You know, as usual, with full moons. You may also be having disturbed sleep and vivid dreams, so this sign of leo is represented by the lion and many are going to need the courage of the lion at this time. So you will feel this fiery energy coming at you one minute. You want to do everything you possibly can to move things forward and you’re getting really creative and it’s like go, go go but in the next minute, you’re just exhausted with it all. So you know what just take the time that you need: um use the courage of this lion and just you know, start looking around you two, maybe for support from your guides and maybe loved ones, who’ve passed on as well. So you might find that you, you know: you’ll, receive messages in the form of numbers or feathers, pennies, dimes, songs, etc. And for me yesterday i actually had a great horned oil hooding outside my bedroom window and i opened the curtain in the morning and it was just staring in at me, and this is the second time that this has happened to me once it happened in scottsdale. In arizona as well many years ago, in broad daylight, so i mean i take these signs as big massive wake up calls. You know um and it’s. Also the aisle also is telling you you know that intuition is open. So whenever i get messages around the reading time, i take it that that’s, a message for me to pass on as well so intuition is open.

Do look around watch for signs um, you know for loved ones. As i say, who’ve passed, um many people get them and you know what i’m talking about, but for others who don’t um. You know what just just have a look at those synchronicities that are common to you. So then for the tea leaves. There was one wee personal message and i’ll pass that one on the cup was very balanced actually, but the message in it for that balance was yes get your exercise, but also to really rest – and i know a lot of people don’t – do that they are either Resting lots or getting lots of exercise and not resting very much at all, but this was definitely showing sort of the balance. You know what yep absolutely work out do. What you have to do get fit fit was actually written in there as well um, but also, you know, relax like it’s, showing a face. Just the eyes closed, rest and relaxation tv was also written in there and, if you’re like me, you don’t really watch much, but i don’t know about you, but when i do that, i do find it quite a great comfort just depending on what i what i Watch what i go to um, so if you’re like that too, you don’t tend to watch it. You just might find there’s. You know a couple of shows there that actually are of a great comfort to you, and you know just to get you through this time.

Um, i was also seeing the new home sign so akane, looking like there’s plenty of movement still to come here and you know in 2021 um. I was also shown the word rig written and that would indicate some news coming from the oil patch now that’s, usually job related news for me. When i see anything like that uh there are certainly arrows around that one. So just a new direction being taken in that field, then i went into the second cup and i saw a figure putting down weapons. So again that message you know you don’t have to fight every battle that you come across um, you know not everything is worth fighting for. Just choose your battles wisely, uh. You know it’s, okay, to say you know what enough like a kind of a surrender here. You know um it’s, okay to do that. Sometimes you know and and hopefully that’s that’s a sign of things calming down, especially uh south of the border here uh, you know in the us where they’ve had a bit of a rough time there. So you know this. This could be a good positive sign, but we can all do this individually as well. You know we don’t have to step up to every battle. You know every argument, so i was also shown gallows and as awful as cows are they. They actually have a very significant uh, meaning in the tealys. For me, they are assigned basically for just don’t go there, so the gals show up usually when um their business or relationship, questions and it’s.

Just that those businesses are relationships, shouldn’t be pursued, they won’t succeed. So go with your gut, you know: do the research is the person you’re dealing with trustworthy? You know: do you smell a rat um just be cautious, get recommendations from others if it is a business, but if that’s coming up, you know when you’re making an imminent decision right now and that just could be a message for you just like yeah. You know what just don’t go there it’s just not it’s, just not to be pursued: okay, um. Next then, i was showing a woman just standing up with her arms just open wide and she was stretching out towards pile of books and she clearly was overjoyed and there was definitely a big sense of freedom around, and i was just wondering if ooh maybe that’s, You know sign of maybe the library’s starting, you know to reopen just places where you’re gathering some knowledge as well, but you definitely seemed very happy very overjoyed with this several arrows in the cup and again that’s new directions. For many and you know, i’ve been seeing this plan out recently, as service providers have been moving out of the province even and into new offices and clinics. You know so many people as well just moving just selling up downsizing, all kinds of things. So lots of movement lots of new direction, lots of hours um. Also, then, i was being shown like a lead singer with another singer joining in.

So i thought: okay that’s, maybe a good sign. Then you know uh choirs, maybe getting to start up again um. Maybe somehow safely you know uh and performers again, you know able to make music. So that was a good positive sign there, and i mean i think overall uh we’re starting to see in many parts of the world numbers of uh covered starting to fall. You know, i know for us uh here um in alberta, that’s that’s definitely been happening and uh. You know i know i’ve been written in several other countries there. I find that too. So again you know just we glimmers of hope here so uh again, not a ton in the in the cup. You know i mean things are still. You know pretty locked down in many places, uh not not tons and tons of messages coming out um. You know, but certainly lots of changes and everything happening and and those glamours of hope. So i just i did think oh well, i’ll just pull away card from the magical, uh messages from the fairies deck, because we all do need that little bit of magic. I like to believe in miracles and magic, so um this we won it’s um. If you can see it there, just goodbye to the old and hello to the new and it’s. Just basically that a chapter is closing, you know, you’ve learned valuable lessons and you’re. Now, taking that wisdom and beginning a new journey with new people work situations whatever it might be, and and just to try and be open uh to that change in this again, just like the full moon time, you know releasing letting go moving forward and with that Leo energy as well, you know just to be open to that.

Changing and it’ll bring many blessings then for all involved. You know again just reiterates the arrows so that’s all folks, uh for now um short and sweet again, um thanks again for listening to me and for subscribing and sharing um commenting liking, everything i’m, so honestly, i’m. So grateful to all of you – and i do love to do this – um, hopefully we’re, going to see a lot more positive things to come here.