This is another sunday update video. I also post silent, build videos on most wednesdays and fridays, so be sure to check those out as well. Today, we’re going to talk about the 356, the beetle and the model t okay. So if you saw the last video on the 356, you would have seen that i got the headliner in it. It came out pretty good overall i’m really pleased with it. It came out a little bit better than the beetle. You may remember that i did the headliner and the beetle a while back this one um has a few more wrinkles in it. It’S still not bad i’m, really overall, i’m kind of pleased with this one as well it’s much better than it was uh. When i got the car um, but you know you get better with practice, and so this one came out a little bit better. I um. I learned a few things um between the beetle and this one one. I got a lot more clips. I bought two more boxes of these clips and i used almost all of them and then also the adhesive that i used on the beetle. I used the spray adhesive and i started using it on this one as well, but it makes such a mess. It just gets all over everything and also it’s hard to get it exactly where you need it. So this time i used some rubber cement that i brushed on.

So this can of rubber cement actually came with the carpet kit for the beetle, but i didn’t use it for the carpet for the carpet. The spray adhesive actually worked really well, but for this application, this rubber cement with a brush worked really well. I was able to get it right in the areas that i needed it and the right amount that mixed with the additional clips made. This one come out much better so anyway, i’m pleased with that making good progress um. The next step on the 356 is going to be to put in the windshield and the rear glass. Hopefully it’s, going to go smooth. I have kind of test fit both of them and i’m, pretty sure they’re going to fit the back i’m, pretty positive. That one’s going to be fine. The front i think is probably going to be okay, so we’ll see how that goes. I do have a little bit of a history of breaking windshields, so hopefully i can get it done in one go, but either way it’ll work out in the end, so that’s the 356 uh the beetle. So for those of you that are new to the channel. This is a 69 beetle i’ve been working on this for quite a while it’s, almost completely done i’m, very, very close to finishing it. I have a few little things to work out. The main thing right now is the front end, so there’s a rubbing sound when you make a left hand, turn kind of like a grinding sound, and i already replaced the front wheel, bearings hoping that was going to fix it, because i assumed that the wheel was Moving a little bit like tilting a little and hitting the brakes and making that sound, but that didn’t fix it and i couldn’t see any damage to the brakes.

However, in the process i did see that the upper ball joints on both sides are in really bad shape, so that’s, what i’m going to work on now, so i’ve got to pull the upper control arm off. That holds the ball joint and take it in to have it replaced. I bought new ball joints, but i looked into it and it’s almost impossible to replace them yourself, it’s very difficult to get them out and very difficult to get them back in they’re pressed in um, so the local um parts shop uh to me they can do It they can press it in, but it takes a few days so um i’ve been waiting to have a spot to park this in for a few days, so i could take it apart. So anyway, that’s what’s, going on with the beetle you’ll, see that the um, the land cruiser frame, is no longer in this area. So i moved that out. I won’t need that again until i put the body back on it, so i can work on the beetle here for a few days then i can drive this out. I can bring the body back in for the land cruiser and then i can work on that. In this space, so that’s what’s, going on with the beetle and the land cruiser and the 356. So now we will talk about the model t okay. So if you saw my last video on the model t, you would have seen that i’m continuing to assemble the engine.

I got the head back on. First of all, i had to fix the issue from the first video, which was that there was an oil tube in the engine that i forgot to install, and to do that, i had to take the transmission back off. So i pulled the engine back off of the oil pan pulled the transmission off put the oil tube in and then put it all back together and then kept going from there hey look who it is: walter, what’s up, buddy, what’s up walter it’s, so good to See you it’s so rare to see you these days thanks for coming out, buddy uh, but so yeah. So then i just kept uh moving forward. I got the hogshead back on um. I did uh. I mentioned in my last update video um that another thing i was going to check when i had the um. The transmission off was the clearance between the flywheel and the new magneto, and so i did check that. I didn’t include it in the video um and it’s, not perfect. Most of the clearances were within spec. There were a few magnets that were not. There were a few that were kind of close and one or two they were kind of farther away, but it didn’t appear that changing the shims around on the magneto was going to affect the clearance for those magnets. I think most likely a few of those magnets. Just aren’t as flush on the flywheel as they should be, so that seemed like a much more in depth fix right, i mean, i think, to fix it.

You’D have to start taking all those magnets off, maybe re shimming them on the flywheel i’m, not really sure, but it seemed like it’s, probably going to be a very uh in depth and kind of long process and really, like i mentioned before. The magneto is not necessary, in fact, it’ll probably always run better off the battery than the magneto. Even if everything’s set perfectly on the magneto, i believe it would still run better off the battery. I replaced the magneto and i’m glad that i did, even if it doesn’t end up working because, like i said the old magneto, the covering on the coils, was flaking off in big chunks. So there would have been big chunks of this kind of plastic, epoxy type material flying around inside of the engine. If i’d used the old magneto or i would have had to re coat them in some way, so so i’m glad i replaced it, and maybe it will work but it’s really kind of a novelty thing to get it to run off. The magneto, like i said, it’s, probably going to run better off the battery so anyway, i did do that. While i was apart and since then i’ve got it basically ready to go back in the car um. The carburetor is not on i’ll put that on after it’s in the car. I just have to rebuild the carb um, but basically this is pretty much ready to go back in the car and then once it’s in then.

I can install the fan and stuff like that, but i don’t want to have that in the way when i’ve got the engine on the hoist and swinging around and stuff. So this is ready to go in the car, so the next video will be um. The plan is will be for me to clean up this um front end and then put the engine in the car so i’m gon na remove this clean. It paint it put it back on put the engine in the car and then get the radiator on and hopefully pretty much have it all back together with the engine in the car in the next video that’s the goal, and then i expect the video after that. Will probably be the first start that’s when i will rebuild the carburetor and do other little things that need to be done to get it to run. I haven’t decided what i’m going to do as far as having the rear end connected to the engine i’m concerned, because the way this transmission is, if the pedals aren’t set correctly, it kind of always wants to to move the car always wants to move. So you have to adjust the pedals to kind of get it into neutral um. So when i start it, i think i either want to have the rear end, disconnected um or at least have the car jacked up. So if the wheels do start to to spin it’s, not just immediately running itself into the wall or running me over or something so, i’ve still got to put some thought into how it will actually go.

When i do try to start it. I do plan on removing the rear end and going through that before i ever drive the car. So it may be that when i put the engine in, i just don’t connect the drive line, but i think the only way to do that would be to actually move the rear end back some. So anyway, i’ve got to kind of figure that out um before i can start it, but we’re. Getting really close. I mean the engine looks great it’s going to look awesome back in the car. I just love the way that it’s going to look the inside the engine bay is going to be all new inside and then outside. Of course, the car is all old and rusty. So i’m really happy with that and once this gets cleaned up and is painted black it’s going to look really good. So we’re making really good progress on this one and yeah there’ll be another video out soon with the engine going back in the car, so that’s it for the model, t that’s it for the 356 and the beetle so that’s all for this week.