The airlock, followed by ev2. Both crew translate to the four alpha integrated equipment assembly, where ev1 installs a scoop on the direct current switching unit and ev2 stows a tool bag onto the adapter plate. The crew work together to remove the adapter plate from slot 2 and bring it to slot 6. to install the adapter plate. The ev crew drive two bolts on the adapter plate. Ev1 drives one bolt on the lithium ion battery. In slot 5. ev2 uses a ratchet wrench to break torque on the direct current switching unit and then resets the torque at a lower value. With the pistol grip tool, ev2 connects the adapter plate to the lithium ion battery. Completing the circuit for the 4 alpha 3 power channel ev1 translates to the 4 alpha beta gimbal assembly. Ev1 removes the h fixture in preparation for a future. Eva ev1 then returns to the airlock ev2 previously returned to the airlock and now goes to the external stowage platform. Too. Ev2 removes a portable foot restraint installs it onto the robotic arm and then ingresses robotic arm takes ev2 to the camera port 3 worksite at the s1 lower outboard location ev1 brings out the replacement camera group to the worksite with both crew at the worksite ev2 releases. Three bolts and removes the failed camera group. The crew swap out the failed and replacement units, then ev2 installs and drives three bolts. Ev1 then returns the failed unit operations, ev1 installs, a scoop which is a handling aid onto the failed wrist vision, equipment box and then removes the box.

Then installs the new wrist vision, equipment box and removes the handling aid from that and stows that in the tool, bag, Music, ev1, retrieves, the tool bag with the failed wrist vision, equipment and then retraces. His path along. The japanese experiment module the node 2 module to the u.s laboratory. Ev1 goes to the base of the camera port 13 stanchion and will mate the ethernet cable to the wireless access port cable of the newly installed external high definition, camera Music. Both crew return to the airlock ev2 ingresses, followed by ev1, completing the plan test for iss upgrades to eva us, eva cole upgrades is going to begin with ev1 egressing the quest airlock. First, the crew is going to be bringing out with them the kolka, which stands for the columbus ka band antenna. This hardware is going to be installed on the columbus module during this eba, ev1 is going to translate out to the columbus module via the translation path. You can see here and we’ll need to set up a few things at the worksite before that installation ev2 is going to translate to an external platform called esp2 where he is going to be ingressing the ssrms, the robotic arm. The robotic arm is going to be taking him over to the columbus worksite with the coca, so the crew members are going to meet up at the work site. They need to remove bolts that are on the columbus panels, where those bolts are removed is where the cochlea is going to be installed.

So they work together, securing coca to the columbus module once it is secure. Ev2 is going to route the cabling for that cochlea and plug it into the columbus module. Meanwhile, ev1 is going to head to the bartolomeo platform. So bartolomeo is an external platform in which payloads can be installed. There are clamps that need to be opened up in order to remove the cabling that needs to get rounded in order to activate the bartel mayo platform. So the crew works together to get those cables routed and installed. Ev1 also needs to remove another static cabling. That is going to hook up an antenna for part of the mayo which you can see here once bartolomeo is complete. The crew members are going to go back to the coca and remove a cover, so the cover was installed in order to protect the antenna during installation since it’s no longer needed. We are going to have ev2 jettison that cover, while he’s on the ssrms Music. Once the activities are complete at the columbus worksite, both crew members meet back up at the quest airlock. They reconfigure some bags to take out with them for their next task, which is going to be out at the port. Most section of the space station truss they’re, going to be heading out to p6. You can see the translation path here and the crew members are going to be removing an h fixture. So this h fixture is not needed on the solar arrays, so we’re going to remove that h.

Fixture both of them are going to be removing one of them and this plate is going to be removed because it’s going to be where a future upgrade of the solar rays is going to be installed Music, so the plates are removed, put into a bag and They will be brought back inside after the eva, so once both crew members are complete with that they both head back to the quest air lock, and we have completed the plan tasks for the uva. If there is some time at the end of the eba, we will have some get aheads for the crew to perform Music.