Now the investment portfolio has had a very, very strong start to the year with january. Performing relatively well so far, that’s been largely driven by the s p 500, hitting record highs and with global equity markets moving high over the course of the past few days after joe biden’s inauguration a couple of days ago. But despite questions around a potential stock market bubble, as well as murmurs around a possible stock market crash during 2021, but i’m gon na keep doing what any other committed long term investor would do and that’s to keep buying stocks so let’s dive into it. But before i do so guys, my name is mitch, i post all kinds of videos on investing and the stock market. If you do enjoy content like that, hit that big red subscribe button down below so i’ll drop a like on the video guys. It really really helps out the channel that being said, let’s dive straight into it, so guys, as always. Let me give you a snapshot of the current value of my two core investment portfolios. So, first up we have the vanguard uk portfolio, which consists of a 80 life strategy fund, an s p, 500 etf and some investment grade bonds, which, if i’m honest, i should probably get rid of now. This portfolio has a current rate of return of 48.71 and a total value of seventeen thousand one hundred and two pounds and a few pence now. This is the account that i no longer touch anymore that’s because i’m predominantly building up my trading two on two investment portfolio, because it allows me to invest into individual stocks, am my training.

Two on two portfolio is valid at thirteen thousand one hundred and thirty eight pounds and ninety three pence, so forgetting about a couple of the minor investments in which i have elsewhere. My two main portfolios are currently valued at a combined total of thirty thousand two hundred and forty two pounds. So it certainly feels like a fantastic way to start the year, surpassing that thirty thousand pound figure and if you managed to catch up with my year end 2020 portfolio update video you’ll know. I set out two goals to achieve this year, the first one being to achieve a 40 000 pound total portfolio value by the end of 2021, the second one being to invest into a couple more speculative but high growth stocks, which i personally believe have a great Amount of potential thinking back to goal number one where we’re certainly heading in the right direction, with a very, very good start to the year. In actual fact, my trading two on two portfolio, as you guys can see, had a net return of just over eighteen hundred pounds as at the first of january this year. Whereas if we look at the net return now that net return has grown to 2 500 pounds so that’s, nearly a 700 pound gain just over the first three weeks of january similarly, i’m. Not going to shy away from the fact that you can look at the total invested figure as of the 1st of january, which was just under 8 000 pounds, whereas if you look at the total invested figure now, it’s just over 10 and a half thousand pounds That amount in which the investment portfolio has grown has not been because of the investments in which i’ve made.

In actual fact, it’s been because of you guys, who have been supporting the channel and using the link down in the description below whereby, when you sign up to trading two on two you’ll get one free share, valued up to a hundred pounds. And when you guys get the free share, i get the free share too so because of that the investment portfolio has been growing at a rapid rate of not so a massive. Thank you to all of you guys who do use that link down in the comment section below the second goal, which i set for myself. I’Ve kind of already started to delve into with a couple of investments in which i’ve actually made over the course of the past couple of weeks. That first, investment, as you guys can see, is palanta with 32 shares. The total of 607 pounds and 43 pence with a total return as of right now of 1.18. Now, for those of you guys who haven’t managed to catch up with my palanta stock analysis, video in essence, they’re a big data analytics company who ipo’d last september and since then they have admittedly seen a huge amount of growth in their stock price. However, over the course of most recent weeks that initial stock price growth and the initial ipo hype has started to die down so because of that, and combined with a little bit of research around the company’s contracts in which they have which are currently being signed, left Right and center and acknowledging the company’s growing revenues.

I thought it was a good opportunity to invest into a tech company who has a great amount of long term potential, and today i do want to slightly top up that investment amount by buying an additional couple of shares in palanta. Just before the market closed. So i’m, going to review that order, send that by order to the market and that’s 38 pounds or two shares worth of palanta purchased, but i didn’t stop there. If i’m honest i’ve been a little bit wild this month and actually picked up two high growth stocks, the second one being a company called tattooed chef. Now again, i did a full stock analysis on tattooed chef and, if you haven’t already, i will leave a link to that video down in the description below. But for those of you guys who can’t be bothered to watch that video. Well, in essence, they are a plant based food manufacturing company who distribute their products across the major supermarkets over in the united states like walmart target whole foods, and many more now, this company are growing at a rapid rate of knots and their forecasted revenue growth figures Over the course of the next five years are absolutely massive, so because of that, i thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to actually buy into and invest into, a company which is very much on its growth phase. Because i very much like the prospect of investing into a macro trend where lots and lots of people are transitioning their eating habits over to becoming vegan as part of a quest to adopt a healthy lifestyle and we’ve, already seen great success.

With companies like beyond meat. Who have managed to capitalize on this trend, and i hope tattooed chef can do exactly the same too and talking of free shares thanks for the person who has just signed up using that link down in the description, i’ve just achieved one free share of amd, which Works perfectly as an addition to my investment portfolio, but going back to tattooed chef, you guys can see. I have 10 shares in tattoo chef, currently valued at 175 pounds. They are down about just shy of six percent currently but i’m, going to buy a couple of additional shares to lower my average purchase price just slightly i’m. I may pick up three or four shares today, actually and just to lower that average cost price so i’m. Going to send that buy order and hopefully that market order will be executed so i’m very much prepared to ride these couple out over the course of the next at least 18 to 24 months to see if they can truly reach the amount of potential in which I think they have so they are my two growth stocks out the way, but guys do let me know down in the comment section below. I want to hear from you guys which additional growth stocks should i look into to potentially invest into and add to this investment portfolio. So with that said now, i want to move back into the more normal investments in which i make pretty much every single month.

So diving back into that investment portfolio now the first investment in which i want to make is in amd, so i’ve just had that free share, but we’re going to buy a couple. More return on investment is currently about 10 uh total values around 1 136 pounds. The stock price of amd has slowly been declining over most recent months. We did nearly hit a peak of about a hundred dollars per share. It looks like equity markets have recovered over the course of you know the past day or so that so the stock price is certainly up a little bit, but i am going to pick up probably just the one sharing amd today at 66, pound and 84 pence. So i send that, by order to the market now and that has been executed, the next company in which i want to invest in today is going to be amazon again. A big powerhouse total return currently is about 11.4 percent. They have pretty much been on the overall downward trend, but again they’ve just had a massive surge in their stock price over the course of past couple of days up just shy of two percent. Today, however, when we look at it from a a slightly longer term perspective, you can see from that yearly point of view pretty much since september. Since q3, amazon have very much been trading sideways. Hopefully, we’re going to see a bit of an upside breakout over the course of the coming months ahead, but before we do see that i am gon na just top up that amazon investment let’s just extend this to point one of a share.

We nearly got to a full share in amazon uh and that order has been sent to the market and executed the next one i want to invest in is apple one of the better performing stocks within my investment portfolio up 34.6 percent, with a total return of 538 pounds, unfortunately, apple’s stock price has actually recovered quite a lot over the course of the past couple of days or so, or just this week alone, up six percent for the week itself, when we actually drop back to probably like a yearly perspective, you can see We saw a big drop off, whereas now we’re trading, pretty much back in line with all time highs once again, but nonetheless, i’m a long term, apple investor and they’ve recently actually announced uh the potential of apple glasses, which are very much focused on vr and ar Which could be a very interesting development over the course of the next couple of years, or so i think they’re due for production in 2022. So that should be an interesting development and a new product line for apple which could potentially make them a lot of money. But not only that, but it’s also been reported, that apple are also working on electric vehicles too. So again that could be another big venture which potentially could make apple quite a lot of money. So with that in mind, i am going to pick up a couple. More shares in apple today and that order has been executed and then the very final investment in which i’m going to make today is going to be in tesla, obviously, the best performing stock within my portfolio, it’s up 118 and a half percent.

A total return of 1 476 pounds total value of 2 723 pounds. I’Ve only got unfortunately, 4.42 shares if our money is tesla’s price to earnings, ratio currently kind of makes me cringe a little bit, but nonetheless, i’m still going to buy and invest and more money into the stock itself and driven by how expensive this stock is. Now. I actually can’t buy all that many shares, so uh 0.3 of a share 184 pounds, and that is going to be my final investment in which i’m going to make today, nonetheless, i’m still very optimistic on tesla. They have lots of good things going on during 2021 and beyond, especially with the likes of the cyber truck and the tesla roadster due for production this year. But not only that, but we’re also expected to see a 25 000 tesla, which is due to come out or start production in early 2022 in the shanghai gigafactory, which again will be a massive game changer for tesla if they can get a very, very cheap electric Vehicle out to the marketplace so because of that, the company still have a hell of a lot of potential and certainly a lot of potential to actually live up to i’m. Certainly on the tesla hype, train so i’m going to continue to invest into the stock. But now i want to dive into a few of the larger free shares which i’m actually continuing to hold within my investment portfolio, diving back into the portfolio.

One of the slightly larger holdings now is actually ford who uh a current value at 461 pound. Actually up 12 and that’s, largely driven by the fact that they’ve had a big boost in their stock price today, which is up nearly six percent. Now again, there is a lot of hype around the electric vehicle space currently and obviously ford being one of the incumbent manufacturers. If they can certainly jump onto this electric vehicle wave, then there potentially could be an element of bullish momentum coming back into ford stock, as well as potentially a few of the other incumbent automotive manufacturers. As we start to see a lot more interest around this space and look guys when i blow out this ford chart – and we look at it from the maximum perspective – you can see. The stock has been really in a downward trend pretty much since 2014, and the stock price actually hit absolute lows of four dollars per share at the very height of the pandemic, but he’s actually up well over a hundred percent. Now nearly 200 since the absolute stock market lows. So even if we can come back up somewhere near these 2014 highs around 17 per share. Well, that offers a pretty solid return on investment, especially driven by the fact that they’re absolutely free shares anyway, so there’s certainly no risk on the table, but there is certainly everything to gain. The final company is general electric, where you guys can see.

I have 110 shares i’ve managed to accumulate from free shares, valued at 891 pounds and 2 pence total return of 1.3. Currently, however, general electric have a very, very interesting business model, they’re, a big conglomerate which do everything from power to aviation, to health care. But more recently and more interestingly, renewable energy is something that’s on their agenda so because of that with the biden administration coming in and renewable energy, very much being something of a growth area over the course of the coming years, ahead, i’m going to leave general electric In the portfolio for the foreseeable future other than that i’m going to probably sell off some of the other random stocks which i’ve had from free shares over the course of the past few weeks and look to reinvest those amounts back into the stocks in which i’m. Currently, investing into so as of right now that gives me a total value of my investment portfolio of 13 695 pounds. A total return of 22.1 percent with a military return of 2479 pounds. So that’s going to be the first investment portfolio update for january, be sure to let me know guys down in the comment section below what stocks that you guys would add to this investment portfolio and with that said guys.