Is he really he’s like mad? I don’t know what’s going on i’m tripp. What do you mean? Why is justin bieber at the door and why is he mad when we moved in? We realized it was his old house and we found his rings. His old iphone right bro and you stole his 500 thousand dollar orange monkey. I didn’t steal it. He left it he’s, so rich. I thought he didn’t care right. I’M. Tripping out. I could be in trouble. No, no bro i’m telling you wait till you see their security guards. They are not had no jokes i’m telling you bro. This is what i’m saying look at the security guard on the right: he’s mad he’s not going out there bro! No! No! These are your videos. You have to go. I don’t care, i don’t know how dare you i’m, not hi, so what’s going on out here. Yes, ma’am: do you live here? The guy i’m dating lives here, but um who’s that in the red seriously yeah? Was he like a? Is he a tick? Talker you don’t know who that is: Music, no, but he’s hands that’s that’s, justin bieber. I would have worn something different if i knew that was just newer, so so um. The reason for us being here is: we actually have evidence that uh some people have taken things from uh, justin and we’re here to actually get it all back. I don’t know anything about that: okay, well we’re, here to get his stuff.

So if you could, please move out the way come on girl, frazier, the first to know, they’re coming in right now, right now, no they’re inside they’re inside their side, they’re inside. What do i do? What do i do? Wait, what’s going on hannah. We need five minutes to create a distraction. Please um you guys, hey you guys boys right now, don’t go in don’t. Go in, i don’t even know if they’re in there, but i actually have an idea. I was thinking for one of your songs. Maybe you could use me as a dancer. A lot of people don’t say i’m good at dancing, but i actually am very insecure about it and i think that i could be good at dancing. Can i show you please bro they’re coming down right now? What does that mean? I have to hide all of this stuff, otherwise, i’m gon na go to jail. Bro, yeah, yeah, bro, like why don’t you just give it back. I don’t get it i’ve already technically stolen it. Man i’ve already done the bad thing. The only way now is for us to hide it and for them to not find it and then there’s, no evidence bro that’s. What we have to do that easy bro. These are the items. Man do not have long to hide them: the jewelry, the phone and the key to the car that split it up and hide it in different locations. That’S a good idea literally, if they don’t find it.

We are chilling running out of time right now, bro. What about this one? Do you like that bro? I have the best hiding location right now inside this sand. Look the studio broke. Nobody is going, oh, my god, that’s actually insane. This is literally just one down bro. We have two more come on. Let’S go. We have to go. Let me sing a song for you yeah. You got that yummy yummy yum all right. I think this is a good spot in this room. What right in here in these flowers, like nobody, actually comes from stuff it in here like this it’s hiding it in place. Bro look they’re not going to see it fire two of three hidden baby baby baby. Oh, like baby, baby baby, oh like baby, bro i’m. Not going to jail for making youtube videos bro, just look at that. Yo yo that’s, going to have time right now, bro, i’m, tripping and also don’t go inside no just justin. This is weird. Come on, let’s go guys baby baby! You guys can’t just be coming into our house like this yo, you need like a warrant or something right. We come to get mr bieber’s stuff. Oh really. What is that? How it works? Music wait. So why are you looking over here? My boss says this is where the keys are. Oh, my gosh man hannah. We hid the keys over there, so i i need you to come up with something like another distraction.

I i like as quick as possible. Please oh there’s, nothing in there. What the that’s so weird i don’t know what’s going on i’ve. Never even seen that part. I actually didn’t even know about this room to be honest: yo hannah, oh my god, yo yo, yo yo guys. I need your help. I need your help. Yo yo come sit down, yo yo, yo, yo yo. I need you to come and help me like help sit her down. Bro put your legs up like yo. Can you get? Can i get some help? I need some help with some. Oh help. Oh, i think it’s just a burrito i had i had too many yo. Have you guys seen out here like the lake and stuff, you want to check check it out. Maybe we can just go, you can go. Look, you know what i’m saying. What did he? Just do he just saved my life yeah. No, i mean i’m. I mean the uh, the kitchen that’s. What i was talking about, not the lake. We shouldn’t go there yet um yeah, so we got the kitchen Music. Are you going that was way too close bro, like you, told them to go to the lake that’s right i’m, trying to improvise here, but at least they’re in the kitchen now they’re not going to know they’re, not in the kitchen they’re down there somewhere, where we Did just let them wander off, though oh yeah bro, he knows where he’s going this used to be his house.

Wow bro. These clouds are pretty cool. Did you do this yourself, yeah yeah? We did a reset all ourselves, man. Oh sorry, mate um! Where are you going? Where are you guys going all right, bro bro, this isn’t good they’re, going to stream they’re going this used to be his house? Job is obviously he knows every hiding spot. What do we do? Ah, i don’t know what that is: justin what’s the code. Oh no, for that one it’s, just eight seven six! So if you do you’re right, that’s it oh yeah, we’re in okay! Oh no! No! No! No! Wait! Um! You got me in this situation. You need to get me out brother, looking at the sound on that side, it’s only a matter of time before they look right there now don’t worry i’m gon na figure. It out trust. You trust this yo yo justin. Look over here. Look over here. I’Ve got some bars for you. Your frasier hit the track all right, yo, justin, bieber, listen to my raps. We didn’t steal anything that ain’t cap. I got nice rhymes. My 90s are crispy when i was banned on fortnight. My dream missed me: come on now. Just sign me bro to the label, just sign me to the label. Where are you going? Where are you going nah come back james. I appreciate you getting me out of that situation, that’s two or three now that they haven’t found, but the worst one is coming up and they’re going out.

Don’T worry i’m, not gon na mess up now yo what up bro what’s going on what’s happening. You brought jb yeah yeah he’s, responding, no way, yeah yo. What up bro? How you doing! Do you mind if we got a selfie, we grew up from from the playing field he’s from canada, from canada, nico bro. You brought just showed up at the house. Looking for all the stuff that we hid a year ago, oh no, you hid you here yeah, i okay, i had i made a video bro. I didn’t think it was a show you better, not put it down by the lake because that’s, where they’re going stop it. Is it down there bro? Yes, it is yo, sorry mate. How do you like you guys know that we have stuff here seriously? You posted it online. Wait me: are you sure i kind of look like faze rugby yeah there’s a lot of i’m? Sorry, rug. I’M. Sorry bro! I didn’t mean to put you under the bus like that man, i’m tripping bro. You know one thing we just forgot: he owns the alligators, he owns them, bro, stop it! Oh nice, oh yummy, you you like the alligators yeah man, they’re beautiful, but uh. You know they’re. My bosses, we’re gon na – have to take these things out of here. Oh oh it’s, like that. I know there’s something else really expensively left there. If you wan na, i can show you if you wan na all come over you’re, actually justin.

You left something else down by the lake yeah. I know. If you remember yo, you should come, you come check it out i’m telling you, like. You left this massive thing like yo yo justin like do you remember, yo yo? Oh, what do you do? Bro like the this? Is his boat well i’m trying to get him to come down he’s, not moving yeah. So if you look in the cracks there might be some little and also the water is kind of weird. You know what i’m saying it’s like in the boat i don’t know.