Are you insane are you? Okay? Do you have a mental issue? Do you know what you are saying if you clicked on this video, because you actually think that dogecoin could go anywhere near any of those numbers you are in the right place? Let me try to explain through market cap why this is not possible. Okay, the current dogecoin market cap at less than a cent, is well over 1 billion dollars. Let’S be generous and say at one penny. The market cap is 1 billion dollars once again. That’S generous okay, let’s just say that for it to hit one dollar, it would need a market cap of 100 billion. If you don’t know what 100 billion looks like just take a look at this number. All these years, one two three one, two three one, two three one, two three one: two: okay, whatever 100 billion that’s it okay it’s hard to count; there’s a lot of zeros. If you didn’t notice, 100 billion today is the a little bit under the market. Cap of aetherium, if i just grow up here, i mean we’re being generous, but it’s around let’s, just call it a little under the market cap of ethereum right it’s. Also. Another comparison i can make is shopify. You know the the leading e commerce platform for hundreds of thousands of businesses who pay a pretty penny to shopify in order to host their stuff. It has a market cap of 145 billion dollars, shopify the company shopify, which you’ve probably heard of.

If not, look it up, okay, so that’s only for one dollar now now let’s do a little more math. Okay, let’s just do times ten. In order for dogecoin to hit um ten dollars, we could just do times ten math right i mean you don’t even see the zeros. It won’t even show you the zeros, but you know one with all those zeros that would put it at a 1 trillion dollar market cap. I know a lot of people, especially the robin hooders, the 12 year olds, on robin hood, with their mom’s credit card. Putting money on their account or, however, if you do it with a bank, whatever they don’t know the difference between 1 million 1 billion and 1 trillion, but 1 trillion is an insane amount of money. I guess the best comparison. I can make the one trillion dollars right now is the entire market cap of cryptocurrency is less than one trillion dollars. As we can see, it is currently 935 billion. So, in order to get a 10 dogecoin dogecoin would be need to be worth more than the entire market cap of the cryptocurrency space right now, all these coins over 10 or 8 000 coins there’s more than that, but this is only coin market cap, but over 8, 000 cryptocurrencies. It would be way more than the market cap of bitcoin and ethereum combined now for all the people calling for a 100 doge. I don’t know if you’re even in this world, you might be an alien i don’t know, but let’s add on one more zero.

That would put us at 10 trillion dollars and that’s generous. If we really do the math, it would probably come out to 12 or 13 trillion trillion. Okay, that would be more than the current market cap of gold combined for dogecoin, something that has no value whatsoever. At least ethereum and bitcoin how about we’re talking about a meme coin? Dogecoin, do you know what this is okay? So what are the possibilities? Maybe you still have some hope. Maybe you’re like yo, i don’t know who this guy is. I still think dogecoin is going to one dollar or 10 or 100, whatever the only way that would ever happen. I guess the the one there’s a few circumstances where it actually could happen. That is if the us dollar turns into whatever currency zimbabwe has, and you know it completely crashes in inflation, all that and the dollar is worth like 99 less. Therefore, it would push up the price whatever yeah. Okay, it could be worth 100 if the us dollar becomes nothing pretty much sure but that’s you won’t, you don’t want that to happen. Anyways. The only other way it could happen is if they duplicate dogecoin. You know they: they increase the supply by a ton if they 100 x, the supply of dogecoin sure it could hit 100, but that’s not actually increasing the market cap that’s, just them printing off a bunch of fake dogecoin or you know more dogecoin increasing the supply.

Like the u.s does every single day i don’t even know, if that’s possible for dogecoin, maybe they increased the supply slowly, but i mean i doubt they would increase the supply by 100 times. I mean that would be insane. I have no idea why they would do that um. It would screw over every single person that owns dogecoin and they wouldn’t want to do that. The last opportunity, the one little bit of hope that you have left for dogecoin to even hit one dollar. I know a lot of people are saying: yeah, okay, i wasn’t expecting it to hit 100 or 10 dollars. I just wanted to hit one dollar. No, you are insane, even if you think, it’s gon na hit one dollar, it is not going to hit one dollar. The market cap would have to be over 100 billion. That is still an insane amount of money. Elon musk, who loves dogecoin. He is worth 183 billion about when, when this thing came out, i mean if it goes up and down, because you know it’s in the stock or whatever, even if he completely screwed over his entire company liquidated all his tesla stock and put it into dogecoin, then Perhaps perhaps it could hit a dollar, but you know he can’t do that, because the price would keep going down if he started selling all shares, so he wouldn’t even get as much money as as he’d like to, because you know the moment he starts selling a Bunch of his stock, then everyone else is going to sell so it’s, not even possible but i’m.

Just saying, even if you look when they did all his tesla stock, it probably still would not push up the price over one dollar it’s, just not gon na happen. I don’t know what to say: hey it might 10x from here. It might go up to eight cents, it might go up to ten cents, it might even hit 15 cents, maybe which is not bad. That is an enormous gain. Personally, i think there’s much better options out there in the cryptocurrency market right now in order to get bigger gains than that and safer gains as well, but sure it might go up to 10 cents. Let’S say: that’s a 1 000 game, that’s that’s huge that’s insane that’s massive. It might even outperform bitcoin in this bull market, but it will not hit one dollar and if you still think that, after watching this video, i don’t know what to say. Take your twenty dollars on robin hood, throw it in the dogecoin hope it goes up, but twenty dollars is very different from 100 billion okay, i’m telling you right now think about the numbers. Compare it with other assets.