I guess they have a bone in their backs here that when they actually poop it’s kind of like one of those play, doh fun factory machines, their poop is square. What square poop Music? Australia is home to a plethora of unique animal species and whether they are dangerous and potentially deadly. Like the eastern brown snake or absolutely adorable like the brush tail opossum, we were excited to be getting the cameras up close in this episode. We are back at the billabong sanctuary located in nome, a small town just south of townsville in north queensland. This family owned and operated establishment is home to over 50 native species, Music proudly listed as one of queensland’s top eco tourism attractions for nearly 35 years. They have been contributing to conservation efforts, while also providing the public with a hands on education about wildlife. Today, i will be getting to know one of their permanent residents, a unique marsupial known as wanda the wombat all right guys. Now the next animal we’re going to meet is just over here off to the side, and this is one of the most bizarre looking mammals. I think i have ever seen. Have you guys ever heard of a wombat? No, you haven’t. Maybe you have well get ready because we’re about to meet wanda all right bring her in. Oh, this is gon na, be wild. Oh look at you! Oh my goodness, i’m sure that’s, not an oversized koala coyote.

It kind of looks like a giant. Gerbil meets a guinea pig, but this is in fact, marsupial look. This is her rump right here. Let me see if i can kind of get her to turn this direction. Can i turn her around? You can push her push her up like this. Oh she’s, heavy. Oh there you go. Oh let’s put you right here. What do you think don’t lie down right there there we go Music. Look at that creature like a big bump on a log. All right, i’m gon na actually come behind her here. I think that may be easier look at that. That is a wombat. Have you ever seen a wombat before never. This is my first time ever being in contact with a wombat look at that adorable face hi. How are you doing well if she play bites, they do have rodent like teeth and they use those teeth to gnaw through bark, grasses and roots, and how do you get to those roots? You use those incredible claws right. Can we take a look at your claws because that is one of the most impressive things about the wombat? Is their ability to dig? I know we’re just starting to get to know each other, though right wow, those claws are impressive. Now they have these big paws right. They spread out like this almost like the claws of a badger and they dig dig, dig, dig dig down deep into a burrow and that’s where they will get down to the good roots.

Right are the roots better, a little deeper down now this is a marsupial related to koalas, and this is like the koala of the ground right. They don’t actually climb up into trees, but believe it or not, this stout little animal if it needs to, can move at speeds of close to 25 miles an hour so short little legs, plump body and incredible speed. You almost look like a groundhog. Did you know that we have groundhogs in ohio and very similar coloration, but you are not related to a groundhog? Are you no? Not at all london looks kind of sleepy. She definitely looks sleepy right now, doesn’t she now they’re, primarily nocturnal, so you’re boring the womback is. This is not interesting enough for you. You know you’re you’re on camera right now, you’re going to be on youtube, you’re going to be a star. I really want to see those paws. The paws are so impressive. There we go oh yeah yeah. I saw that. I saw that there we go well. At least it got you up and standing huh. Okay. Now we can see the pause all right, guys, zoom in on the pause there and look at those claws here. It is super impressive right now. Look at the size of her body. I know i’m, not gon na make any sudden movements. I promise now, if they’re chased by a predator and they start to go into the ground, come around the backside.

Let’S take a look at the wombats rump come back here. You stay put all of the backside of the wombat is a solid mass of cartilage and our come up slowly here see if you can feel the back side of this creature. Not only is the fur incredibly coarse, but this is solid right there, so what they will do is just kind of push the rump up out of the back of the hole and a predator can’t actually get to them. You know something that’s really kind of interesting and a little gross. I guess see them right here by the back end of the wombat. They have a bone in their backs here that, when they actually poop it’s kind of like one of those play, doh fun factory machines, their poop is square. What square poop! Why now? Why good question? Now they only poop about every 14 days right. It takes that long for all the bark and roots and grasses to process through their system. Then, when they drop out that square poop, they actually use their poop to mark their territories, so scientists think that they’re square so that they don’t roll away or i’m guessing in many instances, so that dung beetles don’t come in and roll them away. There are many species of dung beetle here in australia, and those beetles will push the turds away, however, they’re square they will stay put and then the territory is marked pretty cool huh.

I guess yeah i’m kind of on the business end of the wombat here. So let’s come back around to the front it’s amazing she is so solid. The mass of this creature’s body is very impressive. You know here’s one thing that’s also really interesting. Now this is a female right, because they’re marsupials they have pouches right because they’re diggers you wouldn’t want to be throwing all of that dirt into your pouch right. So kangaroos and koalas have pouches that face forward. The female wombat has a pouch that faces backwards. So i don’t think she’s going to let us kind of hold her up and see that pouch, but the pouch does face backwards so that when they’re digging that dirt doesn’t go inside and get on the jelly right you don’t want to get dirt on your joey. Do you, okay, i have a question: is this wombat fully grown uh, it is fully grown right, see we’ll get a little bit bigger a little bit: bigger yeah bigger, yes, oh wow, it’s, actually, a small one. This is a small one, there’s a small on that. So what’s the heavy 20 Music. Oh, we got some food all right, well, let’s see if wanda wants to eat carrot. Yes, let’s! Try that commando! Let me try it. First. Music that’s, actually really good carrot, wanda, sure, okay, now we’re friends all right! Well, i found a way to bond with the wombat it’s called a carrot.

You know, carrot is one of my favorite snacks it’s, a healthy snack wanda. Just so you know i’m very proud of you. There you go yeah now. Let me see if i can kind of like hold it up like this and see if you can see those teeth. Oh crusher’s right there and i see why she’s able to shoot through bark Music. Here we go yeah that’s, good huh. Are we buddies? Now she had to think about it there you see that just out for a second, what else do uh, while that’s eat, besides carrots well out in the wild wombats, would be eating grasses and bark and roots pretty much a real high, fiber kind of diet. What would be a predator to a wombat? What are they looking out for? Well, obviously, if a wombat wandered down near the edge of the water could be eaten by something like a crocodile, but primarily the dingo is the only real threat to a wombat of this size, a smaller one, i imagine, would be taken by something like an eagle Or a large hawk, but uh you’re definitely not going to be able to pick up a creature of this size. If you’re a bird of prey, i can’t imagine, the talons would be able to even pierce through that thick fur and skin okay got down to the nub of the carrot there that’s about. As far as you go, don’t want to lose the tips of your fingers to a wombat they’ve been bitten by many creatures, and i don’t think the wombat is one that i want to add to the list.

There you go a little more fiber for that diet. Huh, well, she didn’t like the jokes, but she likes the treats you know whatever you got to do to make friends with a wombat. This definitely worked. I oftentimes find that it is food that gets the animal to liven up a little bit there. You go yeah. This is a little different than the carrot huh. I got ta chomp away at that now. You’Re waking up, huh wanda is a rescued wombat and sadly, her mother was hit by a car and they found her as a little joey inside of her pouch and she was saved and she was actually hand raised and is now here at the sanctuary and is Part of a wombat breeding program – that’s right you’ve got a boyfriend don’t, you i think she’s done eating leaves she doesn’t really like these grasses, as much as she did to carrot, looks like she’s looking for an escape room, yeah, getting ready to jump off of there. Huh, that was pretty cool man yeah, you notice. The sun is starting to get low in the sky and once it gets dark out, wanda is going to become very active as a nocturnal creature she’s going to be out and about searching for food. But we did have a carrot and we had some grasses and i think at this point it’s time to call it a day, but that was pretty cool hanging out with the one and only wombat i’m coyote peterson be brave, stay wild we’ll, see on the next Adventure, if you thought wanda was an adorable marsupial, make sure to go back and watch as i got nose to nose with her smaller cousin blossom.

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