Finding him would prove to be a challenge, so i had to put my expert detective skills to work, and this is what happened. I stayed up all night to record this. So do me a favor and hit that, like button let’s see if we can get 100 000 likes. Also, youtube is telling me that 70 of you are not subscribed. I upload every single day so make sure you subscribe the bell for more daily awesome, videos and don’t forget to use code typicalgamer in the island shop. Okay. Here we go we’re landing over here at stealthy, stronghold the jurassic park, looking area of the map because we got a brand new boss, predator, is in the game you can get the skin soon, but for now uh the boss is just wandering inside of this jurassic Park looking area, we got ta, find him he’s invisible and he also has a brand new mythic item. So hopefully we can get that all done, but there is, as you can see, probably the whole 100 people in the lobby over here trying to uh get it as well. So this is very interesting. Okay, i got the scar we out Music, someone better than i thought this is uh very stressful, holy shoot, holy shoot, Music holy shoot, holy shoot i’m alive. Somehow i am still alive. Somehow i have eight eliminations uh. I am absolutely nervous. Okay, i have no ammo or anything. I think i can hear predator, oh he’s over there Music.

Oh my gosh, okay we’re. Getting this job done, we’re getting the job done here. Yeah we out, i can hear predator, oh he’s, i think he’s getting shot. Is this him? I got ta do this to ya okay, predator’s somewhere! Here i can hear him. He is invisible though so. Oh my gosh that’s him. I just saw him. I just got sniped what i just saw predator. He was invisible. He was literally invisible. Oh he’s, stalking me i’m out i’m out mouth. Where is he? Where is he? I mean it’s, tough, to see him he’s, literally invisible? I don’t think i could stress that enough. There he is Music. Oh my gosh! He just jumped away. Oh my gosh, okay! Oh my gosh somebody i’m, so dead, bro i’m. So i just killed him. I just killed predator i’m grabbing. It i’m grabbing it it’s a cloaking device. Let’S use it i’m out i’m out i’m piecing. They can’t see me i’m, cloaked i’m cloaked. They literally can’t see me bro. I got ta get out of here. I got ta get out of here, i’m cloaked. I got it. I got the new mythic let’s leave, oh oh, you have to deactivate it i’m out i’m out i’m out i’m out i’m out i’m out. We got it. Ooh close this door. Oh, that was stressful, i’m out i’m out i’m, not sticking around there. We are not sticking around okay, we took out predator, he was a very admirable foe.

I got ta be honest. Now we got ta, try to win the game. We have 12 eliminations. We have no ammo for everything. This is uh i’m down bad. At the moment. I’M gon na be completely honest with you, 30 second cooldown let’s pop it again, you ready for it, let’s activate it. Oh look at that. We are completely almost completely invisible. People are going to have a really hard time looking for us and it lasts like 30 seconds. Oh, you know what we’re gon na do wait. Can i do it? Oh i’m, predator. Oh, my goodness, it worked using mystique’s ability. I am pretter. That is crazy. Look at this that is so awesome, it works so good. Oh, we got everything we need. Okay, we got ta, try to win this game. There’S 23 other people left and uh let’s see if we can get some more mats and then get some more ammo get some heels here. We’Re going to be max health, now we’re predator, with the cloaking device, and that makes me very very happy very, very happy. Okay, 14 spectators: they’re all probably wondering why i have the skin early or something that’s kind of nuts: okay, let’s reload everything we’re good on that, oh the skin went off; okay let’s! Do it again! Oh, that is look at that that’s, the predator’s skin you’d love to see it world’s first spreader skin right here: okay! Well, we just got ta see if we can win the game now.

Oh they’re, coming Music way out baby, oh shoot the car doesn’t work. Music! Do better do better, we out baby, we dipping we’re zooming we’re zooming. Can we got ta out run the zone here we got ta out, drive the storm. It’S gon na be very, very difficult, very difficult, we’re good we’re, good we’ve made it out alive. We actually made it out alive from uh stealthy stronghold, which seemed to be near impossible. I’M. Gon na be honest with you. It looked near impossible. Well, we did it and now we just got ta try to win the game. Can we get seven more limbs and drop a 20 bomb? I don’t know but we’re gon na try. Can i pop this and then use crystals? Oh, you can dude look at this i’m completely invisible. I wonder how like hard it is to see me. I wager it’s pretty hard to see somebody with this. You do have to deactivate it, which is a a bit funky like you, can definitely get shot when you’re deactivating, because you have to stand still but okay, Music got him stressful, very vibes, real good. Does this? Guy have a better shotgun. He does not okay let’s pop this so that nobody can see us just in case. We could pick up another mythic. If we wanted to, we could get the jet pack. Oh wait! Wait! You could sand rat so i’m invisible sand, ratting right now. How does that work? When the invisibility runs up, we might break fortnite here, i’m gon na be honest, uh that’s the best way to go visible.

I guess a llama bro there’s no way we eating good tonight, man, we ain’t good tonight. I just need like a better shotgun and we are good to go. Let’S get over to the supply drop, real, quick, okay, a sniper’s, not bad, but someone’s. Trying to snipe at me can you i don’t think you could build while invisible right. Oh yeah, you can’t build while i’m visible. So just a heads up do not do that. You will go uninvisible and be a very easy target for a brief moment in time. This green shotgun is, is something left to be desired there we go. I heard somebody coming out behind me here so here we go. We’Re gon na go invisible. Okay, i got ta go uninvisible here. It doesn’t build right away when you do that, so just be forewarned. Okay, let’s get into the boat here, ow i’m down horrendous, let’s pop. This too, i had the edit, but this green shotgun is not hitting right now. Let me just tell you: the screen shotgun is not the wave, he is, i think, he’s in that build. I honestly don’t know where he is. I think he is down there well. This is not the perfect time. We’Re gon na go ahead and go invisible and get the frick away from here. Oh, i forgot it. Doesn’T work when you’re in water, okay, big little tip for you guys. Oh, that was clutch. That was a big clutch.

Let’S get the gold scar. Let’S get the blue tack: hey let’s, get the frick out of here holy smokes. Okay, five people left, we got 16 eliminations. This could be the big game. The first time that i got the predator mythic. I was predator for a brief moment in time as well. This is really good item to rotate and then, when you hop in water it will undo, but at least i can swim a little bit. If i eliminate everybody, i can hit a 20 bum hello. What are you guys doing? How do you guys building so high? Oh there you go it’s all falling down. Oh i hit him hard. No, i didn’t hit him hard, but Music. Oh okay, he doesn’t see me Music bro. He doesn’t see me Music. Oh there, no third place what i thought everybody was low ground. Are you kidding me, you know what we’re counting that throw up a dub throw up a dub. Ladies and gentlemen, predator boss, in the new mythic weapon item new item. I hope you enjoyed that and if you did, i picked two more awesome videos that i know you’ll. Like things you got ta click and quick three seconds.