I couldn’t ask for a better time to hop, but before we get to that, we’re should probably talk about esports, starting with our top news story. Today, a trio has been banned for the fortnite championship series after one of their players, told donald mustard, the cco of epic games to kill himself. This bold move played out exactly how anyone over the age of 16 would have predicted and is another reason why i wouldn’t go anywhere near fortnight without protective clothing in summation. If you’re wondering who dq’d these three teens, it was a donald mustard with a tweet in the conservatory i mean over twitter look i’m sure the kids playing fortnite aren’t, all bad, but i’m old, i’m angry i’m, also a lesbian. So if there’s one thing that i’m, probably going to hate it’s 15 year old kids, making more money than me. Well that and all the questions about scissoring from the super straights. Now to a question that we in esports social media ask ourselves as we chase cloud in that sweet hit of dopamine that comes with likes and retweets. How far is too far, is it making fun of a fire inside the gaming facility of a team that you’re currently playing against? Is it making sexualized tweets of your players, or is it implying that you’d want someone to piss in your mouth for dignitas? All of these are fair game and we’ve got hex on the show to get his take on that and much much more in our new segment between two girls: hey hex, how you doing i’m doing great! Thank you for having me thanks for joining us on the show hex first question drinking piss or making fun of a fire in a game facility which is worse, making fun of oh getting pissed on okay, now drinking piss or sexualized tweet of your players, which is Worse sexualizing, a tweet of your player, they’re all bad, though great glad that we’ve got that established now it’s time for our rapid fire round.

Are you ready, i think so? Hex are you friends with dr disrespect very good friends? Yes, how did he get banned? I have no idea, then, if i did, i want to say it, but i don’t to make it clear. Well, if you can’t tell us how he got banned, can you at least tell us something that he didn’t get banned for and then we could decide how he got banned based on the process of elimination, uh he didn’t get banned for kissing me on the cheek. What does he smell like uh, musk brute from avon? Does the smell have something to do with why he was banned? I don’t know why you got banned you’re from mexico. Are you mad that new mexico is just a younger hotter mexico? Yes, i am very mad because it still belongs to mexico, just working through the paperwork right now, i’m taking charge of that don’t worry about it. You worked in subprime lending, i did. Would you give me a loan? I would i don’t even need to check your background or whether or not you have the funds to be able to capitalize. Hypothetically speaking, how much could i get in la that’s where you live? I don’t know 2.5, so you can get a one bedroom apartment loft in a shitty, neighborhood what’s the best part about cod uh me playing it. What is the biggest card you’ve ever caught? I think it was three pounds, but if you could be a mermaid, would you rather have the top half be a fish or the bottom half be a fish? Ah, if i was a merman, i would probably pick uh the bottom.

I got ta swim fast right. So i picked the bottom to be a fish given up a lot there. Now, why did you use a three in your name instead of an e uh? The e was taken. It was that popular back then. Are you aware that it would make it much harder for our writing monkey to google you, yes, that’s, why i did it? I want to be incognito at all times, you’re an adult right. I am 41. you’re, not just like a very large child. I am that but i’m also an adult okay. So as an adult should i be buying bitcoin or gme shares uh bitcoin. What is the dumbest investment you’ve ever made, and why was investing your time to come on? This show. Reddit has taught me to sell at the peak and buy it the dip. Is that what you did with optic no comment: would you sell optic to another company again, get them to run it back into the ground and then buy it back at a cheaper price? No comment, but would you sell us optic, no comment, but how much uh no comment bigger regret, optic, lcs or houston outlaws uh optic lcs, because i didn’t get a chance to work with that team or work in that industry, in which i so badly want to Work in, but would you do it again 100? Are you proud of being a leader in esports? Would you rather be doing something i don’t know important yeah i’m, proud to be uh a leader in a very important field which is esports, you have a podcast right.

The podcast, can you explain why podcasts are the most low effort, content uh, you literally do what we’re doing right now we wish that this could be a podcast. Then we wouldn’t have to put on pants, though, like i’d wear pants for this i’d do my hair for you. I know here: we’ll we’ll both have the hair hold on okay, no it’s dead it’s got to come down a little bit more. Oh wait! It actually turned out kind of good yeah. I, like your poof it’s, like say so myself, somewhere between sheep and pubic, hair and i’m, like right on that right on that scale. What do you think is an appropriate punishment for people who cheat and cod banned forever and uh just off the internet and final question what’s your problem, ah, which i mean in which category there’s a lot going on in here, especially with the hair, the hair right Now is the problem: okay! Well, thanks for joining us on this episode of between two girls now it’s time for a special valent report from sideshow sideshow. Where are you reporting from my toilet, that’s, very good, please stop and uh what news do you have for us today today, i’m? Talking about the backlash riot received after announcing co streaming for their vct n, a masters event eyes on the prize, please pokemane, ninja shroud and myth were the four streamers announced on twitch, and this drew criticism from fans who claimed that ninja and pokemane were selected due To their popularity, to which i would say, yeah no they’re trying to promote their own tournament, you absolute apes that’s like saying that the only reason crest was chosen to fight cavities is because it’s toothpaste, that is in fact how it works.

Thankfully, nobody was complaining when we got permission to co stream, because, like all activision blizzard products, we’ve been relegated to youtube where nobody can find us to return to the original argument, though this this argument about ninja and pokemon, not knowing enough about the game. Doesn’T hold up when you examine the details. Pokey has been playing the game since beta before most of the fans were born and ninja has been competing in tier 1 competitions with his own team yeah. I like clam slam and riot as much as the next gal, but this seems a little over the top thanks for that side. Report sideshow now for an update on last week’s story about myers leonard, which we had initially titled how to speedrun ruining your career, the nba star, twitch, streamer and phase investor poured a bucket of hot water over his head by dropping an anti semitic slur on stream. While talking randoms in warzone as a result, twitch banned him, faze cut ties with them, he lost several sponsors and was suspended by the miami heat. Now i know what you’re thinking career’s over right for us, it sure would have been, but hey, he’s, rich and talented and white, so they just slapped him with a 50 000 fine made the suspension last a whole week and sent him to some diversity. Training not bad for someone who just bought a seven million dollar home, which is for sure, being targeted by those jewish space lasers that are all the rage right now.

This should serve as a powerful message to all you, wannabe streamers out. There lesson one be rich and white lesson: two be tall and good at bouncing balls, not around your face. If you’re good at any of those things, then don’t talk, someone with racial slurs, there’s no need for it, especially when words like puddle exist or batch hammer or beef scrote or big hairy yam bag, speaking of which it’s time for the tsm launch on this week’s Episode of tsm watch reggie is up to his old tricks again during a team owner’s meeting, he supposedly congratulated hundred thieves as being the only non shitty new lcs team, something which evil geniuses ceo nicole, took offense to. She tweeted out a reminder of this statement to reggie after eg beat tsm in their lcs matchup. Now, of course, reggie did, as reggie does trying to talk his way out of it, but ending up. Looking like more of a jackass in the process. To this i say: reggie mate. What the hell are you doing? You’Re ahead of a multi million dollar company, maybe don’t say the first thing that pops into your head or the second thing or the third thing. For that matter i mean it’s, probably better. If you don’t, say anything at all and coming from me like just take the hint man hold up, let’s not go too too far. I personally support trash talk in the scene, but also without reggie.

This whole tsm watch segment dies and we already spent how much making this fancy header good point, keep tweeting reggie and we’ll catch you on the next episode of wait. There must be something wrong with the prompter it’s saying: there’s dota news. No! No. I just heard from production: there is dota news holy well break out the champagne, because this only happens like twice a year and donut news fans have become so tired of waiting for valve to do literally anything to help new players that they have donated 27 000. For the creation of a community made tutorial now, this project was started after the dota 2 anime series was announced by netflix and is seen as a way to lower the barrier to entry for the game from top secret security clearance to any old. With a library card, this move has been eagerly watched by other gaming communities as they wonder what else could be crowdsourced out of the hands of the developers, whether it’s anti cheat and call of duty or making an ea game that isn’t absolute dog now let’s see What part of the house sideshow is in this time, as he gives us an overwatch report thanks overly i’m in the kitchen which, according to burger king, is where you belong? With an update on the sinatra situation, the former overwatch league mvp was accused last week of sexual misconduct and as a response, the overwatch league is issuing full refunds for the alien overwatch league mvp skin.

Now, if you’re familiar with blizzard at all, then giving money back, has the same earth shattering effect as say: pigs flying or the citizens of texas, obeying a mask mandate. The anime avatars were out in full force on twitter and let me tell you, like my underpants down a trip down splash mountain. It was a real disaster down there with many needing the reminder. The blizzard is a private company and they can respond to allegations like these, in whatever way they please sinatra is still under investigation and sentinels chose to replace him with tens for this masters tournament, and it seemed like they didn’t miss him too much. As that version of sentinels won 2 0 over 100 thieves sideshow, ladies and gentlemen, and now frask has something that she’s pissed about are esports real sports, who the cares not me and i’m a dedicated esports fan. I am the hardest of the hardcore i’m that weird porn you stumble into after you’re done looking for it for 30 minutes i’m that target demographic. I don’t give a single flying, but the main ship – oh they love this argument and i do love watching boomers, lose it on twitter whenever espn runs the international or whatever, which speaking of mainstream. Let me let you in on a little secret esports only matters as a sport in the sense that you care about money. Do you know how much the first down piss line, cost the nfl each game? 30.

000. Just for that line, do you know how much my graphics package costs nothing it’s, my passion now. Obviously, the more important observation is the cost cutting opportunities that you don’t need, multiple cameras to cover the action they come built into. Video games in the era of kovit esports runs a stable show without arenas and the children watch. It say that line to any investor and watch their wallet magically start burning money for a chance at jen’s ed. But if it’s conversation with your parents who can’t operate the remote, never mind, gmail esports is a competition. It requires supernatural reflexes, dexterity, focus and often teamwork. If queen’s gambit can be the star of netflix and chess can be taken seriously. The surely it’s not that far of a leap to land on video games it’s my uber driver, no, your goddamn, nephew, who’s, pretty good at madden can’t, go pro just stop talking to me and drive. Thank you! Well, i thought she’d never stop talking.