It is currently 5 30 in the morning i’m, having my first cup of joe and what better way to do so than looking right at you guys through this god, dang lens. We stretched back to last night and i swear this cod community. We just never know what the next instance gon na be that we talk about, but we do continue to talk about that. Thank you all for watching optic players and a few coaches out there, a bit riled up after what cod league did and the point of recording. Well, they still have done. It seems that cod league just last night, revealed eight to nine minutes worth of player comms in kind of a comedic fashion. You know showcasing some some beef, some banter, some trash talk and some gameplay to which a lot of players out there, particularly optic players, seemed a bit frustrated by even after being responded to by several pros and coaches out there, cod league was like huh we’re going To leave it up at the point of your recording that post is still up. If you guys want to go watch it i’ll only play for you a bit of this, but let’s read the responses. First, as right off the bat, it was skunky saying: there’s no shot. You all posted this to which dashie follows up by saying: bro no shot right, crim6, one of the better responses, i would say, underrated on this. One saying find, as they did reveal a lot of trash talk with some – maybe not so joyful words, and he knows all about cod league fines.

As many a pros. Do we got rambo ray, saying, pause. What how is the good thing for anyone? Pac man of green saying what good can come from this and then we also got coach sanders. Saying let’s hop on board with a nine minute, listening to see what the columns of optic are going into maps and for me personally, when you have several pro players, and especially coaches, a bit peeved by this. They obviously have reasons now you and me the common folk, the common man and or woman. Looking at this, we might not see anything too tactical, anything too strategical or stuff that maybe should not be revealed for me personally, in my opinion, when i heard this, the first thing i thought was: this is private trash talk. These are words that are said privately to try and fire your teammates up that a lot of these pros, i like to think all of them would not say these things publicly on twitter just to get some impressions. This is private trash talk to motivate your teammates, which probably does a great job in doing so that now your opponent has heard not because you posted on twitter or facebook or myspace. You heard it because cod league revealed it to everyone on twitter and that’s, where it kind of rubs me the wrong way and it it might be an issue going forward. But what do you guys think i’ve certainly saw a lot of comments, saying there’s, nothing wrong with this.

These kids are horrible. Bro i’m telling you hell is so bad at this game. Five, these guys are more nervous than that bro. You know this guy seth. No, he sees you on that. Dude yeah, hey jump down the boat, but awareness on that second offense, especially if it’s like super still meeting like that we’re not getting the bloods like no point to just give up more lives. You know 100. I guess by the way you already know, on the p4s, these guys are going to go and rat like every life. Was it formal and i’m, certainly leaning towards the player’s side, especially with some of the things that were said. You know again, we we like beef. We like banter, we like when the beef and banter is revealed when the players want it to be. You know if all of a sudden the codley can draw not. This is not just some astro gaming listening. This is nine minutes worth of comms and a good three four five six times where there’s actual trash talk mentioned that some players might just take the wrong way because it was revealed by the league, which is pretty crazy. One last thing any counter strike fans in the video today you remember when it was blast pro and formerly when yanko was with faze clan, how they leaked some of their comms, which did involve strategic play and got a lot of backlash. I would say along the same vein and certainly there’s a reason why coaches are like there’s, nothing good that can come from this besides some twitter impressions for the league.

So what do you guys think a lot of people out there falling on different sides? What about yourself drink some wall drink some car i’m gon na need like four or five cups, because i know there’s a lot coming today and i’m. Pretty excited to talk about with all of you guys until next time. Take care. I’Ll, see you back here.