So before i get into the game plan for my second battle against social media. Let’S just talk about why anyone might want a social media detox and what happened last time you might detox, because you are keen to spend your limited time wiser and be more productive, it’s possible. You desperately just want to stop comparing yourself to others. It might be that you’re emotionally fatigued from all the drama constantly going on in social media. Maybe you have your spiritual reasons like leaving the past and being more present. Detoxing can grant you the freedom to reconnect with your carefree child like authentic self and get comfortable being alone. This is the last game recap detoxing from social media. One of the things in which it showed me is that actually, i am in a way i wouldn’t say i’m addictive, but it’s become a habit. I believe that there is a difference between the two because it’s not like, i feel incomplete it’s, not like. I feel like i’m missing anything, so why would i play that game again? I won, but it wasn’t a good win. To be honest, i was in denial. I tried to cover up and hide the truth, but i just need to confess i’ve gone back to just wasting hundreds of hours on social media, just scrolling scrolling scrolling my life away. I remember back before i was addicted to social media. I was out here filled with joy, living life to the fullest outside of friends or just playing basketball.

You know doing what kids do just blissfully doing the things i loved and i’ve become aware that my dependence on social media has grown outrageously worse because of this pandemic, and i am fearful that it’s going to stay like this after lockdown. It would be terrible if, instead of building myself or having fun carefree i’ll be shamefully powerless against it. Basically paralyzed by social media, just scrolling scrolling scrolling my life away as an introvert. It is extremely easy for me to pathetically use social media to hide when awkward situations make me the tiniest bit anxious. I will be extremely frustrated if i allow this to withhold me from doing all that. I wish to this right here: is my secret game plan to break the addiction and win against social media? As you may or may not be aware, habits unfortunately cannot be broken and that’s sad, but fortunately they can definitely be altered. Let’S use the simple but harmful habit of me. Picking up my phone just scrolling social media, so the trigger slash q is feeling bored. The routine is picking up my phone just to scroll on social media, and the reward here is the boredom being satisfied because i’m entertained, all it takes, is to switch the routine to an alternative that delivers the same reward. Some of the solutions i’m confident in working, are watching youtube listening to music, going for walks, reading, drawing or planning and editing content. I will be pleased with any of these if i can just get in the zone, and it just keeps me off.

My phone i’m sure reading will be adequate as my first line of defense. What am i going to spend my time doing? Yeah i’ll be reading a lot, but that’s, not all i’m, going to spend my time doing because that isn’t fulfilling at all, i want to be purposeful. I want to spend more time doing things like learning more about trading, doing things like editing, meditating, exploring my area by going on walks and taking backgrounds, improving my video editing, skills, creating more and greater content and all the other secret things i love. Most importantly, be more focused, productive and present. So what do i expect to achieve from all of this? By the time i decided to end my social media detox? It would be absolutely remarkable if i had freedom. Freedom is all i want to be liberated from just scrolling scrolling scrolling, my life away to live a truly balanced, focused and productive life, while reconnecting with my carefree childlike authentic self. Now that would be a good win. That’S it for today, growth family, make sure you subscribe share the video comment with the timestamp of your favorite bits, and i will see you guys next time.