So big shout out to him because he is a goat time to see and go react to it because i haven’t seen it yet yeah let’s go check it out: hey yo, yo, yo what’s up man. How are you doing i’m, good i’m good? How are you i’m pretty good too? I have a really special surprise to you, a surprise. Yeah get guess what it is. Guess what it is: you’re, never gon na guess it i don’t know: um led lights, you want led lights, i mean if you want them. I can hook you up with them, but that’s, not the surprise. I have no idea what what could it be? What could it be? Okay, so i’ll give you a little hint i’ll, say a name: laser beam, okay, that’s, a very broad topic, but okay, okay, it’s, still a pretty cool, surprise then i’m, guessing because it is laser beam. Some do it right. What did laser beam just get in fortnite? No way your own fortnite skin, no there’s, no way, i make your custom fortnite skin. That looks exactly like you. What bro? I can show you right now. Just look at my screen: share: okay, really: okay, okay, oh my god, i’m! So excited why there you go there’s, no way what in the world yo, he looks so accurate and it’s with the red jumpsuit too bro that actually looks like and easy face up on. The pose yo there’s, no way trimming what you like it.

Yes, yo. That looks fire hey. You want to know something: uh yeah that’s, just one out of the two styles i made for you, you made two styles as well. Only two songs, oh no way. Oh my gosh. This right here is the second style. This one has the mask on, and everything that’s so sick. You might remember this is actually based of when you one of your instagram posts, the one yeah yeah. I remember that one it was with the smoking stuff too yeah, dude you’re, so sick, hey! Thank you. Man, just imagine you wake up one day, open your fortnite game, and you see this in your locker dude like that. That would be like the dream. Come true, like that’d be crazy, but this is like the first step i’m, so tripping about it. Yeah that looks way too realistic, it’s, pretty cool it’s it’s, literally just you, but in in fortnite form all the shoes and stuff as well like bro and then also because you’re in face clan. I decided to also make something else: oh no. What else did you make you made some? I made a wrap for face clan no way, wait yeah. This is the face. This is how it would look on a gun that is so sick yeah that would be lit yo that actually matters like wraps for all the different esports organizations. That would be fine. I think they should do that. That would be so fire and everything dude and then there’s also a face clan umbrella, the face glider.

Oh my god. These look so clean, hey, hey! I definitely do like it and uh. Thank you for making this for nice game, because that looks promising sick. But i peace out true mix. Thank you very much guys hi. So now that we have seen the skin reacted to it. You know all that i think it’s time to go flex. My skin let’s go so pretty much. You guys have seen the actual, like fortnite skin, on just a file right, but true mix did something crazy right and he actually put it into fortnite. So now my skin is in fortnite. That is absolutely crazy and i just want to give a big shout out to the butcher mix, because that’s that’s that’s a progress moment. You know what i’m saying i’m gon na be asking my sister. You know i’m gon na be pretending to surprise her with something but i’m actually gon na surprise her with my fortnite skin, because she has no idea and she loves foreign skins, so i’m thinking her reaction is gon na, be pretty crazy, so i’m gon na go Get my little sister and then uh. He was popping so grace i’m here to tell you that i have my own skin in fortnite i’m, not telling you you want to see it yeah. I know dude it’s, so sick, like fire, it is fire dude. Imagine you could actually use this in fortnite like epic. Please add this.

This would be so sick. I i would. I would cop it instantly. Would you cop it did you say you wouldn’t, even cop my fortnite, skin you’re, saying you wouldn’t get my phone at skin. I want to oh you want to okay, okay, i, but this isn’t, the only fortnite skin. You want to see the other variant of it because it’s pretty crazy. So we got this one. I know you love four night skins grace. So this is pretty cool. Yeah dude: these are insane guys hi gracie. Well, i think i’m gon na go ask some other fortnite content creators and youtubers stuff like that. If they want to react to my fortnite skin, because it’s pretty crazy i’m trying to go flex this, you know hi guys. So you know i’m here with the boy frasier and he has no idea why i call them butts. All i told them is that i have a crazy surprise. So what are you thinking right now? Bro, i don’t know what to think high sky like uh. You have a lot of surprises up your sleeve all the time. Is this good or is this bad? I i i’d say it’s a pretty cool, surprise, honestly, it’s, a good one: okay, don’t prank me bro seriously: i’m, not pranking! You i’m scared. You’Ve just made me. Come in this cool bro, these are some pretty crazy files. So are you ready? Are you yeah? I’M ready? I guess i think i don’t know all right all right.

Let’S! Do this let’s! Do this all right, we’re gon na click on the first one. What is this gon na be i’m gon na get jumped i’m gon na get ready, whoa whoa whoa it’s moving bro holy cow it’s a fortnight face skin man. Are you kidding me you’re, getting skinny that’s a fortnight? Yes, dude, that is insane that’s, an actual skin bro that’s literally you that actually look like you. I think that looks nuts so close to me too. I don’t get it dude bro. What is that? Oh you’ve got to get this in fortnight, guys, dude. Imagine if this wasn’t for that this would be everybody watching this he’s got ta got ta support this man bro, please epic, please there’s, actually, even more than that too, like he has like whoa whoa bro that wrap in the game. It would be nuts that would be so fire yeah, some crazy fortnite. It looks like the love facts. It looks like everything that’s so far, oh bro, imagine having the skins in for oh, my gosh, the phaser victory umbrella. Okay, if you win as high sky 2., that’ll be lit right holy. How jealous would jarvis be if this got dropped in fortnite bro, i don’t think he’d be happy at all actually yeah. Just like the phase rap honestly, it looks like it’s like in 492, with all the like things. Your face is literally the same it’s like copied on bro.

Imagine i was about to say imagine that emote, you win a game and you just start phasing off. Throw up the face: oh yo yeah. They actually have to add this into fortnite, though everybody watching this video has got to like it to get fortnight. To add this into the item. Shop hi, skye yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo jarvis just got here bro. That is you yeah look at this yo should keep show jarvis the other stuff too. Yes, dude your instagram picture like a phase fortnite decal. How jealous would you be if i got added i’ll, never be able to use that glider hi, guys well, since we’re done, showing it to face k it’s time that we keep on flexing our new fortnite skin and i’m just gon na go show it to like Everybody so yeah we’re gon na go around and uh yeah i’m gon na get some reaction, all right guys. So you already know we showed off the skin. A pretty good amount, you know, but having your own skin in fortnite is pretty crazy, so i’m gon na keep talking to some classic guys, and you know surprising them with my fortnite skin yeah i’ve been looking for a little bit and i see the boy grant And chico in a call together, so i’m gon na just jump in there give them a challenge if they could win in the challenge. I’Ll show them before nice kid, but if they don’t they don’t get to see it because they’re not cool all right.

Just caught. Dammit on the table, what you saw a salmon on what aren’t you guys, i i said Music, i kind of have a challenge for you. If you guys could beat me in a 1v2 1v2, i will gift you a very, very special fortnight skin. Oh all, right! You know what you want to run it yeah yeah dude, you don’t. What what do you want? Granny? What are you thinking? I don’t know what you really think: you’re gon na lose that’s. The special wait. Wait! Okay! Is that suspicious? I just i i just need to hear it from you. We can team on you right yeah, you guys can see me. Oh yeah, dude, i’m, so ready for this i’m. So down hi guys. So i i i forgot to include it’s first of three. So let’s go let’s. Go i got high ground on her face. High sky. Oh shut up. You act like high ground is the most important thing in the world all right hold on hold on. I have a harpoon bro. I thought it was good. It’S gon na be so easy. Oh my gosh guys guys i’m so ready to get it that’s how bad he is. Okay, okay, all right! Yo! You guys are 2v1 yeah, because you said we could oh yeah exactly. Oh, you almost died. Gret he’s coming up he’s coming up. Please why? Why are you sitting there you’re, just letting it happen you little body i needed i needed to where’d it go.

I have so don’t. Let me die don’t. Let me die. Are you getting the rest Laughter wow shut up, shut up, shut up, it’s, first, three, how many wins do we need it’s? First of three? Okay? Okay, Applause! No, no! No! No! No! I’M! Literally trolling it! What uh! I was trying to harpoon him that’s all i’m, going to say how are you supposed to do that? No, you sold your body you’re such a lot. You’Re such a bot. There we go there. We go easy i’m, bringing it back i’m, bringing it back re edit. Bro grant kill him. My stupid shotgun does 30 damage you’re, so bad tico, you’re. So bad, oh great, oh, no way! It’S! Two two is the final round: i’m. Actually going crazy i’m actually going crazy, no you’re, not wait! Oh no! I was for the pickaxe. No! Oh Music, are you wearing yeezys? Do we get? Those? Are air forces dude that’s, my fortnite skin bro that’s? It? Actually your four nights, kid dude. What it’s insane bro look at it, it’s on the face, high sky count and everything bro? Oh my it’s, crazy! Oh my yeah, i think i’m too cool for you guys if you don’t have a full night. Skin don’t talk to me, okay, but look at this one. This one got drip. I got drip okay. Why do you look like your cheeks, your cheeks like? Are they sinkholes or are they dimples? I can’t really show off my skin.

You know i’m, not giving you guys your skin. Thank you wait. Is there more good night? No bye no shut up. I hate you. No, please wait. Wait: that’s not what i was really expecting: okay! Well, i think i’m gon na go cry myself to sleep if that’s, okay um, if you guys would like you, should like the video subscribe reply and say epic should add high skies skin and then we’ll have high sky in fortnite battle. Royale should be pretty crazy.