I have some sweet tea for you, but before we get into it, do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel guys. Do it right now. It really helps me a lot. We are on the race to 15k. So if you are new here and you want to join the very troupe, the only thing that you need to do is subscribe. Subscribe, subscribe, hit the notification bell and let’s talk about this mess. Okay, guys. You know i’m talking about southern charm time to serve that sweetie drinking cold and get into this mess because it was the season finale and everyone is talking about it. Okay, so it was. Everything is about the pool party. You know – and i do have to say there is a switch on the energy on southern charm, this season. Okay, i enjoy it, but it was very different from before um the fact that cam cameron is not there um, i mean everyone left. I mean now me taylor, i mean every i mean it was like a very weird new season. You know a lot of new faces and i’m very open to new faces. You know this, but this was a little bit too intense. I have to say i know that they were trying to go with the whole diversity thing, which is great, but i don’t know if they hand i mean i don’t know if they did it on the best way possible. I don’t know i’m very conflicted about it.

So let’s go uh okay before we we get into it. Okay, so let’s go into what happened before madison being toxic af with austin honestly trying to be all sexy. I don’t look at me and i need your attention and i’m the crazy ex girlfriend who needs attention all the time. Finally, you know that i’m also not on austin team, but finally, this guy have some balls to basically being like after they go to the uh, treehouse and they’re. Saying like leave him alone. He can sleep with whoever he wants. He can do whatever the he wants. You are no longer together leave him alone. Madison is like shut up, you’re, a better you’re, a better beta, no beta yeah i’m, an alpha. All this i was like. Oh, my god, you need to shut the up, because you are being so toxic that, when you’re looking at the definition of a toxic girlfriend, that’s right there, anyways finally austin is able to say, shut up. You don’t have any control over me. I can do whatever. I want we are no longer together, i’m, so happy honestly, am i hoping that they are never ever ever getting back together, because that was. I thought that naomi’s and critical relationships was bad and annoying, but this it really took a lot of my energy honestly. I’M. Pretty sure that madison could be a great asset to the show, but she needs to be away from austin like she needs they both need to move on because their relationship it’s already just getting to be too much.

Okay, i yeah love is a strong, independent woman and that’s great, but i need to see you in another relationship to see if you are just a toxic person or you just behave toxic on this relationship, because sometimes you can be very toxic in just one relationship Because of the love that is in there and then you move on and learn from it and then you are not toxic anymore or you’re just toxic with everyone. So anyways i’m just going to wait and see what is going to happen over there. Um pringle was wasted; he was so drunk all the time i mean i like him, i mean, was he like the best part of the show? No, but i mean he is so sad about his kids. This whole situation um, i don’t, even know why he moved to charleston i’m, pretty sure it was only because of the show, because i don’t see him doing anything else, and i think craig is gon na tell him that at some point during the reunion like, if You miss them so much. Why don’t you just go like what are you doing here, he’s not doing anything in charleston, so i don’t know i’m guessing he is there just because of the show right uh. So then, let’s move on with all this um, katherine and, like everyone, all the girls after her and i’m, so so conflicted because okay. So this is my thing. I believe that what katherine did it was insensitive and stupid and ignorant um, but i just think that she is one of those girls who lives in such a bubble of privilege that she didn’t knew any better.

So i don’t think that she was trying to be racist. You know for me, especially me, coming from another country, you know, for me the definition of racist is someone who is actively hating you because of the color of your skin or where are you coming from right um? So if i see someone telling you like you because you’re black or i hate you because you’re black or you’re brown or whatever, then i will say – okay that’s a racist, all these other little things i’m, like i don’t, think it’s racist. I just think they’re ignorant and they don’t know better. Now. Katherine is a very hard haired woman which has a lot of issues. Okay, so i think it took her longer to really realize what what she did was wrong. Look at what stassi did from vanderpump rules when the whole racy situation, i think stassi was way more smarter. She tried to educate herself. She like basically put herself out there to be like okay. I did something wrong. I really need to take accountability, learn from it and move on right, katherine. On the other hand, it took her a very long time because she keep being on the privileged bubble, when the only thing that she has to say is, like i don’t know why. What i did is wrong. I don’t understand why what i did is wrong and she was not open to like understand, because she is used to i’m guessing she’s used to people telling her all the time that she is right.

So this is when the new girls come in and i do have to say a little thing from each one of them: the other madison the owner from uh. Once i feel that she is trying so hard to be part of the show. I feel that she is thirsty af and she was just using this situation because, honestly, i was like: why are you so upset? Why are you like? Okay, people were saying: oh, you are a bad business because you hire her okay, you fire her, then move on from that it doesn’t have anything to do with you. So i was like i don’t know i think she’s. I think that madison is just being thirsty which it could work for reality, tv, but she’s, just coming so hard that i don’t know do i want her back, maybe, but she she really needs to like take a couple notches down, uh from the thirstiness of being In front of the camera, because sometimes it’s like a little bit too much honestly now uh, leva or liva, i don’t know how to pronounce this. So this is my thing. I think she is a good addition to the show, but she also came too hard on katherine and usually it’s, not a bad thing, but i’m thinking am i feeling that she just came too hard for the show that’s what i’m thinking, because you are claiming that You don’t, like cancer culture, that you don’t like uh, that you want to educate katherine that you want her to understand, but you never really sit down to trying to make her understand.

You know you like every single time that you are trying to talk to her. You attack her immediately from the beginning. Maybe you don’t have the patience. Maybe you’re, not a teacher. Maybe you know you feel it’s not real responsibility, but if you are saying that you want to educate people, then go and do it. You know but it’s like a double face thing you know like. Oh i i i want to help you but i’m going to attack you all the time and that’s. A lot of people are feeling that liva is being too um like going too hard or trying too hard. Also, you know and she’s also taking all like. You know trying to take this whole movement into a show, look at venita and i’m actually from all the new girls. Venita, i think, is my favorite. As a black woman herself. She actually the little moments that the show gave her. She showed more integrity and more willingness to teach katherine that liva did and live was like a main character during the whole season. Right benita, she and she sit down right there at the at the end, and she says like from all the people over here. I will be the one who should, who should be more upset. I will be. I should be the one who who is more upset. I should be the one who wouldn’t speak to you but i’m here trying to teach trying to talk to you and to make you understand why what you did is wrong right, and i think that i love that part and i’m really really hoping that they bring Her back next season because that’s what we need, someone who is willing to have these hard conversations, because that’s how other people are gon na, learn: okay, um, katherine okay, i mean she is messy.

She’S always gon na be messy i’m telling you i’m feeling that she actually have mental issues. You know like uh like over anxiety and probably depression and mixed out with drugs or alcohol like it’s, i mean catherine, is always gon na be a mess. Okay, that should not give her a pass but i’m trying to tell you guys to make you understand why she is so slow into understanding why what she did was wrong. Now this whole situation with dating and black guy um it’s very hard to say, if it’s, just for the show they’re still together till now, they’re they’re, still together, they’re still going on um. So i just feel that i don’t know i mean i don’t know i don’t know if it’s it’s gon na be real or not, but they have been going on for so long or maybe. This is the first time that she’s going out with a black guy and she actually like it. I don’t know i don’t know, but i don’t think that kate, that katherine is racist. I don’t think so. I don’t think she goes with hate in her heart towards black people. I just feel that she has been sitting in a bubble of privilege for so long and she is so mentally slow that she doesn’t understand that uh or she didn’t understand. Maybe she does now. We’Ll still have to wait to see what is going to happen at the reunion right um.

Those are my things danny i mean i don’t know why i mean i don’t know i feel like johnny is in love with katherine. Is she a lesbian because it’s like, like the the i mean i i get, that there is so much love right there and that’s why danny is so hurt, but at some point i’m guessing if i’m realizing the problems that katherine have and i don’t even know Her personally, you that have have been her friend for years now. You should also understand how catherine works right, so, if you’re deciding to keeping these friendships at some point, you are like okay, i’m, just gon na accept you the way you are, and i know how far can i go with you and how things are going to Be right, but i don’t understand like she’s just also, i feel like she’s trying just to be upset because of the cameras and then also she has all these other women like on on her ear anyways. Let me know what you guys. Think of the comments below uh. Did you enjoy this season of southern charm? What did you think about each one of them and don’t forget to like this video share this video subscribe to my youtube channel guys check out my merch. The link is in the description of this video and i’ll.