We are back with another video and let me tell you something if you’re a returning subscriber that you know how this thing goes and if you’re a new, subscriber welcome and hello all right, we got ta get into some things: okay, because it is about to be A legendary and no no, no, no, like literally it’s gon na, be a legendary night. Okay! Um you see, the girls are coming out to play. Okay, the girls are coming out to perform at this year’s grammy awards and i’m here, for it, cardi b will be setting the stage megan, the stallion will be setting the stage. Um and doji cat will be setting the stage. Now the t is, who do you guys think will have the hottest performance all right? Now? First let’s go one by one um. I think the the two hottest performances probably will be a toss up between doji cat and cardi b, and you know magnus alia – will fall somewhere in the middle or at the end um. But i think all of the performances are going to be really really great. I’M hearing low key it’s big budget performances – i i heard through a little birdie that was flying around town, told me that the girls are coming with budgets: okay, they’re, coming with product shun for the grammys okay, i’m hearing the girls are coming with big budget production. So i’m really really excited about i’m hearing, like beyonce i’m hearing like billy eilish, i’m hearing big big pop production, okay, i’m hearing pop production that’s what the that’s, what the birdie said we just flew by and said pop production.

Did you see the girls are coming? It just it did, they just flew out and it just flew in one ear and out the other channel, and i just you know, wanted to kind of relate to you. I don’t really know what the t is, but that’s what i’m hearing all right now here’s the thing dojo cat is gon na definitely put on a performance because doge, first of all, can we just start by here with this um i don’t know who’s gon na Win best uh new artist with dodger cat and um megan, the stallion um it’s, really a toss up because, like i said, i felt like 2020 was doji cat’s year right and so everything that i just kind of felt like last year, was her year and she Was supposed to reap all the benefits you know, dojo cat has literally performed at every award show for the 2020 calendar. You know what i mean she performed. I mean everywhere billboard the vmas. Did she do the bt like she did? Every major award show that they had last year um during the pandemic. She performed dojo cat and she had some of the biggest uh television performers. I think she did snl or the tonight show one of those big major shows um doji cat performed. So i wasn’t surprised when i heard that doja cat was going to be performing at the grammys, because i felt like that was already on her calendar because she had did every other award show, but the grammys so um.

I wasn’t surprised, then, that she uh that she was on the calendar uh to perform i’m, really excited to see what she’s gon na give, because she is in good company. We all know that doja cat is a great artist, she’s very artistic, so i’m sure her visuals are going to be through the roof. She is, and she knows to step it up, but she is probably very like she’s, probably out of the three, the most artistic. You know what i mean like she has that creative thing about her. So, even if you don’t like her because she’s the loose lady of the night, you know i’m, not the biggest doger cat fan, but i can’t honestly say: dog cat. Is the artist’s artist she’s an artist so she’s not gon na let down with the performance she’s not gon na down, let down let uh, let you down with the visuals doji cat is not gon na. Let you down with um the set design she’s not going to, let you down with the look in the fashion the she is coming with it: okay, she’s coming with it, and i think it’s going to be a legendary night for her um she’s. Coming with the performance aspect, the dance listen, her team is hype, the people are around her, they they’re coming to slay and they are coming to show that doger cat is the premier girl. That is what i’m hearing like doji cat is coming for.

Her spot. Okay, it’s the top three girls in the game. Right now, who’s going to be who’s going to reign supreme in the performance category. Okay. So then we move over to megan. The stallion magnus stallion has had a hot year, and if you ask me, i think she secretly came under and swooped it from doji cat, because when the doji cat became the loose lady of the night, magnus stallion got shot. Doji can’t went down, making the stallion shot up literally and figuratively. No, but seriously she did. It was the shots heard around the world and magnus dalia was catapulted into this super startup, remember, megan and stallion her. Not her latest performances were not that good. You know what i mean megan the stallion for me. Um i’ll, be honest with you um, i think she’s probably gon na have the least exciting performance. However um she knows that she’s on the roster, with cardi b, doji cat and and and this is the grammys – this is her first grammy performance and she’s nominated for four grammy awards, so she may have a different energy. Okay, her team might have gotten it together. That you know jay, z and beyonce may have said: okay, listen, you’ve got cardi and doji cat we’re gon na throw you a big budget together too so it’s gon na be really interesting. I’M excited to see i’m with her and cardi b do together. Obviously they’re gon na do you know what i mean? You know what i’m saying now you know cardi b had posted this thing about her doing uh press and i was like girl.

I know that’s not true so i’m, not even believing that, but anyway um so i’m excited to see the whop uh collab i’m excited to see um. You know i feel, like the baby’s gon na come out and perform they’re gon na. Do that they’re gon na. Do the cry baby um, i think what else what if she’s gon na obviously do savage? She has to do that. So it’d be nice for them to all do solo moments, because i don’t want to just see um the collabs but it’s going to be good because i feel like doji, cat and megan are on a song together and then megan and cardi are on the song. Together, let me tell you something that megan knew how to move. One thing that megan does know how to do, and i got ta give her her credit is mixie as she is. She knows how to mix on everything and i think that’s one thing that she learned from nicki minaj, you hop on everybody. You hop on a record with everybody, so everybody can say that you know you can say that you’re on everybody’s stuff and you know so it’d – be interesting to see um how meg and doji, if they’re going to do this song that they have with ariana grande And blinnett is ariana grande performing, i don’t know um. You know she still might be beefing with the grammys, but i haven’t checked, but it would be interesting to see if that that happens, um and then magnitarian obviously does her own stuff and then she can get on whop, and that could be a huge moment.

So i’m really really excited to see what megan nastalia does, because magnus stallion has been dancing lately and it has been giving me my life so i’m really excited to see what kind of moment meg has because she has an opportunity for several different moments, because she’s Worked with both of these different girls, so this is going to be a legendary night. This is going to be a good night for megan too and i’m going to say this. I feel like megan megan. The stallion is walking away with a grammy. I just feel that way i feel like she’s, going to get one. I don’t know if it’s for best new artist, though that’s the only piece where i’m i i don’t know like. I can be honest, and i i don’t know, because that best new artist can go oh either way and i felt like dogecat was slated for that, but we’ll see um we’ll see what that gives and then cardi b she’s coming out. You know what i mean, so i you know it’s going to be up and stuck we’re going to wep whip whoop. You know what i mean and i know and see, here’s what i like about cardi b um. I know she’s going to rise to the occasion. You know what i mean. Cardi b is definitely going to have a budget at this performance. It’S going to be looks, it’s going to be dimensions. It is going to be like i feel like this is going to be on another level i feel like she is really carrying with this performance, because she has to you know, anime, because all the everybody’s going to be looking to see who has the best performance And i know car like cardi b’s team does not aim to lose.

They don’t they don’t and she doesn’t aim to lose so she and she gets it so she’s. She understands too so they’re going to be they’re, going to put on a show. Cardi b is going to give you a look she’s going to give you the visual she’s, going to give you what you need i’m excited to see what this gives now. The other thing is who’s going to perform first who’s going to perform in the middle who’s going to perform last. Who would i like to see perform first? I think i want to okay i’m going to be honest with you. I think i want to see uh uh uh doji cat go first, because i think doji cat is really going to wake it up. You know what i mean i feel like she’s gon na wake me all the way up with the performance. I i think that it’s going to be like okay here we go let’s. Let the girls get ready. You know what i mean, i kind of feel like doji cat being an opener, for this is going to be everything: okay, so i’m, hoping i’m hoping. This is the order that i’m hoping for i’m, hoping that doji cat goes first, then i’m, hoping megan. The stallion goes in the middle. I feel like megan would go in the middle she’s not going to go last and she wouldn’t go first, just because there’s an opportunity for her to perform kind of twice what does doji with really three times.

Honestly. She can perform a doji cat first perform her own stuff. Then she can back door and perform with cardi b. So i’m i’m thinking megan will go in the middle. I don’t know, but i feel like megan should go in the middle and i just for some reason. I feel like megan’s gon na dance, but you know don’t, you got ta dance too so we’ll get into i can’t don’t. I feel like don’t, you guys gon na dance too um megan estalia’s gon na go in the middle. In my mind, magnus down it’ll be in the middle and she’s going to dance. Now, megan is going to dance now. I don’t know if she’s going to have the visuals and the transitions, but you never know this is this. This is a big all. The girls are coming to the yard. You know so they might pull out a budget for this, because magnus stallion is that girl right now she is probably the most talked about the hottest right now out of the three magnus stallion. Probably is the hottest right now just like as of right now, like just it’s, making this area making something everywhere, so she might come into into an energy baby. She might come into an energy i’m, just so hyped i’m, so ready i’m, so excited i’m ready to see what this is going to give okay um and then i feel like boom. We go ahead and end it with cardi b, because i feel like cardi b is going to i mean i just feel like it’s going to give like beyonce.

I really feel that way. I feel like it’s good, not performance wise, like let’s, not jump out the window. Okay, i kind of feel like i don’t, feel like she gon na, be out there dancing like beyonce, okay, don’t don’t let’s, not try that, but i do feel like it’s going to give the visuals. I feel like it’s, giving set changes. I feel like it’s, giving big budget things and um ciao. These girls are going we’re going to get a show. I feel like we’re, going to get a show um. I just feel like we’re going to get a show. I mean like i just feel like. Why not even i’m just excited, i feel like we’re going to get a show, and i don’t want any of them to let me down. I want to come back one monday or sunday night and i just want to be like yes, okay, i want to be hollering at my tv i don’t even know who’s nominated outside of meghan the stallion, because i don’t even really care about that. I care about these performances, you know and a lot of times we were talking about and a lot of people were saying. Well, i thought the grammys were cancelled. Now people are no longer canceling, the grammys yeah. Well, i think that i guess we’re coming slowly. Coming back to the grammys, and i had heard that you know jay z or you know, it’s friends with somebody that’s on the the new guy that’s on the grammys board.

I don’t know don’t, give me the line and make her stuff up. But you know what i’m saying so there might be some black people now in the grammys. So now we’re we’re a little bit. Okay, you know we’re coming back there’s some changes because the other guy quit didn’t. He quit yeah. I believe the other guy quit so um. We might be coming back in there, but anyway, uh i’m really really excited about um. This week’s performance – i cannot wait. The grammys can sunday cannot come fast enough. The grammys cannot come fast enough because i’m ready for the performances, i’m ready to be gagging i’m ready for the visuals i’m ready for the hair i’m ready for the makeup i’m ready for the looks cause. All of these hoes are gon na dance. All of these hoes are gon na perform. This is going to be a show. This is what make music exciting again. This is what makes female rap exciting, and let me tell you something: these three are the hottest female rappers right now, even though i don’t really consider doji got a rapper she’s in that category. These are the three. These are the three girls. These are the hot girls right now um and so let’s see what they got. Let’S see it’s a new generation and i’m here, for it and i’m here see here’s the thing cardi b has performed at the grammys before but i’m here for the idea that all three of them are on the same stage and they’re kind of in the same League, you know what i mean, and i don’t want to hear that stuff about don’t pit them against each other.

Nothing is wrong with friendly competition. They know that this is competition. They know that they’re going to be getting judged, they and i’m sure each one of them in the back of their mind, is sized each other up and understand which um, whose strengths are, whose and whose weaknesses are whose and how the the other one has to Compare and how they want to perform. If you think doji cat is over, there saying, listen, we don’t want to care about how cardi’s doing or what megan is going to do. You’Re crazy dojika is over there. Thinking cardi b is going to come with these visuals and this budget, and we need to make sure that our visuals are on point megan. The stallion is trying to dance now dodgy cat is going to be out there dancing. Megan is down she’s thinking about both sides, because she’s got to think well, listen: i’m, the hip hop rap and rapping girl, but i’ma show these girls that i can really do this and cardi b is like i’m cardi b. These girls there’s nothing to come out and eat me like this. This is this is the moment so um i’m ready and you know, and it’s all out of love, it’s all for the sport of entertainment and music it’s, not no shade, because i’m gon na get my life off of everybody. Okay, let’s just be very clear on that, but i think you know this is just exciting it’s a good moment to be excited about music again and i’m, hoping they don’t.

Let me down because coming from a pandemic to the grammys, with three of the hottest girls on the stage, this needs to be a legendary night, and i feel in my spirit that it will be okay. So you know you guys, keep it locked right there and um. I will see you guys with this conversation on sunday and i want you guys to let me know below in the comments who you think is going to have the performance of the night, all right. Y’All until next time, i want you to keep that same energy.