What i do know is that uh we are in now in full moon phase. We are now in the full moon phase, which is uh kind of exciting. We actually haven’t had the absolute full moon, yet um we’re a little bit away from it. In fact, i think it takes place at 7, 15 p.m. Uk time tonight obviously p.m and uh. So yeah that’s like wherever you are so that’s uh about eight hours. From now, wherever you are and i’m going to be doing, a free facebook live, as i do pretty much every new and full moon um with uh on the facebook hay house, facebook page uh, i do it there and then i put it onto my own pages. I just sort of copy it across so if you can catch the live, it’ll be on hey house and if you can’t just find it on this page and my monology page after you can register for free. So you get a reminder and also you’ll get some links that you need on my facebook events page, which is on this page, go to events and then find new, full moon in leo online gathering and just register there and and i’ll try and broadcast from that Page as well, because that sort of diminishes confusion, because sometimes a bit of confusion about where i am, i just want to say, if you have my diary, my immunology diary 2021, which is now officially sold out yay apart from the odd copy you might pick up, But it’s basically sold out so i’m very happy about that.

Thank you for buying it everyone. I know it’s gon na, be amazing yeah to use it um. If you registered your copy, then i’ll be announcing, who won the mala tonight. I’Ve been really torn about. If i should wear the mala and give it some good vibes like i wore it this morning, when we were chanting, um or if i should just leave it clear, so what i’ve decided to do is i wore it chanting, but what i’ll do before i send It out is i’ll sage, it and clear it of all unwanted or negative energy, so you’ll get some good chanting vibes from it, but you won’t get anything negative like if i’ve had any negative feelings or upsets or whatever okay. So there are a few things i wanted to talk about, so one of them was about tonight’s, full moon ceremony. Please join me i’m going to be out in the garden if it’s not raining, i don’t know what the weather forecast is actually and uh. Otherwise, um it will be uh, i’ll, be i’ll, probably be in here and i’ll. Do a 108 petal ceremony or something like that: i’ll see what i’ll do if i’m inside um so yeah, so you can register for the free full moon ceremony above or below um and you’ll get two. So, basically, if you want to do some full moon work as well, we have the uh moonlight club, the moonlight collective. Actually, we called it now which is free again, we do a fair bit of free stuff and then you pay sort of as you go up and get more and more kind of go up, but get more in depth.

Uh information. So this is all free as well um, so the free tools for tonight are in the link above or below. If you click on the moonlight, collective link, there’s one that says, moonlight download the free tools you need here, and so that will give you your full moon forgiveness kit, which includes a meditation you can listen to tonight, which has been listened to something like 50 000 Times last time i checked uh and other stuff um someone’s, saying what time is it for the ceremony tonight in australia? I don’t know of the top of my head. I think i’ve probably got the time written on when you go to the event um. I think it’s, probably on that page and if it’s not on that page, just go to timeanddate.com and put in um. I think it’s 7pm uk time then then find out. That’Ll tell you where it is for you. People are saying they love the chanting good. We had amazing chanting. We had 100 people today, more than 100 people, which is amazing, um yeah, so and just with the tools with the moonlight collective tools, we’re actually looking at, maybe changing the way we do things and changing our free offerings. So if you do want to grab those things while they’re still free uh, it’s moon messages, dot com forward, slash moon light may that light is spelt. L. I t e, like moon, light because it’s the moonlight collective it’s uh it’s the free one at the moment, but we’re thinking about changing things up we’ve had it free like that, for i don’t know three or four years and we’re thinking of changing things up so That may become part of our sun, moon and stars membership uh portal.

So if you want or some parts of it might so, if you want to grab it while it’s still free moon messages, dot com forward, slash moon, light, light l, i t e and again there’s a link above or below, and one more thing i wanted to Tell you before i get into the meat of what i’m going to talk to you about tonight today and the card reading is that if you have been thinking about buying my book moonology, which has been out since i think 2016 and it’s been in the amazon Astrology bestsellers pretty much all that time, which is incredible, it’s, been, i think, in the top 10 of amazon, astrology, bestsellers, um, uk and top 20 of amazon.com astrology bestsellers for about 235 weeks. Last time i checked, which is extraordinary, but you know it’s, because the moon’s time is here i just wanted to let you know there is a super special discount on the ebook right now. So if you haven’t bought the book and you’ve been a bit like. Oh, i don’t know, maybe i should maybe i shouldn’t you can get it for a super special discount on amazon and again i’ve got the link on the page um uh yeah i’ve got the link on the page it’s a slightly weird one: it’s dot co forward. Slash monology, oh that says, bite monology because amazing. Thank you, oh dead. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! So they’re.

The three things i wanted to mention today, but now what i want to mention is something completely different: i’m, just going to close my computer there. So i don’t get that weird light, and what i want to mention is that um there’s been a new report out which i’m always happy when there’s a new report about the moon. That supports everything that we already know, because i feel, like you know. We we’re in this little moon bubble and we all do all this stuff and we do our new moon wishes and we do our full moon releasing and even though we know we can’t affect other people, we can’t manipulate other people. We can’t change, talk toads into princes and all that we know that we can change our own lives and it’s a really really important thing to be aware of, and we all know that the moon cycles affect us hugely, but guess what science is catching up. So i wanted to draw your attention today to a um, a report in the guardian newspaper. Now the guardian is one of the better newspapers here in the uk, i’d say it’s, possibly the best paper in the uk it’s um. You know it’s it’s, a bit left wing, but in that way, it’s very independent it’s not really paid for by big business, it’s, not influenced by big business per se, unlike uh, some of the more right wing papers that you know are kind of in bed with The government a lot of the time and so what they have said.

If you, if you go to the guardian and just look under moon, uh, sleep um, moon research finds that people stay up later and sleep less before full moon. So, who already knew that raise your hand? I definitely already knew that, although i did have a reasonable night’s sleep last night, but you know i’ve been saying about uh sleeping later. It really always hits me even more at the time of the full moon. So if you are someone who’s been having trouble sleeping at full moon it’s, not because you’re a lunatic and it’s, not because you’re having a self fulfilling prophecy what they did is they got people to wear things like this? This is my fitbit that i wear, which is how i know how i’m sleeping and um and uh yeah, and so they they. I don’t think the people even knew what was being measured per se. They just kind of did it on the on the qt and they found that as suspected people, sleep people stay up later and sleep less before the full moon now, which is obviously where we are right now now. Why would this be that’s? What i wanted to sort of discuss as well now i don’t think the guardian newspaper article went into this um because it’s not really their remit. I suppose, but it’s quite good, that we’re getting this information, and i would like to make a suggestion as to why this is and how that actually works with our practices that we do now.

Okay, so what happens when you start to worry? You know when you start to think about all the stuff that you’ve got to deal with, and oh my god, i’ve got this little fire burning and this little fire burning. I’Ve got to put out that fire and i’ve got to put out that fire, and this is happening and that’s happening well. What happens is that it all bubbles up and when does it bubble up, especially at full moon, i mean it can also bubble up if you’ve got like this. You’Ve got the satin uranus squares coming and that’s going to be pretty darn intense as well, but especially at full moon. So what you need to remember – and i will go into this tonight at in the full moon ceremony – a bit more, but basically in astrology, the moon represents our feelings, our emotions, okay and it’s. What we need it’s, what we need it actually represents food as well, and what feeds us, what we need to feel nourished and not just food. You know what we need do we need hugs, we need information, we need humor and, if you’re, the parent of a um, a pre verbal baby, in other words a baby that’s just been born and can’t speak. Yet, knowing your child’s moon sign is really really useful. I mean there’s a whole book in that because you know it will help you to understand what your baby’s needs are before they can actually express it.

So needs and feelings feelings come up and as the moon swells to fullness every month, so our feelings swell okay and what the result of this is that we start to worry and we start to think – and we start to process and that’s. Why we can’t sleep and we stay up later, because we’re kind of doing stuff, because we’re all kind of filled up with all these emotions and we we can’t, we sleep later uh because of the full moon? Okay. Now this is not a bad thing, but it’s. What i have tried to do in in all my books, um, and it really started with this one. This is like the mother book and the diary is like the baby book, the offshoot, but in moonology, if you’ve read it and if you haven’t, as i said, very, very good price today on amazon, i think it’s 199 in america for the e book i’m. Not sure in australia it might be like 299. You know it’s cheap as chips today for the e book, but what i, what we i’ve i teach in there is what we’ll do tonight in the ceremony, which is forgiveness and release, and the reason why forgiveness actually helps us is because what happens is that um? What happens is that as our emotions come up, you know either we just stay up all night on the computer or watching tv or eating stuff on the sofa without dealing with anything, and eventually we just fall asleep because we’re exhausted you know, or we start drinking Or whatever, or we deal with our stuff and that’s, what we do when we do our full moon ceremony, which we’re going to do tonight, it’s to help us deal with our our stuff, the stuff that we need to deal with.

You know and someone’s saying they’ve been down for a few days. You know that can be anger turned inwards. It can be upset turn inwards, so we always need once a month to deal with this stuff and process it because otherwise we end up basically toxic with all these unprocessed emotions and upsets someone’s, saying what time is the ceremony tonight? It’S. 7 p.m. Uk time, if you go to my events, page it’s free – if you go to my events page and you click on full moon in leo gathering, you should get uh the time in your local time and if you can’t watch it live, don’t worry um. You’Ll get the replay, you can see the replay tomorrow, so you know that’s it. Basically, full moon is clean out and release okay and that’s. Why it’s a really good idea actually to charge your crystals under the full moon, because when you cleanse and charge your crystals, you know you’re, basically releasing any negative energy from them as well, because you know everything can get sort of. You know a bit energized and if you’ve had dramas in your life um, you know things get energized. I was actually burning some sage today when we’re doing our chanting ahead of the chanting, just because i just wanted to kind of start the clearing process so think of the full moon as the clearing process ali says. Do we need to register yeah? You need to register if you want to um, get the reminder and i think the broadcast i’m going to try and broadcast from the events page as well as from the hay house page but i’ll, see.

If i can do that, so there we go there. We go so what about a card who wants a card ahead of the full moon mary did her full moon forgiveness last night, doesn’t matter it really doesn’t matter, it’s, just that the full moon brings up all our feelings. You know. We know that that’s, why you know that’s why the er rooms get overrun at full moon, because everyone’s going crazy and not dealing with all their. So what i’m trying to teach here is let’s deal with rshit and i would like to say as well. If you have kids, you know this is an amazing practice. I’M going to try and drag my son louie in tonight it’s an amazing practice to do with children to teach them once a month. You know forgive move on, let it go and i’ll go into it. More tonight, but you know letting it go, doesn’t mean what happened was okay, it just means you’re not going to let it bring you down. Okay. So here we have a card. Oh and it’s amazing it’s, a lovely lovely card, it’s a time for healing a time for healing. So there we go let’s make this a time for healing all right, so i’m going to leave it there. Someone’S saying: where is the chanting link the chanting? The chanting link i can’t, make it into a recurring event. If anybody knows how to do that, i only seem to be able to do that very um, sporadically, like kind of on the off chance every now and then and um uh.

You can use the link that’s there anyway, even though it’s from today and not for tomorrow, you can use that link. It still works it’s the same link every day, all right so a time for healing i just saw someone saying: sheen husband had a massive outburst. Last night they’ve decided to get a divorce. Oh my gosh that’s really intense. So you know now is the time for healing, whichever whatever healing is going to look like for you you’re here for a reason, seeing this card it’s a time for healing and kelly’s saying. Is there a replay for this? Yes, in five seconds i’m going to end it and then facebook will uh re upload it. So you can watch it so i’ll see you tonight, hopefully around 7 p.m. Uh for the free full moon ceremony make sure you register look at all the links i’ve.