Let me just run this real quick. All right, i want to say something all right. Let me reset this: come on freaking, danny, so 54, okay, that’s, fine, so what’s up so yeah! This is uh what we’re gon na be getting so there we are, i just launched for night, but i wouldn’t even get into the game so what’s up all right. So all right so speedtest.net! This is one thing that you’re gon na shoot. So speedtest.net i’m gon na put this in here here here, so that’s, one website that you’re gon na need and the other one is geforce. Now you know how to just type it in uh, just like this and you’ll see it right here. I’Ll also put this one in the chat as well there. So what do you want to do? Right? Oh shoot. Sorry, um it’s gon na be hard to get video g force now and run uh. I fps and smooth crappy gameplay, but i have tested this out on the camera computer. So there you go that’s how you know it works. So what you want to do is go and go up here, all right and hit download and it’ll. Take you to the download page, and you just want to do what you do so just say: windows, pc or mac os or whatever um. So you just go here and hit download. Now all right, then i’ll download down here you just got ta open it up.

I’M, not gon na, be downloading it because i already have none after you download it go to join today and just fill out. Uh join today and you can either get the founders edition um, so it’s twenty five dollars for six months. You get uh instant access to any email extended session length, so you get a longer session time. Um and rtx is on. So you intend ray chasing on this, though you only have one hour sessions at max and then standard access which you might have to join in the queue so just say, join or join here. But you’d have to pay for this one and just get follow the process and blah blah blah. So then, after you do that you’ll then open this up and you’ll just have to log in to your account all right once you log in you won’t, see my library but you’ll see all these games and stuff like. If you did this and then hit play here launches, if i hit play okay hold on, i don’t this shouldn’t work, because i don’t have this game. I mean i have it on my xbox, but not on here. So it should not. Let me download double wave. Did this take some more than another minute as end it usually it’s fast? They don’t match that way. It was two minutes i’ve had it for quite a bit. Sometimes you don’t even have to wait. Like almost every time i’ve launched, stress you.

I never have to whatever all i know is based off of my knowledge. You can actually even look this up, but you can only play games that you have right. They don’t got to be downloaded, but as long as you own them on the account that it goes for it’s like this right here hold on. If you click on it so steam that’s, how you know right here, let’s say you must sign into your steam account. This one says epic games so yeah. No! No, i wonder if i hit play i’ll, try this one more time: yeah, okay, so i i i’m gon na squid it because that’s, not the game we’re. Looking at so pretty much rust right! Everyone knows the game! Rest! Okay, so i’m gon na show you guys what it looks like for them. Okay, so hit play and see how it loads that’s, instant that’s. What i mean by sometimes you can get lucky. Sometimes you can’t but it’s whatever there, and then you can move all this around and stuff. You just can’t go to a second monitor. If you have one because it’s only one screen – and you can even have it on, you – can do the window before you launch. The game has to be on the thing that you want to play it on. So if you have like a 10 inch thing that you wanted to play, move to the the window down there, if you want to, if you have a 70 inch thing move it there right, yeah that’s exaggerated.

But you know what i mean: that’s high fps it’s. So easy for people to be on so yeah a little tender, quick, pretty quick! If you just want to play rest and you didn’t want to buy a computer and you had like a cavity laptop, you could all right and yeah it will work as long as it’s. I know especially for windows, 10 and well, but i’m, not too sure, but it should, like you, probably play this on the screen laptop. If you don’t have admin password that you need to fill in so yeah and it doesn’t run off of your thing. So say it sounds like a jet engine. It won’t it’ll sound like a normal thing. So if it just sounds like a jet engine while playing then boom, it won’t sound like a jet engine while playing because it’s, not your computer, it is but it’s, not okay. So yeah, so here we go and i think that’s a reasonable time, like hey i’m sure like people can run in to these in 30 seconds, literally so, it’s not the fastest, but it’s reasonable it’s only been like two minutes and i’m already gon na be loaded In leave you getting raided with like and you had a clan base, you should be good, especially like if you have fast energy and stuff it’s gon na be a lot quicker, but yeah, and just like that we’re now in of course, the bear freaking kills me.

Oh there’s people there yeah so now it’s not going to be the clearest as if you had it, but it’s it’ll again so uh yeah, oh yeah, it’s, telling how to base on the server. You guys want to see the settings here boom that’s here so that’s that and now you’re good.