This is the new c8 corvette. What year is it 2020? You see a corvette if you’ve never seen one of these things in person. Man it’s something serious man, it. It looks real real nice. You know we got somebody right here, he’s going to tell us all about the car what’s been dead to it. You know it looks like it’s very fast, it’s, pretty quick, i’m sure it is. I haven’t driven it myself, but yeah i’m sure it moves pretty good. Okay in the back yeah, the power’s right Music. It looks good man, oh man, oh man, they do sound real man it’s louder than i thought it would be. It looks good man, you know when i first seen the pictures i didn’t know if i liked the valk of it, but when you see it in person it looks pretty good and i love that wing man yeah. I mean that’s that’s, pretty much. What we like here, what we did, we pretty much changed the wing to the high rise uh carbon uh black yeah, which pretty much matches everything else back on the car, okay, um. We also did the mirror caps. They are also color matched to the rest of the mirror. Okay, so pretty much. The bottom of them were black and then the top was, you know the same colors. Okay, we match those. We changed the emblems same as the stingray on the back. Okay, it used to be chrome and now it’s black as well.

Okay, um i’ll go ahead and open up. Please man. This thing looks good man, Music, oh it’s, clean it’s, clean wow, oh mama, man, man! This thing is gorgeous man, you know the the buttons in the middle look different. When you see it in person yeah, it actually looks real good yeah and that interior man is, you can see the engine in the back. Wow got the square steering wheel. This thing is it’s super super clean now, we’re gon na check out the engine back here. Oh wow, the trunk is kind of big look at that engine man, you know i’m, a four guy, but this right here is something serious man. Wow got the carbon fiber right there. Oh man, that’s nice, oh man, it actually pretty dirty that trunk is deep man. You know it has plenty of storage yeah. You know, so you don’t have to explain your wife. Why it’s practical it is practical! You can get groceries in it, you know not a lot, but you can um definitely get something in here, and this thing is nice man that’s everybody riding by looking at it man. It draws a lot of attention. Man, you wouldn’t, even think, it’s a corvette. You know yeah, do you think it’s a ferrari or lamborghini that’s what it looks like you know. I watch more videos, but we just see it in person. Man, it’s, it’s, really it’s, really a beautiful car man really really beautiful car man, man.

I said all the work was done here at coastal collision. Okay, you know what i’m gon na do. Is you know? Coach collison got a shot. What i’m gon na do is i’m put all the information down below in the description, so y’all definitely all needed to work come see them come see them. If you need any audio, go to extreme audio i’ll, put all the info in the description down below, but y’all come see them man. They do some great work. It really looks good man like i said this is one chevy i ain’t gon na lie. I can see this man i i could buy this yeah. You know i’m, a fourth guy me too. You see what i’m driving man well, i got. Ta say i hope y’all enjoy this little quick video, but i had to stop by look at this c8. The first one i’ve seen so man, it’s lovely man. This is lovely.