Today i present to you a sneak peek, a preview and unboxing, possibly of sorts of envy. Composite’S latest will set envy being from utah. Here is the wheel set. This is the envy foundation, gravel ag25, obviously that’s the box right there. So let’s pop open, the lid voila. We have a pair of envy foundation, ag 25 wheels i’ll unbox those momentarily here’s, the accessories bag. You’Ve got a manual. You probably should read the manual we’ve got. Oh, we know who bought the wheel set built by ks tubeless tape, tubeless valves and there’s. Also a cassette body there for the sram xd let’s get the wheels out of the box and look at that. They are fresh from envy. Still in the plastic shrink wrap. I wanted you folks to see how you receive them. Should you order these wheels for yourself there we go marvelous, so what i’ll do momentarily is getting out of the plastic wrap and cover the features of this new wheel, set the nva g25 foundation gravel – and here you are folks front wheel, removed from the box and Protective shipping end caps in place handmade in the usa per that label right there and the rear wheel with its shipping end cap in place. Okay, let’s get the techie details covered envy’s foundation, gravel lineup of wheel sets is designed for adventure, fun racing and exploring and is priced at us 1600, which the company feels is on par or exceeds many of the benefits and features of competitors.

Pricier wheel sets in terms of group sets this wheel set, is akin to shimano ultegra sram force or campagnolo records. Ag stands for adventure gravel, and there are two wheel sets in this lineup the ag 25, and that is 700c or the ag 28, which is 650 b, 25 and 28. Are the numbers in millimeters of the internal rim. Width of the rims on these particular wheels and for those more curious, the rim depth is 21 millimeters spokes are the serpim cx sprint and that’s featured on the front and rear wheels, and these external nipples are brass, like their bigger brother. In the g series of wheels, the ag wheels feature anti pinch flat technology and envy’s patent pending wide hookless bead rim. The biggest departure from mv’s norm is external nipples, but the rim still features molded spoke technology. There are two hub sets on offer the foundation road hub set with all of envy’s tech packed inside or industry nines, one slash one if you desire additional info concerning all of the technology in this wheel, set be sure to check out the link in the description Below the final features to mention are the lifetime incident protection and the envy five year warranty. You can read all about those on mv’s website, so there you have it my little sneak peek, unboxing and features video of the envy ag25 foundation. Gravel have no fear. I have a full review coming off this wall set where i will weigh the wheels mount tyres, show you how that goes and, of course, how these wheels ride.

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