This is a book review of the book named today. I am offline, the digital detox guide to a better life by liam belfort. Although i will not say that this book is, i will say that this book is not that good enough, because it’s not been written in a good way. Total number of pages are 49 or 38 or something like that so it’s a very short book. But although the book is not been written in a good way, but i will say that the topic is very much relevant to nowadays life. So i want to make a video on this particular topic. So let’s start then so let’s start with defining the problem. First, Music, so nowadays we are basically our daily life is basically are, are very much dependent on use of smartphone tablets and laptops. And all this thing and and these gadgets are actually replacing lot of various other things like alarm, clocks, calendars and and let’s say the basic cell phone that we used to use long, echo so, and these newer gadgets are basically being are becoming part of our daily Life now technology by itself is not bad. Any kind of technology is by itself is, cannot be bad, but the way we take it, we use it that can become a problematic issue. So what we are founding nowadays uh is basically that um that we are actually we found that you know that we are too much dependent on those things and we can’t leave without those gadgets, and we develop lot of lot of addiction around that addiction.

Around smart use of smartphone, which is very much problematic, addiction of using laptops, i will say in laptop, for example, i have this very bad habit of checking emails all the time which is totally unnecessary, but but there we go. We developed all these habits and the problems start when we actually think that these are very much uh thing that we cannot leave without those thing, and that is where the problem starts, and you know then addictions started growing and all this thing so so the question Is what is digital detoxing, so that is digital? This detoxing is basically is about developing or building that self called control within ourselves, so that we can detach ourselves from these gadgets whenever we need actually so so. That is all okay. So a lot of research had been done and on the on the on the on the effect of mind, uh, Music and due to technology, and all this thing and the problem is this hyper connectedness uh that we developed by using this newer gadgets, this smartphones and All this thing – and this leads to selfishness, lack of sleep, sleep issues and anxiety and in a qualitative way. What is happening is that we are actually our brain is not able to uh get the time to recover himself. You know the amount of information that we stores inside our brain that we actually consume in daily basis through social media platform, and all this thing are so huge that you know our brain, you know sometimes stops working to some extent.

Let’S say i think that is more of a qualitative way of saying thing, but anyway, and also artificial light that Music, that basically are there in the social media. Sorry in the digital gadgets and devices like smartphone and laptop and all this thing, it actually alters the the natural rhythm of sleep cycle that we have in your body. So i think what we uh yeah, so that that leads to sleep issues and all this thing and also in the kids uh. Basically for the kids, you know with parents who has this cell phone uh. I mean sorry uh, this smartphone addiction. All this thing they are basically, the kids will lag the natural, this emotion, emotional connection between their parents and that will lead to emotional problems, and all this thing, and also the the great author dog dan goleman, actually mentioned in his book emotional intelligence that this this Problem of uh, constant connectedness that we developed with our social media devices and all this thing produces lot of bad effect on our mind. And it is very important that we try to address this issue and try to find a better way of connecting our to ourselves. Because that is the problem, because we nowadays we are losing that ability to give the attention to ourselves uh or to the people that is around us. So that is very much important because we are losing that ability. I will say so so that is all now so the question is why we need digital detox so of course, uh.

We need technology, and that is the need of our time and all this thing, but what we really want to have is a healthy relationship between our devices and us. So for that we need digital detoxing and all this thing, and so the problem is again that you know uh that to some extent we are experiencing the reality through the screens. That is a problematic thing. You know, because you know people are not attending to the to the present time or what is happening around us and all this thing, which is uh, problematic and so people have different people, have different kind of addiction. I for me i will say that i have of course, for me, a smartphone is a problematic issue, because sometimes i do use smartphone in a very uncontrollable way. I will say, but i have this issue of you know – checking emails uh frequently, and i think that is a problem to think, because that should not be the case and also but i don’t have. I don’t use too much of facebook. So that is not the case, but for a lot of people you know they think that you know whenever whenever they go to some place and they found some beautiful picture, beautiful scenery or whatever it is beautiful, landscape or whatever it is, they are, they feel the Need to have a picture and post it on facebook, so the problem is, of course, there is no nothing.

Naturally, there is no problem, but when we actually uh when we have the urge uh of posting it in a uncontrollable way, that is a problem. I will say you know, because you are actually you, you are naturally thinking that you know you are you think that how many likes you get on the facebook post that you actually uh this uh that use uh? Basically, that parameter actually is. This is the deciding factor how much happy you are, that is uh uh uh unintentionally. That is the thing that you are imposing on yourself. So i think that is a problematic issue. So the question is how we perform digital detox, and i think this is a more of a subjective question and one should find out his own planning and own own strategy and all this thing, but there can be lot of tips which can be used. So first thing i will say that you know don’t plan too much, because if you plan too much, apparently you are actually putting yourself in a lot of pressure which is not desired. A good amount of self discipline is always needed. First thing that you may want to do is to list down all your gadgets, all your digital devices that you use like smartphone, laptop tablet or any kind of gaming platform you use, and maybe you want to keep some allowance time on daily basis. So so, like you know in if you are using a smartphone uh, you will find that you know there is this in android they will find there is this app called digital well being, which is inbuilt app and there you will find uh the your screen time? How much time you are spending on how which app and all this thing, i think that is a good app to look forward and don’t push yourself too hard, so in the first phase, because um yeah and commit changing one habit at a time.

So that will be easy for you and don’t push yourself uh yeah, and another thing is that you know i think i will say that you know sleep issue is always a problem and i think um, i think i think sleep uses issue is more of a Bigger problem, so to address that, i will say that you can actually store your all the gadgets, all your devices in the other, in the in in the room, which is not your bedroom, so so that you can do and you can switch off all your devices Before devices hour before going to sleep, so that can be a good strategy and various thing you can do like you know when you go to let’s, say psych for cycling or when you, when you are in morning, work or in afternoon work or some walk or Something that time you can take you you can leave your smartphone, you know in in home, or you can take a small that cell phone, the old style cell phone. You know if needed some. If you have the use uh, if you have the habit of reading newspaper, then you can always go for buying hardcover newspaper. That is that can be helpful and one thing that is very interesting uh. Sorry, i will suggest is that you know you can plan for one day. You know in a week where you say that i’m not going to use any kind of digital devices any laptop any smartphone.

I will not use anything. So i think you can plan one one day in a week, so that day can be a holiday. Sunday can be that day because yeah so Music. So for many people i think uh, i think uh checking mail are very much important. So what they can do is for that day they can actually set out of office away message that that is basically. What will happen is that if, in sunday someone sends mail, they he or she will get automatic reply, mail that you know i’m out of office or i’m, not yeah i’m, not entertaining any entertaining anything. For today i will look uh. I will get connected with you. Next day, so that can be a good uh thing and finally, very interest. Very important thing is that you know uh when you are actually in the process of digital detoxing. You know um, because it is an addiction. So naturally, what will happen is that you will, when you try to uh, separate yourself from this addiction. What will happen is that at certain time, you will feel a great amount of temptation to use that gadget. You know like using checking mail, uh, checking, whatsapp or whatever it is and idea will be to you know. Idea will be to uh to replace those thing in you buy some smart, smart, fun activities. You know something that you want you like to do so, as they say that you know you cannot totally stop your bad habit.

You need to replace your uh bad habit with less bad habit, let’s just say in that fashion. So so that can be the only way i feel so yeah. So that is all about my presentation.