Well, i don’t believe that’s 100 true and i believe you will still be able to stream pc vr games through the cloud talking about crying don’t. Forget that i have a giveaway for a secret quest 2 game. So if you want to enter it’s, really simple, like the video subscribe to the channel, put notifications on and comment, hashtag secrets who came down below well let’s get straight into the video to be honest, i’m making this video, because i feel like a lot of videos, Have come out with the wrong message and just hate on facebook without understanding the reason and people are just giving an emotional response instead of an analytical one. So i wanted to go in a little bit more depth to understand what is it that facebook have actually done and what it means for us. I do think it’s very inconvenient what they have done, however, it’s not new, so let’s see what facebook have done and why they’ve done it. Firstly, facebook is basically not allowing apps on their official store or their site store, app lab that allow cloud based streaming when questioned, facebook responded with we’ve seen the value that customers are able to get from pc via titles, and we want to enable those sorts of Local pc experiences that said streaming from a remote device is a significantly different proposal, as it could impact comfort for now we’re allowing pc via wireless streaming for local, pcs and hope to learn more about the level of quality it can achieve before we consider cloud based Solutions for interactive vr – i hope you, like my impression now let’s talk about why facebook have done this and how you can still use cloud based pcvr.

So if you cast your mind back to when the quest originally launched – and we had virtual desktop directly on the quest and the main reason people were getting, the app was because they wanted to stream pc vr game wirelessly. However, facebook saw this and were like nope but it’s, not because they are as evil as everyone thinks they are i’m, not commenting on their other actions, but the reason they block virtual desktop at that stage was because of one simple reason: they wanted to protect their Investment facebook has dropped a lot of money into vr and are continuing to do so. Their aim is to increase the adoption rate, or it will be all for nothing. However, things that put off users are against what facebook is trying to achieve, so they initially stopped a virtual desktop because it wasn’t good enough for pcvr for majority of the people. However, they still allowed it using sidequest. If facebook really wanted, they could have easily stopped that as well, but they made it so it was harder to get and the people that really were dedicated could still get it and facebook wouldn’t be blamed for anything if it didn’t work, when facebook saw that it Was working good enough for regular people after all of the updates, they allowed it back in their store. Think about it! Wireless pc, vr gaming, is a massive selling point for the quest. Why would facebook not want to allow it so they have now now cloud based wireless pc via gaming is going through the same process right now.

It is definitely not good enough for a lot of people. However, it is working great for some, but the majority rules. You can see that in shadows forum comments where people are struggling with it and currently shadow are the biggest, if not the only ones offering this service for pcvr facebook just wants to make it more difficult for people to try and to do it because of the Exact reason they did it to virtual desktop until it gets better and by better i mean more locations that are closer to people for a better experience. Facebook aren’t going to allow it. Since again, it will put a lot of people off vr because they will think it’s, vr that’s, giving them a headache due to the high latency and the other issues that arise with cloud based gaming. I don’t believe this is a permanent thing by facebook, as it’s in their best interest to allow it, however, not if the user has a rubbish experience. So if you really want to do it, i believe you will still be able to sideload. The apps, like you did with virtual desktop. Do i think, it’s bad? What facebook have done personally, i don’t like being inconvenienced, but i completely understand – and i think facebook are actually indirectly looking out for their customers ultimately for their bottom line. But it is a business, but yes, it will make some people upset, as it will be more difficult to basically get it to work.

However, like i always say, i have no fear. Workman is here when i’m able to get my hands onto a cloud based streaming service, then i’ll show you exactly how to do it and try and find the easiest and best way possible. But since i’m in the uk we don’t have any service nearers. At the moment, unfortunately, so if i’m able to get any other work, i will make a video now. I hope that has helped clear up some things for people that are already using cloud based streaming as long as you can side load, you should still be okay. So what do you think about this whole thing? Would you prefer facebook just allow direct access with the potential of damaging vr as a whole, or are you happy to wait until it becomes more refined and give us a better experience? Let me know in the comments. Well, that’s, all folks! I just wanted to make this video to clear up this misconception, as i don’t think it was portrayed very well with the other people covering it remember to enter my secret quest to game giveaway as well.