So that takes us to the third patch tuesday of the year already, which was yesterday the 9th of march 2021 and in my part of the world today, the 10th of march. Now, first of all, if you’d like to see, if you have the update, just go to your search box and type in settings in settings, navigate to update and security and in windows update, if you don’t see anything just go check for updates and this process will Take place automatically on most people’s machines in the background and if you’d like to see, if you have the update, just go view update history and you can see here: quality updates security, update for windows, kb, five triple zero, eight zero two, and because it is a Quality update, it is mandatory, which means it will be installed automatically on your machine now. The reason you see security update here and not cumulative update is because, when i went to check my windows update this morning for some strange reason and reason it wasn’t in my update list – and i wanted to get this video out. So i then went to the microsoft update, catalog and i downloaded and installed it manually from the update catalog. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, i will leave the link to the update catalog in the description box below now. Some of the key highlights of kb five triple zero: eight zero, two and i’m reading reading this from the support website.

Are it fixes, stuttering in games? It fixes video playback issues, fixes issues with high dynamic range displays, fixes an issue causing app crashes and fixes blue screen of death errors. Now this is not a feature update. It is a security and bug fix update and you will not see any new features and cosmetic changes in kb five triple zero. Eight zero, 2 and it’s also worth mentioning that microsoft has patched an issue where the desktop windows manager, leaks, virtual memory in remote, desktop sessions and in terms of security. Microsoft has addressed an issue where print jobs will return errors even after restarting the print spooler service or the operating system, and it’s also worth mentioning that there are approximately 89 security vulnerabilities that have been fixed and patched in this update. So, for that reason alone, it is recommended that you update to the the latest update as soon as you can now. For some reason, if you install this update and you find that it is giving you problems and after you have installed it on your machine, what you can do in windows update, you can go to view, update history and then you go to the top uninstall updates And if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see under microsoft, windows and security, update, kb five triple zero, eight zero two and then you just click on it and you can go uninstall it and if you are having for some reason, any problems On your machine and that will um take the update off your machine and hopefully resolve those issues and which then we hope microsoft will fix shortly at current at present microsoft and is not aware of any known issues in this cumulative update and something else also just Worth mentioning here on the end near the end of this video is that microsoft says that um most bugs are now fixed in windows 10, and it has confirmed that it has started forcing windows.

10 version 20, h2 on devices running outdated versions of windows such as 1903 or 1809. So if you are on one of those operating systems and then microsoft has confirmed that it will start you forcing windows 20 h2. So just be aware of that now, just to finish up with, if we just go back into our settings menu and we go to system and we go to about, you will see that the latest build is nineteen zero. Four two point: eight six, seven, that is for twenty h2, and if you are in 2004, it will be 1904 1.867. So that is the latest stable release to the windows, 10 version and operating system, and i hope you found this video useful.