Today i have you guys a custom built xbox tarmac sl7 with some princeton wheels on it. Uh size 56 weighs in at 15 pounds 11 ounces, 7.12 kilos. At the end of the video stay tuned, you’ll hear free of body sound testing as well uh. Thank you guys so much for watching, and i hope you guys enjoy hey how’s it going everyone. This is gc performance here back with another video, and today i have you guys, the specialized tarmac sl7, the one bike tour of the mall, the bike that i would build exactly how you see right here, uh this is a custom, build a dream build. This is not the video that i’m gon na do where i do the whole build up on it. It’S still coming i’m, just working on with my buddy to edit it um, but this is just gon na go over all the specs on it, the price of it, the weight everything. So if you’re curious about building a bike similar to the spec, what it’ll look like – and i mean this – is pretty much his bike porn right here, but we’ll get into it again. This is a custom frame set, build up with this frame, wheels groupo everything like that, so tarmac, sl7, uh s works frame, set size 56 weight at 15, pounds 11 ounces. As you see right here with these wheels, these do have tubes in right. Now we are going to change out the tubeless and we have different saddles on there as well uh.

The price of a original tarmac sl7 is usually twelve thousand three hundred dollars uh with this one, with the upgrades he made with the ceramic speed, pulley cage on there with the mirror saddle on there and also the wheels which are twenty hundred dollars compared to specialized Revolve clx rap beads that are twenty five hundred dollars. Uh the difference was uh. I think it was right around like thirteen thirteen. Thirteen thousand fifty 150 for the whole build as you see, um and that’s. Just what the upgrades so just keep in mind. I’Ll go over everything with you, but we’ll start off with the bike as where it is so starting off. At the top. We have the specialized airfly two bars. You guys are probably wondering how i got those i got. K’Nex don’t worry about it, but we got them in from our dealer. We got like one or two of these in here, um they’ve been on backward for this, build especially it’s, been a while, but we finally got them in the 42 centimeter from point to point. Uh we’re using the super cavs bar tape, with my reverse, wrapping on there, so there’s no tape showing right here. It goes all the way down to here where the super cast bar end is we have on here durace uh, di2 9170. This is hydraulic. Braking with the electronic shifting on here uh then we have on here the specialized s works tarmac stem.

This is a a new stem for this year and it’s not really proprietary to this bike, but is there stem that they recommend using the most uh narrower than the bench stem? It has titanium bolts on here and then you have the integrated, uh garment mount that you can put right here. It comes with the mounts with the frame build as well, so you can put a garment mount a wahoo mount a cat eye, mount uh, there’s a there’s, also a a gopro mount underneath if you want to or a light mount as well, that is included. We just haven’t installed it yet uh going down here. We have the princeton wake 6560 wheels. Now, if you haven’t heard of these wheels, i actually just did a video on them. Uh, one of the guys of marty he’s, the owner of the company. He came by my store, he showed me into them. I see my instagram. They look amazing, uh. The reason why they call the 6560 uh because at certain points the wheels with this kind of welfin shape to them with this aesthetic it’s 65 millimeters. At this point, the deepest dish and 60 millimeters up here, so in theory it’s about a 62.5 depth, uh they’re laced with tuned hubs. You can build up these wheels. Whatever you like tune white industry, they have dt swiss ceramic uh 180s. They have a chris king, non ceramic and chris king ceramic hub as well.

These rims are tuba’s ready and there are no holes inside the rim hole as well, so there’s no need for tubeless tape, very cool. We are going to make these tubeless tires whenever we get a chance to. I just not have a compressor when i build the bike and i just kind of want to show it off for the dream build so right. Now there are tubes in there tires we’re using the s work, turbo uh, two plus rate tires, then we’re gon na go down to the frame. This is a 12 r frame, it’s a matte black with a cool gray right here. This is like a cool dove gray, so it’s like a very matte silver. Looking color going on down with the yes works logo being that same color, the matte black is going to fade to kind of like a bronze color and then go into like this marble kind of marble white chip. It looks amazing, it looks really sick. This is one of the coolest paint job i’ve, seen on the bike, the s4 kind of gets lost in the paint, but it definitely pops back out um, and then it is a 12 r carbon frame. You see right there, they have the lower there. That is their strongest carbon. They make their stiffest carbon, they make the most performance line carbon they make out there. It is paired with a durace di2 power meter crank with your specialized power meter pod right there uh that is paired with.

I think they’re teamed up with 4i for that so it’s, a 5236 chainring, 52 being the top 36 being the low chain ring it’s a 172.5 crank arms. You have a durace, di2 front, derailleur right there. We have a durace chain as well. Moving on to the rear, we have a durace, 9170 uh di2 rear derailleur. We swapped out the original pulley cage with a ceramic speed, ospw cage. It is not coated when you do do this to change out this uh cage. This is 500 alone very easy, with shimano durians you’ll see in the build video how easy it is um, it’s, 500 alone. You will need a new chain as well. So keep that in mind. People just think: oh 500. They get that in their head and then they have to upgrade the chain as well into that extra 60. 70 bucks kind throws them off for a little bit, but it’s expected you have a longer cage, bigger pulley wheels. You do need a nicer wheel. It sounds amazing, it shifts great. It gives you extra wattage as well proclaim wise but uh. Yes, it gives you every kind of free speed that you could possibly want there um again princeton wake 6560 back here we chose the white decals too. They also make them all black. We chose the white decals. I think they like make this bike. Look absolutely insane. I mean you don’t, really see any bikes on the road.

It definitely stands apart and uh. It looks really sick. The hubs in the back are tuned. You guys will hear a free up body sound test on these uh at the end of the video, so stay tuned for that. If you guys are curious, what tune sounds like and when you hear this thing shift in the build video, it sounds insane. I don’t know if it’s, because there’s no holes inside these rims, but it sounds like a disc in the back like just a full, zip disc wheel when it’s, just like pop pop, sounds insane very cool um going over here. You have your little zebra stripes up here, really good looking. You got your zebra stripes and go ahead and goes against that bronze brown color and goes to a flat black. You have your proprietary s, works, sl7, seat posts. You have your integrated uh, four millimeter bolt right there for your seat wedge put that down beyond. Here we have our di2 junction mount. This is our di2 junction box, which is open that’s, where you’re going to charge that that’s we’re going to adjust the tear. If you need to adjust the shifting on there and then on top of that, we have our s, works power, mirror saddle. Retail is 450 3d printed impossible fire right now, one of the most comfortable sounds out. You can see when i just push on it. It gives way it gives where it needs to give on the soft tissue area on the sensitive areas, but it gives you support and pressure where you need it as well.

One of the most comfortable saddles it’s hard to justify the 450. I know, but if you’re riding a lot, then maybe it’s worth the money for you. Hopefully i like to see them carry this material, this technology down to a lower model, maybe not carbon rails, maybe just a titanium. A chromoly rail make it more affordable for everyone get everyone on technology, because i think they’ll kill the market. With this very cool saddle top of line uh 450 s works power, salad right there going to the back. We have the tarmac logo right here, it’s in that cool gray, color as well. They carried all the way through. We have the paint job again that goes from the zebra stripe all the way onto the marble, and if you guys are wondering what size tires on here, these are 700 by 26s front rear in the rear we have. The durace cassette is a 1128 dirties cassette on there and then the rotor wise. We have center lock wheels on these tunes uh hubs it’s a 140 in the rear, durace di2 rear derailleur i’m. Sorry dura sdi too. Ah durates rotor in the rear, um dures flat mount brake calipers, and then you have a 160 in the front duress flat mount brake caliper. You have a dual pod power meter, so you have right here your other side for your power meter. Readings you’ll get dual side legs, so you can tell you if you’re 50 50, if you’re favoring one side, big plus on there top of line for an estrogen frame and then the threaded bottom bracket.

This is just a standard, bsa24 shimano, durates bottom bracket, so the sl7 – this is new it’s threaded bottom brackets, that way, there’s no more creek and also with the sl7. The main change of main design change on this thing is going to be the fully integrated cockpit. One of the best and easiest systems i think hands down now i could be biased because i only work with specialized, but i think this is the coolest thing ever cables run internally through here through the bar come out of the stem right here you have a Little bolt to hold these stems: they come down here and into here all these spaces right here break away. So if you want to change your stem, we can do it without replacing your cable housing. If you want to make it longer, we can do that if we want to lower it, we can do that a lot of uh customization to be done to it without having to redo your cables and housing. So big ups. To that i know the vend device used to do that. The madones used to be like all right. I think maybe still like that a lot of panerai’s are still like that um, but this makes it very easy to change your cables and how or change out your stem without having to redo all your cables and housing, because it’s ran underneath the stem and not Through the stem, so big plus to them on that, but yes that’s going to do it for this bike again, this is a specialized tarmac, sl7 custom frame, build with princeton’s wake 6560s for the wheel set shimano durace, di2 9170, full groupo ceramic speed, uh rear cage Of ospw you have the specialized s, works, power, mirror saddle and the aerofly 2 bars retail on this thing was three 13 125 or 50 full weight for a size.

56. As you see, right here was 15 pounds. 11 ounces. I just want to say thank you guys again, so much stay tuned for the video of the build of this thing it’s. My first time, hopefully you guys enjoy it i’m very excited for i’m excited to see what it looks like. So, thank you again for watching and i hope you guys have a good day bye, all right guys. We got here the princeton uh 6560s, with the tune hub on there and a shimano for your body all right. Everyone. Thank you. So much for checking out the video.