That includes find a hidden bunker, find the crash planes, black box, emoted stone statues and much more roll. The intro Music, what is up crown clan i’m crown nebula and welcome to the week 9 epic quest guide this week. We actually have some decent challenges that will award you 140 000 xp before we get started, go ahead and smack that, like button, your support helps make it possible for me to keep making content on this channel. Thank you very much. Now, let’s get into these challenges. The first quest i’m gon na go over is shake down, and i oh guard this one is an easy one. My go to i o guard spot is right next to the old logjam woodworks, which is now a derburger restaurant. Once you find some io guards just take down one or two of these guys go up to them and shake them down. Challenge complete. The next up is find a hidden bunker i’m, taking an educated guess on this one, because at the time of making this video, these challenges aren’t actually out. Yet so, if there’s a card popping up in the top left of your screen right now, that means mistakes were made, and you should click on that for the correct guide. For this specific quest, anyway, to complete the find a hidden bunker quest, all you’re gon na need to do is enter one of the i o secret bases. I suggest this one located underneath stealthy stronghold.

Its entrance is located right in between the o and the r of stealthy stronghold on your mini map. Once you find this small opening in the floor, hop in and head down into it, and it should get completed i’d like to take a quick second here, to remind you all to hit that subscribe button and get the bell on. So you will be the first to know how to complete new challenges and get more xp. Thank you very much. After that we have find the crashed planes black box. This is going to be located near coral castle, specifically over where the crashed plane is located. This one shouldn’t be too hard. The black box itself looks like this and is located right in between two pieces of the plane. Moving on the next quest is deal 200 damage in water, pretty plain and simple just gear up and find some water to sit in and deal some damage to opponents. To get this done faster. You may want to go into a game mode, like team rumble just cross your fingers that you get lucky enough to get a circle over some water moving right along here we have emote at stone statues. I went around and found two locations where i’m pretty sure this challenge will work at the first is located at colossal coliseum, where you’ll find these stone statues out in front of both entrances either side will work. Just fine go up to these and hit any emote and it should work.

The other location is at coral cove. We have these stone statues here, scattered all over same thing, just hit an emo next to them and you will be golden after that is ride. The steamy stacks again super easy challenge: just drop in at steamy stacks hop into one of the reactors and enjoy your nice little flight. Probably the easiest way to gain 20 000 xp and our last epic quest for the week is deal 500 damage to a loot shark. If you had no clue loot, sharks are still in the game. This season they certainly are loot. Sharks can be found in these areas circled on the map on screen right now, i’d suggest landing near one of these spots grabbing some loot and then heading out to find one of these bad boys once you spot one just start dishing out some damage and you’ll Have this done in no time at all, and that is it. You should now have all of the knowledge you need to complete the week 9 challenges or quests. Thank you all for watching this video. If you would like to go one step further and support this channel by using code crown nebula in the item shop, i would really appreciate it. I am partnered with epic games and it is a blessing to have a creator code with them. The fun doesn’t have to stop here check out this video on the left of the screen or the right of the screen, and i will see you over there shortly as always.