She thought it was a problem with her computer and then with her browser, but what she was trying to do is print something from her browser and every time she tried to print she’d get this blue screen of death and let’s see. I think i can switch over to show what that looks like and if i go over here and then hit this button, i think you’re seeing that now yeah, so your device runs into a problem, needs to restart we’re. Just collecting some air info then we’ll restart for you. The counter goes from zero percent up to 100. The information says forward, slash, stop code. If you call a support person give them this info. Stop code is apc underscore index, underscore mismatch what failed says: win32k full full.cis. So the solution for this is to perform a a system restore to an earlier date or uninstall. The march 2021 cumulative update and, as i understand from the little research i’ve done on it, microsoft has already put a hold on this. My client was trying to print to a kyocera copy machine, and i saw other reports on the internet indicating that’s when this happens. So hopefully, this some people might find this in a youtube, search and figure out what to do, and i guess i could just go ahead and show that process of doing a system restore. I didn’t pre prepare this oops that one’s not even working. Is it that one’s not working okay, so let’s go over here to Music? This screen should do it and yeah i’m back on screen.

So if you click on the windows button and then type system space restore, then you should see a search result of create a restore point. Click on that and then click on system restore up here and then click next and in this list you should see a date prior to your last windows update and you might have check box down here to show more updates curious that i’m, not seeing any more Updates 3. 7. 20. 21. Well, that would indicate i had a major update at that point and all prior updates were wiped out, but anyway, then you would click next and there’s. A couple other clicks to make my client’s computer. It took just over an hour for it to complete that system restore. So the other option is press the windows button and even if you don’t see that blinking cursor in the bottom left corner just start typing, and in this case what we’ll type is update space settings and that should get a search result up here. Called windows update settings, click on that and then click on view, update history and then click on uninstall updates and then go down to the microsoft windows section. If you have other sections expanded, you might have to scroll down quite a bit to get to that. Then you can sort these in order by date by clicking on the the header for the date column, if they’re not already in date order mine are.

But if you click, for instance, on the name column, it puts them in name order. If you click on the installed column, it puts them in date order in this case they are descending. So the most recent updates are at the top. Now my computer did not install that um march update yesterday, so it’s not listed up here, but if you find that update listed here, then click on it and then click uninstall in order to uninstall. Just that update – and i think that’s all that i can show you at this point since my computer is not experiencing the symptom i’m, not going to be able to show you completing that operation so that’s about it. My youtube channel. The purpose is for me to help people over zoom meetings and youtube live streaming to help them with computer issues. So if you have a problem with your computer, you can send an email to me at this address request a session. Doug that’s, betsy, live windows. Training. Give me an idea in the body of the email. What you need, help with and we’ll put it together.