We’Re gon na talk about it in this video also square enix is set to do a digital showcase next week and it’s set to have updates for stadia games all that in this video make sure you guys subscribe to always be up to date with stadia news. Please hit that red button down below and join the fastest growing stadia community in all of youtube. So statey is about to set up a week long event that hosts 40 developers from around the united states win 10 teams. Who will make a prototype game? That will be couch, co, op and competitive and geared toward local multiplayer on stadia now. Some neat things are that going along with this. If these developers are able to create some awesome stuff, the games may be picked up through the stadium makers program for them to develop a game on the stadia platform. Now, if stadia decides not to pick it up, they can go ahead and take that idea and that prototype and pitch the game somewhere else. The cool thing to note is that this starts on sunday night at 7 pm eastern on march 14th and you’ll get to see some live streams on youtube and all the developers will have a chance to show what they’ve created in another live stream. That is hosted by play crafting and stadium makers. The last thing to note is that they will be compensated for the work on these prototypes, which is pretty neat there’s, also, actually a bunch of quotes here from these developers, and they really are excited for this event, and one here states that the google stadia play Anywhere game jam has allowed me to gather a brilliant team together who are focused on experimenting and innovation.

These types of jams allow for a kind of genre, pushing that you can’t always focus on when making your own games, which are often restricted by what the publishers slash investors consider marketable. So this is pretty freaking awesome for a few reasons. Once again, a platform that is mailing it in or not trying to innovate or push forward would not be really hosting an event like this. It just wouldn’t happen guys not only that, but stadium makers will continue to fund more games, which isn’t surprising, considering all the recent sky climbers success and them waiting to enter the makers program, which was almost a month ago now so hopefully, they’ve already been accepted, and This to me is yet another piece of the puzzle that we’ve been seeing. That stadia is still doing its thing, pushing forward, and i hope to continue to see more type of stuff like this, especially when you consider games like valheim that have blown up big time and it was done by only a five person team. It is possible that a game could go viral even with a small crew, not only that but you’re using the power of these data centers to do some stuff in games and have ideas that just can’t be done anywhere else personally. I’M excited to see this event see what these developers cook up and it’s a tip of the hat for stadia and play crafting for hosting this event. I’Ll be looking forward to watching it.

Alright, with that, in the last segment in today’s video, we have square enix setting up their own digital showcase. Now this amounts to essentially their own little connect it’s going to be about 40 minutes long and they are set to feature quite a few games on stadia games coming like outriders. Of course, then there’s marvel avengers and then the 25th anniversary of tomb, raider they’re, also showing a new upcoming life, is strange game, which i want to point out. That square has been pretty much. A huge supporter of stadia would not shock me if we see this game come potentially, but at some point i also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t either, but i’ll be paying attention to that either way. As for what else can we expect, hopefully, some more updates on marvel avengers? The game honestly has not performed well at all for a square and has lost them. Some money and i’m guessing they’re going to showcase some special stuff there, it’s also on the heels of the 1.5 update that will bring campaign replayability cross gen file, save transfers as well as operation, hawkeye that’s, the new dlc. So all in all, this will be yet another event to watch out for next week when it comes to what can happen for it with regards to stadia and we’ll definitely keep an eye out with that. Let me know down below your thoughts on the play anywhere jam for stadium makers.

Do you guys think that we can see some innovative new stadia exclusive and will you guys be watching? Lastly, your thoughts on the square enix showcase.