Dogecoin has pumped dramatically up 300 percent, as predicted in this episode i’m going to talk about that, plus the next most likely altcoin to pump after dogecoin stay tuned what’s up guys randall here from crypto love, today’s video. We are talking about everything going on with bitcoin and all coins today, also the gamestop pump also the dogecoin pump, and why dogecoin pumped exactly as predicted, also the most likely altcoin to pump now that dogecoin has pumped and stay tuned until the end. We have a prime xbt sponsored video at the end now before we get started guys make sure to like subscribe click, the notification bell and let’s get into it. So bitcoin ethereum everything is up it’s a green day again. Finally, the market has stopped bleeding for the past few days. If we take a look at bitcoin bitcoin, actually bounced off of the four hour ma 300, this purple line here exactly as predicted now, what has actually happened is it’s forming a double bottom. This is a w type of structure if it actually passes the confirmation point, which is right up here, that’s right at 34 927, there is a 97 chance. We are in for 40 gains, potentially breaking us out of this downtrend. That bitcoin has been in since the beginning of january and that’s pretty exciting, because the other option would be continuing in this downtrend, which could potentially lead us to a bottom right here around 26 to 28 000.

Now, if we take a look at bitcoin, i shared this in yesterday’s video, pretty exciting for bitcoin. If we just replicate with bitcoin what has happened since the first dip post post, halfing post new all time high of the last market cycle, this first dip right here. If we just replicate the exact same chart that bitcoin did we get this blue line here and look at that. We have bitcoin bubble highs of 275 thousand dollars by guess when july of 2021. Not only that, but this chart is almost identical to a chart posted in 2014 that you can see in yesterday’s video right up there now guys. The big news all across the news networks today is what’s going on with gamestop stock they’re up like 20 x, or something like that. Basically, because a reddit pump group liquidated a whole bunch of wall street shorts. Now this is getting news all over the market, because basically they’re showing how even stock markets can be manipulated, even with all the money in stock markets, they can be manipulated now guys because of this manipulation. Congress has announced hearings on stock market in light of the robin hood versus reddit battle, so obviously made national news and they’re going to take a look again into what wall street is doing. But while that is happening on wall street, i mean who the hell. Heck cares about wall street guess what doge is up significantly dogecoin today up 352 percent it actually passes bitcoin in tweet volume, the first ever altcoin to suppress bitcoin in tweet volume.

Now guys, why is that? Well, dogecoin has pumped exactly, as predicted i’ve been telling you guys about this. How this is going to happen for months now? The if you don’t believe me you can check out this video right out here, but the real reason is because dogecoin is an oscillator i’ve been talking about this non, stop forever willie wu. He has this great article, two types of all coins, an investor’s view. He basically says there’s protocol coins, utility tokens, blah blah blah blah, but basically there’s, just oscillators and degenerators. Most of all coins are degenerators. That means the value versus bitcoin goes to zero. There are a few that are oscillators that look like this. If we take a look here, the green one’s doge, the orange one is stellar and the blue one is litecoin i’ve been telling you guys forever that dogecoin is going to pump and guess what it pumped, just as predicted now’s the time to sell. So now that dogecoin has pumped now that gamestop has pumped what is the most likely next coin to pump in dramatic fashion and guys. This is a little bit of speculation, but i think this one has the potential to pump dramatically and what would that coin be? Well, that coin would be chain link. Now, why chain link, i mean chain links already up pretty huge. Well, the main reason is because chain link initially pumped due to huge fortran 4chan support.

They still have huge 4chan support, there’s, still a huge the link marines, okay. They have a huge pump group, you think they’ll, let all of this other pump stuff just go on without them pumping it, and if we take a look at the link, btc chart chain link is actually at critical levels right now. It bounced off of this white box here this very significant support and right now, it’s sitting between the 23 6 and the 38.2 fib actually right, underneath this orange dotted trend line. So, if link can actually break through this trend line, guess what chances are it could go up absolutely dramatically and if this happens, based off of what’s happened with gamestop based off of what’s happened with dogecoin guess what link would certainly be the next one to do That so guys, that is it for today’s video. I hope you did enjoy it if you did make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell now this sponsored video we’re gon na, be talking about prime xbt. Now, why are we talking about prime xbt? Well, as you guys know, i’m, not a fan of margin trading, because most people get liquidated, that’s just my opinion on things. But if you’re an experienced margin trader well bitmex pretty much gone by bit. Who knows maybe people like it? Maybe people don’t but there’s, also alternatives out there like prime xbt according to them the number one bitcoin trading platform. So if we take a look at it, as you can see here, you cannot only trade bitcoin, but you can also trade eth, litecoin, xrp and eos.

You could short the out of xrp if you want to and a whole bunch of other markets, and for many of these other 4x markets, you can do 1000x leverage, which is insane, but if you want to lose your money really fast, you could absolutely do that. Now the trading platform is actually a pretty nice looking platform. We can see what it looks like right here. I mean pretty much for most of these margin trading platforms. This is what you get but there’s a couple other things about primexpt that i actually think is pretty cool i’m going to share with you shortly now. They have very fast order. Execution speeds less than seven milliseconds. They have greater than twelve thousand orders executed per second and you can choose them because they have good security, they have increased profitability, new opportunities, you can trade with the best and you can leverage your investments like you want. I mean they even teach you you can buy against the market or with the market either way, and you can set up an account quickly now, like i said this is what the platform looks like, and here is some pretty interesting things about prime xpt that’s different Than other things one is: they have tap trading. This is insanely huge in a lot of asian countries, but basically they call it. Prime xbt turbo and basically you don’t have to set buy orders and sell orders. You basically get a little console like this and it’s.

Like a video game, you just tap up or down and basically, if the, if you’re correct in the direction of the price, guess what you can win a lot of money doing that very quickly, so that’s, something for if you’re looking for a new thing to do. A new type of trading tap trading is something good and i’ve actually done this with other platforms, i’ve tab traded. You can actually get in a pretty good uh way, because you just basically follow market trends and you can win a decent amount of money like that. Also in terms of security, they have pretty good asset protection, they use 2fa, they have white listing addresses, so even if your account gets hacked, it can only go to certain addresses they use cold storage for digital assets, so very good security in terms of different platforms Out there and guys my favorite thing about primexpt is what they call co vesting all right. This is pretty cool, so they track all of their top traders and you can actually set up your account to trade exactly like other top traders. Basically, how you would do it is. You would take a look at some of the top traders out there and you could follow them identically like this number one moss. His total profit is over seven thousand percent, all right these uh profits just reset right before i made the video it was like 20. Some percent for the day, but look at this guy btc on the new over 2 000.

You could basically just choose one of these guys set an asset amount and then invest the same amount that they invest so guys, uh, comparing primax bt with bibit, basically pros and cons. They both have pros and cons. You can kind of read this behind me: difference in company location, seychelles versus bvi, uh, newer company, not newer company security. The one big thing that may draw a lot of people to prime xbt is there is no kyc required. You don’t need to do that, so that may draw a lot of people, and also the fees are pretty darn low compared with buy bet, also, no withdrawal fees so guys. If this is something that you want to check out at the very least check out the co vesting if that’s your thing, like, i said – i’m, not big on margin trading, because that’s the way people can lose a lot of money really fast. But if you are into margin trading or you want to try out tap trading or you want to try out co vesting, you could certainly check out prime xbt and there is an affiliate link down in the pinned comment. You could click that link helps out the channel. Thank you guys so much for watching.