Okay, guys quick update uh. So this is the house you come here. You see these stairs. It looks nice, then you go up, see this. It looks nice it’s better than before, we’re still working on it and then time for the jorge pool. So basically we just grab one from something from here and we just we can just fish like this. We can even get rusty cans and stuff so that’s about it by the way guys we didn’t just like, took something and pasted it. This is made out of scratch, we’re using galleries and stuff right, kooky, sorry guys, but we didn’t make the gas station out of scratch. It would just take too long, but it looks like this there’s there’s, this huge barrier that we made and i made the roof and you guys have already saw the house yeah that’s that’s. All we made until now we’re going to do an update in the room. All right guys, update yeah, you guys saw all this, but we did add the two paintings these couches and we also added a kitchen wait: a minute tables stuff. Could you add? Okay and we’re also adding a disco floor inside the restaurant like because we had some empty space, so that’s the update i’ll do an update in a little bit again, hey guys. Another quick update where it looks like this place actually looks pretty good Music they’ve done a lot of so we changed the house a little bit.

So this is my bedroom right. Look at mine, yeah, look at mine, guys, yeah cool jesus is insane. This is my money because i’m a billionaire and if you guys know about the pool and everything uh we couldn’t find uh the water. So we just put it like that yeah and you can like fish. If you couldn’t find water, you guys skip to the end. Guys tell us if you, if you couldn’t, find if you could find water comment down below, if you guys want part two yeah and also comment down below what what paintings and there’s this whole empty space. For you to run around and here’s the kitchen you can party over here, yeah here’s here’s, my kitchen yeah here’s the kitchen, and then we go to a gas station that’s the gas station that we still need to buy cars yeah. This is the restroom inside the gas station, and this is the gas station itself it’s not over yet – and this is my vault it’s a vault. No, i am i’m allowed it’s, my tv, so i just got 2k coins from here 2k gold – i’m, just a billionaire that i have like 6k, and this is a toy shop. So i’m gon na go purchase myself some items from here since i stole kooya g’s gold. Look, this costs 200 something gold. This costs some gold to it. Does this cost like zero gold it’s supposed to cost more than 10 volts it’s all supposed to cost something? This guy’s, like 280.

, look. If i have no gold, i can’t buy any of this stuff. I’Ll just drop all my gold for an example. What it lets me get it without without being paying for the gold that’s. Weird well, we’ll fix that right. Right. Okay! Did the cash register this guy makes a lot of money as you can see yeah this is like for christmas. You know you can die for christmas, it’s just a toy shop, so this is the update for now we’re going to keep expanding right right. Yeah comment down below if you enjoyed these we’re gon na, make a part two. If you guys enjoy these, so hey guys another update this one will be really fast, so we i made like a snowball court place. I think i have to drop something like that. Like that well you’re, basically, you can pick up these snowballs and throw it at each other. It does some damage that’s. Why there’s so much blood fish here? So we have like a snowball fight fight court area area, so yeah that’s, just the water guys we’re, trying to make it better. So basically the water is going to help. So we can’t see the fishes and we’re just like doing that. So we can get a random thing like we won’t see where the fishes are right: yeah, yeah, so it’s, just a really quick update by the way guys these barrier balls are unbreakable, so we’re going to stay stays in here.

No one can come in here. This is how the pool looks like yeah Music. This is probably it for today. If you want us to expand this base right in the comments or part two so yeah. This is the end of the video guys.