Recent japanese sales data shows sony’s dominating the domestic camera market, plus i’ve got photos of the new sony, 40 and 50 millimeter f 2.5 lenses. This and more after the intro Music hi i’m simon thanks for tuning in to the ordinary filmmaker, subscribe to get notification of new videos like this one. So you don’t miss any news, rumors gear reviews or tutorials, and a big thanks to atomos for sponsoring the ordinary filmmaker i’m using the ninja 5 external recorder for all my studio work, as it really does. Save me a ton of time in post want to speed up your editing, well use my links down below and you can purchase your own ninja and now for the news. The semiconductor shortage that’s affecting car makers, camera manufacturers, computers and pretty much everything else that has electronics in them, which pretty much includes everything but lumber well, it’s about to get much worse. The demand during 2020 has outstripped supply a fire at 8 km. Semiconductor didn’t help matters much last year, then, on friday, a fire at chipmaker renaissance in tokyo could have a considerable impact on semiconductor supplies around the world and could directly impact apple as well as car producers. Now, chip producers around the world are working well around the clock to meet demand but there’s a finite supply available. Further. Restricting that supply will cause issues for everyone, not just car producers or even apple. You see when supply is restricted, so say my college professors price.

Invariably goes up just when cannons catching up the clouds roll back in it’s a challenging time. Planet wide delays are everywhere everyone’s affected now. I’Ve talked a lot about cameras and lenses that are due out in 2021, and this could further push some of those products out into 2022. But, as always once i know more you’ll know more subscribe to get the latest on camera news and reviews. Om digital’s been aggressively communicating with the market and their faithful customers on their plans for 2021 and beyond, telling us that they’re working on a slew of lenses bodies and a wow camera now. This said nothing about this wow camera yet other than it’s. Coming later this year, perhaps it’s time to give us a development announcement, you see, while they’ve been working hard to reduce the flow of customers to other platforms in the wake of the merger with jit. Recent market data shows that om digital’s continues to lose domestic market share sliding from a high of 28 percent in july to 11. In february, the charts datas collected from japanese are from the japanese market and represent about 40 percent of domestic sales, so it’s a pretty good indicator. Om digital needs to release a wow camera in japan or at least tease us with a development announcement to put the brakes on the current slide. But the data shows something else. Take a look at canon and sony sony sales have taken off in december, while canon sales have gone in the other direction.

I hate charts like this as they’re limited in what they tell what’s, causing the slide. Canon’S had trouble with supplying the market since july. Could the short supply make canon sales look worse than they are or are canon customers jumping to sony? Well, the data doesn’t say it’s limited, but what do you think? How would you analyze this data? From my viewpoint, this chart shows us one thing and one thing: only the sales figures in japan, as expressed by share of the market and nothing else still. We can’t ignore how well sony’s doing since december, at the expense of canon and om digital. But before we go behind the scenes, here’s a look at the sony fe40 and 50 millimeter f. 2.5 lenses. You might recall a couple of weeks back. I sold my imac pro and i got about three thousand dollars us for it. So i put that money aside and what i plan to use that money for is: buy a new editing, computer and since apple’s shifting architecture away from intel and over to their to their new high performance and processors. I’M going to sit and wait to see what they come out with later this year, but in the meantime, i needed a new computer for my son for his schoolwork there’s a lot more working from home. Well, not just for me but studying from home as well. So the 11 inch screen that we had before just wasn’t big enough.

Well, i went to the store and i tried to buy one and i called ahead of time booked an appointment and they said yes, we do have one in stock as soon as i got there, we looked at a few and we confirmed the one we wanted And they said no, sir, we do not have that configuration in stock an hour wasted, so went back home ordered online and they said it would probably arrive sometime in the first week of april, so i’ve been monitoring, i’ve been taking a look at things online and Well, according to the tracking information, which seems to be a bit more of a crystal ball kind of readout from ups lately apple says it’s going to arrive on the 29th and initially they said well, the first week of april, so that’s definitely a plus, but over The last week ups has said, it’s going to arrive on march the 23rd, and then they completely remove the date and now the date is back on march, the 23rd and in that week here’s what i’ve seen um that it’s gone to an ep, an ex was It an economic protection zone in china, it’s basically where they put all the stuff and get ready for export, and then then it got sent to another export zone. Then, a few days later it got sent to hong kong. Then a few days later got sent to taiwan. Now i happen to live in canada, so i’m wondering instead of keep flying it to these other different places.

Why don’t? They just fly it over here to canada. Now i flew to china once and it was about 13 to 14 hours, there’s, no reason why this should be on my doorstep already so, based on what i’m hearing it could be here tomorrow or it could be here on the 29th or sometime in the first Week of april or anytime in between, but i really hope we do get it soon, because my son had a headache on friday and that’s code enough for the school to say you need a test, so he had a test, but he obviously can’t go back to The school until the results are back and he can’t participate in home schooling because well i sold the old computer to buy a new computer before we got this notification, so it looks like we’re going to be doing some studying from the books but yeah. You know this whole discussion about um the restriction of semiconductors um, the akm semiconductor fire, the huge demand for semiconductors in 2020 and, of course, this other plant fire in tokyo is definitely having an impact it’s, not just impacting apple it’s, impacting everybody, and if it’s got An elec integrated circuit in it somewhere there’s a potential for delay. So who knows who knows what’s going to happen with the rest of 2021? I remember publishing the story on the akm semiconductor fire, saying it’s most likely going to push things and it certainly affected canon and others, and this further impacts demand.

So one thing i do want to say: while this plant makes stuff mostly for apple and car manufacturers, what these companies are going to start doing now is putting pressure on tsmc and others. Saying look, can you help us out and of course, there’s only so much capacity by these these companies and with akm going down and now with this company going down it? It just puts pressure on so what can happen? Obviously, contracts have been signed, but where there aren’t contracts, these companies are going to pay an awful lot more to get the products out the door and they’re competing with an awful lot of companies. So that also, unfortunately puts pricing pressure on the products we’ve seen like the canon. Eos r5 is priced a little higher than we’d, like it ceasing with the sony, a7s iii, and i think that trend is going to continue with lenses and bodies throughout the rest of 2021. sure we’re going to get the cameras we want and the lenses that we Want but i also think we’re going to get prices that are a little higher than we want, but that’s it for now. Don’T forget to subscribe for your chance to win two angel bird 128 gigabyte av pro mk2 b90 uhs, two sd cards along with an angel bird dual sd card reader, or you could also win a ulanzi led light package with accent, lights, underwater lights and various flat Panel lights that you can use for lighting your subject, whereas a great starter chip for starting your own youtube channel or for somebody, you know, i’ll be awarding these two prize bundles.

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