Can we have some markers, please markers not to meet anyone i’m outside you’re upstairs. I think these guys are okay. I think. Okay and you are we’re. Oh, oh in front right in front front: okay, all right i’m on roof! Okay got him, got him all right guys what the hell a guy over here, he’s going inside bro! My game is so laggy dog. What the green field i’m! Hearing footsteps! I’M. Music! Oh Music, Music, one team got me bro. I tried to man. Give me a second, not really nice holy shoot yeah. I think so. Oh my god, i can’t believe i missed all of that. I’M. Sorry guys that was kind of confusing for me: okay, um. How many kills you drop it i’m gon na, unless you want to go okay people, people coming people coming i’m in this i’m in this guy they’re landing on you, yummy i’m gon na land, i’m gon na land i’m. What i’m in the air with him i’m on the reminder? Okay, i’ll, be doing five seconds and wondering if anyone is in this car with me, no one! Well, we just destroyed all the helicopters let’s not do that again. Don’T worry, okay. I’M gon na go london. Alrighty with that, okay i’m hearing some guys on the hill up here, where enemies near careful bro i need i need the our ammo. Okay, some silence peace. You got ta jump from here. Please all right, all right drop, they are all dead yeah! Thank you.

Okay. You need movement yo. I got one one guy landing on you by the way he’s running he’s ready eliminated. Okay, oh my gosh! You got him. I got him yeah. This match is it’s hot bro, it’s hot bro it’s a really hard match, it’s insane, all right. Let’S go. I just got one kill from that, though, but it’s okay, i should get something to all right. Let me go. Let me go grab my um. No, the drop is used. Okay, dude, not him. There’S, a guy there’s, a guy behind you hulk. I think there’s a guy behind you, oh nice, one more guys down here. Okay, i see um emp flashing, okay, Music. Oh my god! You guys, you want my kill! No sorry about that tag! Bro! The game is just glitching me out there for some reason. Sorry about that, okay, are you guys on um one? On 11, 16 12. let’s go it’s a good match.