No, no! No! No! No! This can’t be a dead end. There’S got ta, be another route. There’S got ta, be something think think huh. What are you? What do you want? So, are you two? The only backup they sent please tell me more are coming. Believe me with the two of us. It should be more than enough triggerfish and i have been on countless missions together. Yeah don’t underestimate triggerfish’s skills and talents. Trust me when i say this, we need more help. I request a powerful weapons tanks. You don’t understand what you’re up against you said. It was a creature. The extra defenses would have been too much yeah. Well, this creature killed all my men, my entire squad. We’Ll. Take care of this thing for you, mr ramadillo, now tell triggerfish what this creature look like: that’s the thing: it’s practically invisible, half the time that and it really likes to travel through the trees i’m telling you this creature is obviously from a different planet. It matters not what planet it may be. If it bleeds, we can kill it. You can’t, kill it. Listen to me, it can’t be stopped. Nothing and i mean nothing can possibly come. Get back. Attack now keep firing. Triggerfish triggerfish thinks this ever is too powerful, but we can’t let this thing defeat us. We must continue to fight huh, mr creature, sir, if you’re going to chop off trigger fish’s head make it fast. What are you waiting for? Go on drink a fish will finally get to see his childhood talking good.

Do it come on fish will seek this creature for making a mockery of him. Dragon fish will kill it. Even if it’s the last thing he does reality. Log 1980. Why is every jungle in every reality crawling with venomous, snakes and strange predators, whatever it’ll all be worth it? When i find maeve locals around here, call her a wild heart, that’s, a shapeshifter to you and me this should be fun: uh, okay! Now, where to start looking, you can start here. Oh so i take it your mave, then defender of the tempest jungle, am i right. Oh, come on. You can put the spear away i’m, not going to do any harm to you. Trust me. If you want, you can kill me later. Fine. Tell me your name as well as what you want straight to the point i like it. My name is jon jones i’d like to hire your services, currency, isn’t, something i care about, and my skills aren’t for sale. Either, regardless of what you have to offer, oh, but if there’s anything i know is that everyone and everything has a price so what’s, yours tell me maeve what do you fight for? I fight for the thrill of the battle for the excitement and, lastly, i fight for the glory huh. Oh that’s, easy so come with me. Then i can promise you plenty of glory and merciless battles, eh, hmm. What sort of battles who will be my opponent well, have you ever been in a gladiator arena, tons of mighty warriors there? It does sound tempting but i’m.

Currently on the hunt for creature in this jungle? Is it a is it that thing i heard just now? I’Ve been meaning to ask: what is it exactly? Nobody knows much about it from what the people have said. When a person fights this creature, they don’t return. Does this thing have like a name, the villagers call it the predator spicy. I, like it, tell me more about this. Predator. Not much is known about them, but from the stories they visit, different planets and fight mighty warriors killing is a sport to them. I seek their skull as a trophy. Oh that’s, nice, are they uh? Are they able to talk? You know, so they won’t kill me if i approach them for a friendly conversation not directly to us, but they are honorable as long as you aren’t a threat they won’t harm. You really well, then hold off on killing him for just a while longer. I think i might recruit him next. You dare get in the way of my next kill. I’Ll make it worth your while maeve the gladiator fights. I can send you there right away. I suppose i’ll give it a try. Great let’s get you going, i’ll be back for the predator later we have some unfinished business, mr creature, sir that’s right, triggerfish, isn’t, afraid of you anymore. We shall settle this to the death. Hey there, hey am, i uh. Am i interrupting anything? How are you get away from the vicious creature? I’Ll be fine.

Don’T worry about it. So, predator guy, you uh, you don’t understand me. Do you great doesn’t matter point is you’re coming with me, mr creature, mr hewlett, what? Where did the two of you go? Drinker fish was supposed to get his revenge, hello, uh. I was thinking it looked more like a ship lexa, oh yeah. That is also a possibility, is spaceman able to drive it from the looks of it. No, the ship appears to be alien, highly advanced, even wonder who this could belong to spaceman, what if it belongs to jon jones? What? If what? If john jones is an alien? I doubt that if anything it’s – probably another bounty hunter of his wonder, why we haven’t seen him yet hmm. Maybe he is big, dumb and good lust. Part of me wishes. That was true, but he must be around here somewhere alexa thinks we should leave space man lexa is unable to activate, kill mode. She will not be able to protect in times of danger, that’s a good point.