My name is sean santa maria and in this video i’m gon na show you my gravel bike. Let’S go Music, and here we go guys. This is the bicycle. Look at the head tube: a giant r3 escape that’s, a city bike, endurance, bike built for upright riding and uh that’s. What we were going for talaga. I built this bike with the intention of taking this on long rides at pagangusapan. A long ride. Comfort is everything, and it turns out, go typically makes this shape happen. Okay, so ayan. This is a giant r3 benelli kosha as a built bike that attack in the last queen, and i kept the frame okay at the from uh from the saddle to the handlebar to the spacers, with the help of kuya doton from bicycleology, so again, personality code. This is my pride and joy, ssm, initials, it’s, very much me yeah. I wanted a a gum and black finish and my counting touches of red because i’m, a black and red guy dances, black and red and favorite color combo. We have hints of red here, it’s a clamp, chocolate, spacer, okay, i’m, going to show you some uh issues quote unquote: okay, a full issue, but this frame is a a rim, big rim, brake frame it’s, a good reminder for me that i built this bike from Scratch so obviously in a foreign Music, you know what i’ve ridden this bike for at least two hundred fifty kilometers well unlocking issue.

Okay, as i said in frame rim, this is a brooks england saddle because this bike is rugged at its core, but i wanted a touch of class, so why not get out in a books? B17 standard saddle is not. This is a carbon fiber seat, post all right, the seat, clamp knot and pulla. We have our rear lamp spacers, not in pull up a stem nut and a niner. A niner is an mtb brand known for downhill racing yen on a downhill, mtb uh. One thing i’d like to tell you also that’s it let’s: do the drivetrain then speed, but when i was buying my parts, no um the the 105 group set would be eight to ten thousand pesos more expensive than the tiago. Those are ten thousand savings. Nine to ten thousand savings and i wasn’t building a speed bike. I was building a race park by company endurance, bicycle pang long rides. This is from decathlon, okay and bible cage, not in plastic. Mtb, uh let’s go to the wheel, set okay, shimano rx! You have your basic shimano, rx700c Music background. This is a victoria terrain now 38, so you have that great combination of fast rolling and traction, but but there was a lot of sense involved in the purchase and the assembly of this bicycle Music, and i may invite you to subscribe to the channel if you Like my content, okay, if you’ve been hanging with me for a while now do me a favor, it will help the channel grow like subscribe.