. So i did make a video back in the summer about training, 212 and free trade, and i decided to start using them. So i could do some investing outside of vanguard and get into more individual stockton shares, as well as etfs and index funds, so i’m gon na tell you how it progressed and i’m gon na focus on trading two one: two. If you’re interested, i could do a free trade update on that, but it’s just gon na be about trading two one two today and how i’ve been getting along and also one what i want to call major stupid mistake that i made um that maybe you can Learn from that we’ll talk about as i go through my portfolio with investing, i like to keep it as simple as i humanly can at some point i will start building a portfolio based off of some companies. I really want to invest directly in, but i do focus a lot more on etfs let’s go into my portfolio. The first thing i want to have a look at is my ishares core s. P 500 etf. That i’m invested in what happened was i had some money sitting inside um, my trading 212 account – and i was like i just it – doesn’t make sense it’s just sitting there, so i decided to just put it in s. P. 500. Until i figured out what i was going to do with it, because it was depreciating, money is depreciating and we don’t like inflation, so i was like i’m just putting the s p.

500, until i figure out what i want to do with it. If i wanted to invest it in a different etf or an individual company, so it’s sitting in there it’s 108 pounds and three pence that’s the value right now, um and it’s up three percent with 3.31, which isn’t a crazy amount like that’s, pretty low i’d, say For all my investments, this is the lowest performing one of everything i’ve ever held so it’s it’s low, but it’s so slow and steady, so it’s reliable. I know it’s always gon na it’s gon na increase it’s just there as a placeholder. Until i decide further i’ve kind of decided to just keep it in there, i’ve been buying consistently since november. I bought 47 pound 50 in november 15, pounds again in november 25, pounds in december and 1722 in december, and i also got a dividend of 20 pence from it. In the uk we have a 2 000 pound dividend allowance, so i’m, not really too concerned with dividends. I doubt i’ll be making 2 000 pounds a year, but who knows um in dividends right now so i’m, not really too fussed about it. Um investing in anything that gives me dividends. The next etf that i’m invested in, which is one of my favorites um facebook etfs in general of all time, is the eyeshare’s global, clean energy etf, and this one is an interesting one. I can’t remember how i stumbled upon this.

I think i was looking at alternatives. I got a free share at one point and the it was the first one i’d ever gotten. It was shell, quite i’d, say environmentally friendly i’m, aware of everything going on in the world and in my head i was like i’ll hold it for now, but then at some point i will sell it um, so i just held on to it and then eventually I sold it in my head, i was thinking i want to trade it off, so i want to sell it, and i want to put that money into um a clean energy etf, and this is one of the clean energy etfs. It follows the third largest renewable energy companies it’s a great etf honestly. This etf has been my favorite since, since i started investing outside of vanguard, this has been my favorite but i’m going to tell you a bit of a cautionary tale about it. So let’s look at how much i have invested first, as you can see, is the bulk of my portfolio. The current value is 281 pounds and eight pence, and i am up 24.09 and up 54 pounds 56 pence, and that is crazy. It was actually a lot more before a couple of weeks ago and then cautionary tale, guys let’s go through to the history. Actually so i’ve been buying consistently every month since august, but in january i did something what happened was i had been investing in um, the global, clean energy etf and i loved it.

It was growing up. It was on a crazy sore, so i invested some money in it and everything was fine. I was up 40 about two weeks ago and then it just kept going up and up and up – and i was like holy crap. This is this is getting crazy. I got, i got, ta get it now before it gets higher and i was waiting for it to go down, but then it kept going up. I was like, is it ever gon na stop and i invested, i think, 50 pounds in it and literally the next day. Oh, my god, it come it dropped. I was up 40, i invested 50 pounds at like the peak and it just dropped and it has not been dropping it’s still, it’s been going back up, but still considering it dropped quite a substantial amount which brought my returns down quite a lot. The cautionary tale here is just invest consistently, which is it’s like in my eyes. I was like oh i’m, not going to be one of those people who who sells low and buys high, and this kind of scared me, because the fact that i bought high made me like think crap abs, what you doing with your life, like you, know better Than this – and you do know better than this, but because you can’t predict the future, we don’t know what’s gon na happen in three days. Four days, five days, one month, one year, like you don’t, know what’s going to happen, that’s the risk that you’re taking and i think after reading, rich dad poor dad.

I think it just gave me some like i was like. Oh, i have to invest now. I was like i need to invest right now. Risk is worth taking put all my money in the global, clean energy. No don’t do that. That was bad, but yeah, so it did go down, but it is coming back up, but i haven’t lost any money because i’m not planning to sell this i’m gon na, have it for probably five years i’m thinking at least five years before i start thinking about Anything else i just wanted to let you know that that was not the best move, because i should have just waited to february. Before i invested again, there was no reason for me to invest like a week after i already invested like it’s once a month. Stick to the once a month and then next month invest again because by next month it would have come back down. It would have been it’s normal flow and it’s steady increase rather than that crazy, like. That was the lesson i learned from that and it’s still. My favorite etf, i love it. I am all about ways to help the planet, and i know people like there’s, like people who are like super for the clean energy and people like super for oil and they’re like super for gas and they’re, just like yeah oil’s gon na do great and that’s Fine and that’s cool but i’m really trying to um practice, not value based investing, which is something different, but values based investing so investing based on the things.

I believe in the things that i want to support the companies. I love and i feel like if i invest that way. It’S gon na hurt me less when there’s volatility, because i know that i’m investing in this company because i believe in this company and in the long run i think they’re gon na do great and in the long run i want to support them so that’s. How i’m trying to come at investing right now, so i’ve invested 331 pounds and 24 pence. My return is 57 pounds and 87 pence and i am up 17.47 overall and my total portfolio is worth 389 pounds and 11 pence. So i am pretty pleased with that. That is my portfolio update. That is my etf portfolio. I only have two etfs in it. I will start building out, probably, but right now, i’m just liking it the way it is keeping it super simple, um, cleaning, the global, clean energy etf is doing really great, no reason to change that. Are you guys investing with trading 212? If you’d like to see my free trade portfolio uh, let me know down below feel free to check out some of my other videos.