Dear friends, let’s get into it Applause guys. If you enjoy hearing about pc gaming, hardware and tech go ahead and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on that way, you can find your way back for the next informative video. If you happen to be a just the fax ma’am kind of person. Well, what we’re looking at is thursday march 18th as the release day: retail msrp of 479 dollars. Good luck on that, but pay attention to this one as the times are a little bit different than the last release from nvidia. We have 6 a.m. Pacific 9 a.m. Eastern 2 p.m, greenwich mean, which should be 3 p.m for most of the eu. So keep that in mind, or please act accordingly for your part of the world. If you just need a little help with date and time, please hit that thumbs up button on the way out for everybody else. Let’S go ahead and talk about realistic expectations. Let’S talk about specs and where you should be able to buy the gpu when it comes out on thursday, just keeping it real here guys. This is going to be a tough one to grab several days ago over on tech radar. We see them quoting igor’s lab. If you condense the information of various board partners and distributors to a trend, then there are, depending on the manufacturers and model, only a few pieces for germany to a few thousand for the eu as a whole.

What does that mean globally speaking? Well, there aren’t very many cards to go around whether you’re in the eu, north america, australia, wherever you’re looking for a graphics card at the 6700 xt, is going to be really tough to get your hands on this time. Around let’s review just a little bit as most of us are aware. They’Ve been messing with us for the last six months, or so we know, nvidia launches have been pretty darn rough and that’s been the reality of it. They’Ve been hard to get. However. In contrast, last year, the 6800 xt and 6900 xt have been really bad launches. Practically no cards on launch day and amd had that really weird thing where it seemed like only they were launching cards right out of the gate. Partner cards were to follow up later with a little bit of history. In the back your mind, keep this thought also so like a lot of other producers. Amd is a fabulous producer of silicon, so what that means is they are using the fabs primarily at tsmc, to produce most of their cpus gpus and system on chips for the console in order of priority right now from what everybody can ascertain, the socs for the Consoles for sony and for microsoft are the number one thing that they are producing over at tsmc right now, that is a golden cash cow for amd. They are getting paid for every piece that gets shipped out the door.

Number two is what you have the ryzen cpus, those appear to be more profitable right now than the gpu, so amd is allocating most of their time to do the socs second in line are the ryzen cpus, so, unfortunately, that leaves third in line for the radeon Gpu, so there are not very many in production, remember whether it’s an amd card or an msi or a gigabyte or whoever the core of the gpu is still coming from that fab at tsmc. Now that we all had a little bit of a reality check. Let’S, look at the specs here for the xt, as you can see from over at What they’re doing is they’re kind of comparing it to the 3070 and the 3060 ti, and you can see here on specs it’s, almost exactly half of the 6900 xt 40 compute units compared to 80, and then you get down to price 479 dollars versus a thousand It’S almost exactly half of a 6900 xt and it looks like performance wise. It will probably drop in somewhere right between above below the 3060 ti and the 3070.. Where can you find the gpu come thursday morning at release time? Well remember: this is going to be a little bit different than how nvidia usually does things with all your major retailers out there having it, but not nvidia’s website these days, when the word says go what is different, this time amd is supposed to have it on Their website and huge industry insider line of sebastian that linus of linus tech tips – and this is the only source i’ve seen saying this but he’s on record of saying it is that amd – is going to roll out the gpu over several weeks, trying to limit purchases And making sure that only humans buy them on their actual website.

So if you want to pay the least amount and you don’t mind kind of the ho hum looks of the reference card edition from amd their website. Amd.Com may be your best bet to pay 479 out the door and not get a card. That’S been marked up a lot either by a retailer or manufacturer. Having said all that, this time around board partners are supposed to have some inventory to sell on release day. It’S not going to be like last year when it rolls out weeks after the fact so i’m also checking here in the us micro center best buy new egg places like that to see because they’ll have to seed their websites earlier in the week and have the Product on there and then they’ll, take it back off or take the prices off so that they’ll be ready to go at launch time. Hopefully, later this week, i’ll have some updates about what i’m seeing i’m keeping a close eye monday’s a little bit early in the week for those kind of things to pop up. But as soon as that happens, i’ll make another video and let everybody know. However, i am expecting major retailers and e tailers to have some availability it’s a little up in the air about what products are going to be out there, but you are seeing all the major vendors and partners list things on their websites or in press releases. Things like that, so it should be a less bad release than the 6800 and 6900 cards last year.

However, don’t get any high hopes because it is still going to be a rough day with very few people getting what they’re. After, despite the dose of reality, some people will actually get what they’re looking for on thursday, let me give you the best tips i have for giving yourself the best shot at achieving what your goal is. I know most of you guys have been through this before, but if you haven’t it’s going to be a mad scramble, you don’t have minutes. You have seconds to try to accomplish what you’re doing here. So the first thing to keep in mind is no matter where you’re going, whether it’s desktop or on a phone be already logged into the app or the account and have your payment ready to go. You do not have time to enter your name and your address and your credit card information by hand. It will not be fast enough for this event, let me assure you of that so rule number one already have all your information online. I use multi factor authentication for this kind of thing. You may want to turn it off i’m, not telling you how to handle your money or your security. I am telling you it will take longer and you may have that cart ripped out of your cart as you try to go through the checkout process. I’Ll, go over a few more things in detail about actually making a purchase, but if you are in north america, u.

s or canada and you go to newegg, there is a very high percentage chance that you will get caught up in the new egg. Shuffle in case you haven’t been lucky enough to encounter the new egg shuffle before what it does. Is you go in? You enter all your information with your email address. You tell it what card you’re looking for at release day and then at some point in the future. They say about five hours, which seems about accurate enough they’ll email, you back and let you know hey, you want a card or most likely. No, i didn’t get a card. This is a real thing. It seems to be straight rng. I don’t think they’re playing any favorites, because i’ve spent a lot of money with newegg over the years and i didn’t get a 30 60 the last time around. However, i have talked to people both on twitter and on youtube that did get a card out of the shuffle, so just realize through newegg you’re, probably going to get into the shuffle, you may be able to buy one directly, but the last time around almost everybody. I talked to that got a card through newegg. It was through the shuffle another thing to keep in mind: it’s, not just all about buying. Through your desktop for my 30 90, my son’s 3070 and my last cpu, i bought all of them through my phone, because the checkout process was so fast and i’ll show you here.

If you happen to have the opportunity on newegg to get something and they’re going to, let you straight check out well, you can see it right down here at the bottom of the apple pay. You can check out directly with apple pay, and you say why is that better gift? Well it’s a direct payment process. You click on it. You double tap on your power on the side of the phone. You hold it up to your face and you’re good to go. You’Ve checked out that fast, even if you have all your information already on the desktop or in the app using something like paypal or apple, pay is even faster than doing it. That way, if we look here at best buy the thing to keep in mind is best buy, has not as of yet done any kind of shuffle process and they usually roll out the cards in waves. So what you see here is an add to cart at the bottom of the screen on the app. Then you will tap the cart and then you see here at the bottom of the screen. You can check out directly with apple pay. That will also work with paypal. Now i realize best buy and newegg aren’t all over the globe. I get it guys so, if you’re in the uk or in europe or in russia or in south america, what you may want to do is look into your local retailers there and see what apps they have available to make direct purchase using paypal or apple pay Or samsung pay because you may have an opportunity there to check out faster speed is important because you think you have a gpu in the cart.

But if you take too long to check out that gpu will be ripped out of the cart. Just to give you some idea how fast and hectic these things are: i’m, usually driving the mouse and my desktop with my right hand, and my phone in the left hand. That way i have both of them right there. I can refresh each with one hand, and that way i have the best shot of getting the card at the end of the day, something else to keep in mind. At least here in n, a a lot of retailers have tried to bust bot sales. So just because you didn’t get a card in the first one or two minutes. I would keep refreshing for at least 15 minutes, because what will happen is some of those cards that they thought were sold will get recycled and put back into the mix, and you can sometimes get lucky and grab one 10 15 minutes after the top of the Hour i’ll talk to enough people that have done that, and that is something that’s going to be a real opportunity out there. So don’t give up after five minutes. I would at least give 15 minutes of refreshing across multiple sites to give yourself the best opportunity to get one of them if you’re coming across this video. After the immediate hour of the drops up here, i will link how to find gpu cpus other hard to get hardware after the fact, because you are looking at drop shipments at that point and that is going to be dependent on when the retailer gets them physically Into their warehouse into their store things like that, but the best ways to try to track those products down after the release day, guys as always i’ll, be super active down the comments below especially this week.

So if you have questions comments, concerns go ahead and drop them down there, i’ll do the very best i can to answer them more updates to come this week. So if you want to find your way back for more pc gaming and hardware, news go ahead and hit subscribe and turn notifications on. If you want to find your way over to twitter for quick updates, there i’ve linked that down in the description and i’ve linked.