Seen this before gentlemen into the base to protect him from ricky that’s, not in this game yep. So not attempting to do anything. The rest of his team is still playing they’re down 7k gold only, which is at 34 minutes. Not that big actually does finish his bkb and has sold his items. Wait. He didn’t sell them. He doesn’t have gold. Where did he put them? They destroy them. Okay, it’s on his courier, okay, all right, so you are guilty as charged slark. Feeding at the legend bracket wants to farm poor young man, okay, good effort – oh wait! He actually is feeding! Oh boy! Oh boy, he’s done it he’s really done it this time! Huh! Oh dearest to me: slarky malarkey, you were fine until that moment and then you broke like a twig. You know i say to that. You guilty piece of rubik hard support. Beating oh looks like we looks like he’s already feeding. How do you feed the beginning of the game as rubik? Do you want to go mid? Yep looks like he wanted to go mid, he’s hard support. I don’t understand he’s hard support Music. What is there even to discuss Music? Why do you think you should go mid in what world is this guy, like smurfing he’s like i’m way higher mmr than you brought? My other account trust me just let me rub it mid bruh Music. Afterwards, he bought a midas as well he’s hoarding the other royal jelly man.

What a special pile of garbage this guy is huh Music, very special human. I being is he hoarding more? Are you only hurting one royal jelly, it’s kind of odd okay? Well, you are guilty dearest me! Oh, my mr batrider is three and five standing here: Music, all right, he’s back welcome to kill back he’s now following medusa Music. What could have made this guy upset they’re, literally winning the game? Now he’s warding the camps? Music, this guy’s just having a bad day huh, i don’t, know i know i’m on the extreme. I would literally just ban the accounts for people like this one strike policy. All i can do is compare this to myself and i’ve literally never done anything like this see 10 years of dota 2. five years of dodo 15 years of dota literally 15 years. I’Ve never done anything like this, not once he’s in a team fight. Now they are still winning the game. Has he started actually playing, not that it really matters for our purposes, at least oh even game again, but he has a lot of sentries queued up he’s like somewhat playing, but then he’s doing that still for some reason, legion is a mega hardcore they’re down 7k. Now and they have a medusa, but you guys been killing all this they’ve been censoring all the camps, so you can’t, really farm. I imagine, looks like that’s it guilty to win. Ranger feeding has no items.

This looks pretty clear, cut, she’s dead right now, no let’s. Just i don’t know why we need to watch this, but we’re going to rewind a bit. More still has zero items now what happens? Obviously this is a legend, so they’re gon na know, but what happens when we get overwatch cases for newer players that don’t even know how to buy items? You know they’re, just gon na get banned. I guess all right, more feeding, good job win runner. The thing that’s crazy to me is that somebody would do this in a ranked game. I i can’t condone this in any mode. Obviously, i’ve never i’ve talked to others before played this game for many years have never done that before, but in ranked it makes less sense to me than anything Music, ridiculous, he’s not actually purposely feeding anymore, though, has he seen the light. You are very guilty legend off lane griefing. He has very normal items right now. There’S the blank ready to go wisely does not go in, though i don’t think he would have done anything uh. Oh, i could see i was gon na say i could see this guy deleting his items and he has. I thought he played that wait. What happened? No, he didn’t delete them. Wait: okay, i’m gon na have to go back. Did he just put them on the ground or something am i crazy right there wait? What did he just re buy everything? Oh okay, so he put everything on a courier they’re, unstoppable for some reason.

What the heck is he doing black hole, this guy that’s? How you black hole – maybe maybe he’s not playing particularly well, but two and five right now – has yet to cast black hole from what we’ve seen at least i guess i could technically get a bash up all right, there’s, a black hole, all right, it’s, fine, when He’S alive goodbye back we’re watching uh, i was gon na say: oh wait, that’s griefing, i’m sure his team has been raging at him, the whole game to use black hole and then he finally does but they’re down 20k at that point. So they really matter see. This is the interesting thing right. I’Ve said this before based on bf ricky is a ex roommate of bsj. Bsj’S line of thought is that this game is over. So this doesn’t matter where i am. I look at myself as being very strict. These guys are still trying to defend they’re still trying to play the game this guy’s given up, so it just depends on who’s reviewing it honestly. I would venture this. I don’t know who, like from bsj’s line of thought or mine. I don’t know who like what the majority, where the majority will lie but i’m leaning towards guilty on this, like you, can’t buy 10 centuries like this um, i’m gon na say guilty. That is griefing. I think there’s some. I know that the ideology is different from person to person.

I get that and that’s the whole point of having many different people.