I want hi guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new, my name is karis leah in today’s video, of course, we’re talking all about how to manifest on a full moon – and i have with me my monology deck we’re gon na – do a reading from this. At the end, so yeah let’s just jump into it, so manifesting on a full moon. Why is this a good thing and what are the specific things that you should do? Well, first and foremost, you should know that there is a specific way to manifest on a full moon and a specific thing. You should be manifesting on a full moon, and that thing is a release of a cycle or a release of a specific thing. Now let’s talk about this for a second, because this is very, very important and it’s. Clear it’s important that you’re clear with your intentions, because full moons are for releasing things that we no longer want it’s a time to get rid of things. Push them out of the way, because, if you think about it like a moon cycle, the full moon is, of course, the completion, the end of a cycle – and this is what we want to do. We want to be releasing and be kind of harmonious with that cycle. The full moon is not always a time to call in things. Nothing bad will happen if you call in things on a full moon, at least from my experience, but in this video we’re going to be focused on focusing on releasing, because that is the most important thing that you can, that you can do on a full moon And you’re going to want to use new moons for calling things in so every couple weeks, you’ve got an opportunity for this and yeah.

So one of the most important things that i like to do on a full moon is set out a geographer moon water. Now, i’ve gotten a lot of questions on this over on tick tock, because people were asking me: oh does it have to be like directly below the moon or i can’t see the moon from where i live, and i was like okay, i feel you because i Literally, live in the middle of the city, i live in an apartment and it’s really hard for me to be able to fully collect moon water, but it’s. Okay, the energy of the evening is still there you’re very lucky. If you live somewhere rural and you can literally see the moon above your jug of water, that is obviously beautiful and ideal, but you got to do what you got to do and, to be honest, the method of just putting it by my windowsill works. For me, even though i couldn’t necessarily see the full moon from the window now, the other thing that i find really important to do is to cleanse my crystals now cleanse and charge. So what i like to do is i like to put my crystals on the windowsill and i will just leave the window open and let them soak up some of the moonlight if possible, and i also will take the moon water the next day and i will Cleanse my crystals with them. I will also water my plants.

I have a little spritzer bottle, which is full of moon water, which i’ll show you guys in a second, and i will use this to spritz my plants to cleanse the energy of a room to uh. Just uplift, my spirits um to put a protective aura around me. If i feel like i need it all that kind of good stuff, so that’s what your moon, water is basically for and yeah let’s get into the general ritual and routine. So you’ve got your crystals charging got your jug of moon water out. What i like to do is i like to put on a playlist of hertz music. I will put on 528 hertz or a different hurts um. I don’t necessarily go lower than 528 hertz, but there is a really beautiful, 333 hertz. I was listening to you the other day that just felt very beautiful and very calming um, some of them. The music throws me off a little bit it’s, like kind of a strange, sound, so it’s hard to find a good playlist, but once you find one ideal, i can link a couple of videos below and what i like to do. Is i like to make sure that i have a good journal next to me, and this is usually my shadow work journal. This is what i will do on a full moon now. One of the things that i like to do, and i find very important, is to write a list of the things i’m going to release, and these are my intentions of things i’m going to release, and i will put this in my shadow work journal and i Have a specific journal for shadow work just because it’s kind of a book full of negative energy – and i don’t want to mix that with the things that are beautiful and like pure and that i want to manifest.

And so yes, so i have my shadow work journal and i write in my shadow work journal five things i want to release then, on the flip side of the page, i will look up. Shadow work prompts and i will write for probably about half an hour. 30 minutes of things that i want to release now, do i have time for this every full moon? No, but when i’m in the mood for it, it is such a powerful release for me and it’s hard to do. Sometimes you know we sit down to have a big journal out and journal out our emotions and stir up those traumas that we want to work through that’s right, you and me right now: we’re having it out let’s go come on come on Music and it’s, it’s Painful it’s, not necessarily fun, but it’s. A really important thing to do and a full moon is a good time to be releasing this stuff. Now, when i have done all of this, i will of course take some incense and i will cleanse the space you can buy incense very cheaply from pretty much anywhere and it’s. One of my favorite things to do really calms me down makes me feel good. I will put on some aromatherapy and then i just like to meditate and relax and do whatever else i want to do for the rest of the evening, but that is basically my ritual. I hope you guys enjoyed – and i hope you found this helpful and yeah.

Please drop me a comment down below any questions.