I am going to be basically giving my thoughts on halsey’s new poetry book titled. I would leave me if i could, and so without further ado we’re going to jump right into the video if you’re new to my channel. Welcome if you’re not into my channel, welcome back Music okay. So basically, this is what the books looks like it’s, a really really um good book. I just want to start by saying that it’s a very good book – and i kind of wanted to go through some of my standouts – that i thought were really good. Poems um read you guys a little, you know part of some of them and just talk about how amazing they were honestly um. I thought. Overall, you know i was super impressed by her. You know, poetry, skills, but kind of you know, structure of her poems the the the symbolism and the depths of her poems were very, very good, so we’re gon na jump into the first one here. This poem that i kind of um highlighted was titled due date and there’s. A part like in this that i genuinely was like wow like like insane so i’m gon na. Read you some of this. I lay there comparing myself to the other babies, wondering if i were as smart as they or as funny or as beautiful. The average baby weighs eight pounds. I weighed five. The average baby is 20 inches long. I was 14 and it was on my first day on earth that i realized i didn’t measure up and i never would.

That was when i read that i was like wow. That is so deep, so, basically she’s talking about when you know her mother gave birth to her. She was already subconsciously, i guess, laying down next to the other babies and that, like kind of like you know, they put all the babies, the fresh babies. If you will, in that little room – and you can kind of see them through the glass when they’re just born – and she was like comparing herself to other babies and, i think, that’s, a deep symbolism of the society we live in now. Considering that you know we as humans are very comparative in nature, and – and it was just – it was just deep – her talking about comparing herself to other people even from a very young age, and that was that was one of my standouts and i was like wow. I got ta, i got ta talk about this one because it was, it was insane um and then another one that i saw was really really good was. I am angry because of my father now this one this one. I took a little pause with because it was it was. It was really good. So let me let me do this this one right here. I am angry because of my father, because he would come home wrinkled from work and slammed the door so hard. The house would shiver i’m angry because of my father, because his furrowed bro brow repeats itself in my punnett square and opens the curtains on my forehead and i’m angry.

Because of my father. I can hold a grudge like it’s, a hand i throw my watch on my nightstand i’m worthless smudge on the floor in the rug in the kingdom of the almighty god, who will judge me as hard as she can, because i won’t love a man unless he Is angry because of my father even reading it back man that it’s it that one’s a really good one, and i think it was really interesting when she talked about um i’m angry because of my father, because his furrowed brow repeats his stuff in my punnett square. So she carries a lot of characteristics that he has and she’s kind of talking about how, in general now as an adult, the way in which she navigates her relationships is a result of her father, um and her experiences with her father. So the way that she worded that was just super beautiful and i was like wow like the the the overall art like within the poem, was absolutely insane all right, so the next one i have is wish you the best. Now this one um, i think she kind of um – is referring to a particular past relationship i’m, not sure which one i’m not gon na assume, because i don’t know um. But let me read you the first half of it it’s a pretty long one. So i’m gon na only read like a good, the first chunk of it and i think you guys will get the get the overall gist here hope every single day you put your socks on backwards.

I hope you cry at night and can’t call me after i don’t hope that you die just live to 75 and you spend every waking moment wishing you felt alive. I hope that some girl takes a picture of your sleeping body. Wish you could go a single week and not hurt anybody? I hope your coffee every morning is bitter and cold. I hope you’re busy christmas morning and you miss the snow. I hope your team loses the finals. I mean they already lost the finals, but the next one – and i hope that you scratch up all of your vinyls. I hope you drive 80 miles in your expensive car and run out of gas in the wild. I hope your knee your knees ache and your back hurts hope you lose your second phone or can’t. Remember the password. I hope every girl unites and they decide you’re a joke, and if they are anything like you, then i know they won’t, because their self esteem levels are fatally low whoa. That is only the first half of the poem man. That is only the first half of the poem. She really went off right there, um yeah, so she’s basically saying she hopes the absolute it’s funny because it’s like irony. Obviously the poem is titled. I wish you the best, but really she wishes the worst. You know um so yeah that it’s just for for me. I thought it was. It was really um a good use of like kind of irony if you will um, because she wished you the best, but her version of the best is the worst.

You know um yeah, so i i thought that was also a super super good one. Okay, so she has another one, all right, it’s titled lighthouse – and i think i know who it’s about, but i want you guys to comment your opinion on who you think this is about i’m, not gon na, say too much. I just want you guys to listen for yourself. Okay, he was almost seven feet tall with black oily hair that stuck to his forehead in patches like uh. I don’t know that word i’m gon na skip that word skip this bedroom was a dark cavernous prison at the bottom level of the house, separate from the rest, this granted him at first privacy and at the end protection i used to love being far away from Everyone else in the house, because it meant i could keep him to myself – longer, keep him from being distracted, but by the final days i cursed the distance and would silently pray that the earth would cave beneath us and the bedroom addition would grow closer to the Main house, in a tangle of excavated tree roots and tectonic plates, i silently prayed for an earthquake, so our guests could hear him scream. He would stuff his nose with cocaine for days on end until the rims of his nostrils were kicked with white like cement and bleeding sores leaking yellow orange pus from him reopening the wounds he had burnt into his airways man.

I think i know who this is about again. I’M, not sure you guys can comment your thoughts, um yeah, that it’s, you know what it is for me. I just. I think i just appreciate when people are extremely talented in multiple different um areas of art and for me halsey. She just released, i think her or she’s about to release her about face. I think beauty line as well and man. I i can’t even begin to explain how cool it is to see somebody so talented and so artistic and really succeeding, because this book is amazing, it it. It is truly a collection of all great work, all great poems. All the poems in here are great i’m. Just highlighting the ones that i thought were just they really stuck out to me and i was like wow, i got ta. I got ta talk about this with them because they were just too good not to talk about. I i really can’t begin to even think how long this took her. I don’t know if it was a an accumulation of, like i don’t, know a lot a lot of days, maybe years that she was slowly collecting this poetry. I don’t know how long this took her, how many days i’m not sure if she’s mentioned that you guys can comment that down below but i’m, not sure, um overall and then the last one i have here. That was just this might be personally my favorite one, because this is the one that just really was like boom like wow like it was.

It was crazy, it’s, titled, fun, girl and let’s, see i’m gon na read part of this one as well. I am the fun girl. I am the spit hanging down from your tongue girl i’m to choke me as hard as you can girl. I’M. The give it all up for a man girl, i’m, the plaid skirt and white knee high socks, girl i’m, a pistol that that’s loaded and cocked girl. They don’t mind mine. When you call me a girl um to smack her real hard on the butt girl, i’m gon na swallow my feelings and lie: girl i’ma lie there and let him inside girl, because i don’t want him to get mad girl i’m, the better off being bad girl, Because then, nothing hurts when they leave girl, except with this grill, except with this grip on your sleeve girl, see this one is super super deep and i i really like this particular poem from her, because the re, the repetition of her saying girl at the end, This is the girl that i am um was super super. Just like i don’t know the the repetition made it seem more like um like just hard hitting, and the poem continues on for a little while, but i’m, just gon na read that first part um but yeah man, so that’s. Those are the poems that i thought were like the highlights from her entire poetry book. For me, i just i read them and i literally took a pause and i was like wow like she is so talented and yeah, so that’s that’s pretty much it again.

If you want to get this book and read all the poems, you can get it at target. I got this one at target: um it’s, an amazing amazing book and i would highly recommend it um. I love reading books that artists make and all that because they’re just naturally creatives and um it’s just cool to see so yeah. If you like this video, if you like this style of video um, let me know in the comments section down below. If you want me to react to more books and and do all that i can just let me know what books you want me to read and i’ll give my opinions on them: i’m. Currently reading ryan kerry’s memoir, i think it’s, i think, it’s a memoir autobiography. I think it’s a memoir but i’m reading that one and it’s really really good. So i can also give a reaction to that. Just let me know in the comment section down below so yeah if you’re new to my channel, please subscribe to my channel, please like the video. If you liked the video all the links on my social media will be in the description bar down below all the link to my patreon will also be in the description bar down below and i’ll.