. The seats are very, very comfortable, but one of my favorite things is the exhaust let’s get a little bit of a start up here and get a couple rest guys, because it absolutely sounds amazing, but let’s get this started up. Oh yeah never gets old let’s quickly. Try track mode and there’s track all right. There we go as you guys can see here. I got my fully adjustable um track mode settings as well as you get the custom z mode settings which is this button here. You just click that and immediately goes to zebra. Now we usually just drive in track mode or in sport mode, because it’s, the most practical, as well as the most fun now we’re gon na go back into sport, one one more time there we go because this actually has different settings, as you guys can see Here and i want to go back in the track because that’s where the fun is at guys so now we’re here on track, you can see all my track settings uh there. You can see how the uh display changes from track uh. We got the performance g force, g4 scale there and um. We have all the tire gauges. We have engine temperature, we have oil temperature, we have water psi, we have the fuel and we have the rev limiter there.

Um now we’re gon na just put it in the dryer, so you guys can see what it looks like um, pretty much if you put it in manual here that’s what i love about this gauge cluster. You have this amazing gauge cluster, which you can choose um, which different buttons and all that you want along here now, uh, unfortunately, because it won’t. Let me uh you just pull these amazing paddles. This is one of the best feeling paddle and steering wheel, shifters i’ve. Ever felt, it feels absolutely outstanding uh. This is by far one of the best steering wheels i’ve ever seen in a supercar uh without a question all right. One thing i want to be able to explain to you guys is the reason that the rpm is set to 4000 is because this car only has 135 miles on it. Sorry, uh, um, actually i’m, not even 100 sure but uh. It only has like 250 miles on it and so it’s still in the break in period. Therefore, uh we haven’t uh, opened up anything until the car has broken in. We won’t be able to use the full potential of the ending. One thing i did want to touch on is the infotainment center uh. This infotainment center is actually one of the best of its kind, um, sorry for the glare. So, to start off, the number one thing is just: how touch sensitive is absolutely amazing. How touch sensitive this is, it is smooth it doesn’t lag in any way, it picks up every little movement.

The entire thing is a touchscreen and can be controlled from the steering wheel. Um. There are many different settings to go through and things to look at uh. You could do vehicle app system, a lot of different uh settings and things you can go around and mess with inside the infotainment center. Some of the best things that you can do are to change exactly how the car, if i can get back there, you go. How the vehicle drives now you got your drive mode, customization, z mode, my zod and visualization. You have multiple different lighting settings of different modes. Now this is one i think, the coolest things you have. If that will go away um you have dream driver and valet. Now teen driver is a custom setting in which you can change exactly how the car drives and valet mode limits the car to exactly 25 miles an hour, and that is more the infotainment center. For you guys, the biggest thing about this car is the price points you can’t beat the price uh for our specific package. We got it roughly 72 000, which is amazing, and that is including tax um. But before you step out again to show the uh engine bay, which is absolutely amazing, let’s get a couple more revs, all right, so let’s hop on out and uh let’s go. Take a look at that engine bay, and here we have that beautiful. Absolutely amazing. 6.2 liter v8 uh that puts down 495 horsepower.

Now we got the full interior carbon fiber package, as you guys can see. It just looks absolutely amazing, so listen to that engine now, like i said, it’s a 6.2 liter v8. Naturally aspirated you can see one uh. The headers with the catalytic converter right there, and then you got the other side with the other catalytic converter right here. The one biggest thing about this car that’s amazing is the sheer size of the trunk. Well, not the trunk, but the trunk lid. It is the entire rear section of the car. Just look at that. This here is actually the removable roof that we just pull off and put over there onto the top and it’s easy for one person to do um, but there you can see how it fits right in the trunk. You just put that in you got the convertible top and you got that here now. I want to show you guys, the and, by the way the door handles in this car are awesome. You just walk up there’s a little button right down here, pull that and the whole door swings out now. I really do like these doors. However, you do have to be careful, because when these doors are open, this corner piece right here does stick really far out. Now to me, that would be the biggest complaint about this car. Is that already on top of having big doors, this does not make it easier. It is a wonderful car uh and i have zero complaints other than just that.

Uh, however, it’s a price to play for a car like this now let’s take a look at the trunk space. You have all your little buttons here on the door as well uh. I do like how much trunk space there’s a lot of cubic uh space in the rear, as well as a large amount of cubic space in the front back, so another really fun thing um. This is another really cool feature. I think just look at that. You just shut this and then simply to close it, you just lightly push down and it closes on its own there’s, a machine in there that pulls it down and locks it down now. Let’S just take a moment to appreciate the styling of this car. Chevy did an outstanding job with the styling, then the the materials they used. Everything about it is absolutely wonderful. Ah, that is just gorgeous um now we’re going to quickly get an outside rev clip, because this car does sound amazing from the rear. It is brutally loud, as you guys can hear, from the interior now from the exterior it’s a whole nother level. So with that being said, let’s get an exhaust flip, all right guys so now we’re about to go out for a um behind the wheel, drive and review of exactly how the car drives, and i can say now – it’s absolutely amazing, uh it’s, very simple: you got Paddle shifters, you have multiple drive modes.

We are currently, i believe in um track or sport uh and then you have auto. You have your manual mode, you have your neutral, reverse and regular park and then right over here, you do have your um traction control. Although we’re not gon na mess with that at all, so just simply to put it in drive, you just pull that and it simply shifts into drive uh. This car does drive really smoothly, although you do have to forget parking, brake and we’re totally clear over to the left. Remember with low cars to always angle it so right now, we’re just in regular drive and the car will shift when it’s ready to just here. Those shifts are light and quick it’s, so smooth you don’t, even feel it at all. It never skips um and that’s. One of these amazing things about dual clutch transmission is just how fast it shifts in this car. However, even with the 595 horsepower, it really feels way more than just that it handles like a dream, is stuck to the road and again it is riding on uh 305s in the rear. So it has a tremendous amount of grip um and i just put it into manual mode, just click manual and automatically select gear. What it wants went forth, uh and pretty much in manual mode. You use the paddle shifters, such as click downshift to downshift in the third coming round a turn, so you could even go in seconds, hear the engine pop a little bit and then coming out of the turn.

You know unless you want to accelerate and that’s when you just lightning quick shifts, and that is why dual clutch is the epitome of what a transmission should be nowadays smooth. You don’t even feel the shift, and it sounds amazing. While it does it too – and this is the eight speed – dual clutch transmission and we’re only using fourth and fifth right now and third, the right suspension is very smooth, and that is given. That is in track mode. Right now, track mode would have the roughest ride and yet is unbelievably smooth. Um it’s, not rough. You know i’ve been in ferraris before, and the ride was extraordinarily rough and uncomfortable even for 10 minutes, whereas this we’ve been driving it for three hours and it feels totally comfortable. You never really would feel uncomfortable. The seats are very comfortable. The interior is nice and durable, so you’re you’re cocooned in a nice little cabin of luxury and comfort, while in a car that is capable of outstanding performance, uh and just fun, all around um, so being on highway one. This that’s. What this car is built for uh nice windy road um, so i give this car a solid nine out of ten for driving uh with. That being said guys, i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video.