Full moon in leo this guided meditation is also going to be an energy healing session with healing energy guiding you uplifting. You clearing you Music, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and enjoy the meditation Music. My name is anita sugets i’m, a spiritual teacher and energy healer and i’ll channel the source information for this period of time for this full moon for our highest good. This is a special month and a special time in human history, and i was also drawn to a new project i made for you on my youtube channel. Every other day you can join me live in meditations and energy healing to manifest your new wanted reality. Music inhale deeply exhale, relax, feel your body relaxing Music focus on that beautiful, relaxing feeling, Music. Imagine you are standing on a white green meadow on a green soft grass, Music it’s huge. There is a lot of space, everything for you. You are feeling free. You are inhaling freedom, Music, exhaling and freedom is spreading through your body, Music. You feel the fresh, clean air. You feel the sun on your skin Music. You see the clear blue sky. You feel soft grass on your feet. You can do whatever you want. You can go wherever you want: Music, inhaling, deeply it’s a breath of fresh new freedom, exhaling and feeling freedom in your body, Music. If you want you can lay down on the grass and you can feel the connection with the earth, you can feel earth’s vibration.

The earth is supporting you giving you strength and healing your body. You are inhaling healing energy, rejuvenating energy Music. You are feeling more and more relaxed, safe, supported, inhaling deep breaths, exhaling feeling relaxation in all your muscles. In all your tissues, you are surrendering to this beautiful life, energy, Music, inhaling again and feeling how the life force – and you are becoming one Music, inhaling exhaling letting go, smiling relaxing enjoying Music. You are inhaling again deeply, but this time noticing power, the power of life force, is flowing through you, Music, you and the power of life are becoming one inhaling exhaling and letting it flow inhaling power and relaxation exhaling and letting it flow Music. So now you are full of freedom, support connection with mother earth and life connection with self. You are full of power and ease Music, smiling and enjoying enjoy the moment, breathe and let it flow Music. Let yourselves remember new information, new vibration on a new level of consciousness, Music and now on that meadow. When you look at the sky, you just see the brightness. You see everything so clearly: Music, it’s, perfect, blue Music and the sun is shining. You feel the shine. The warmth on your skin, so you are inhaling again this time you are inhaling light Music, your inhaling strength, life force and ease clarity with that blue sky, Music, don’t think just feel enjoy you can’t make a mistake. Everything is perfect in this moment.

You are in the powerful now Music feeling warm Music taken care of Music, nurtured feeling that you are belonging belonging to a higher force, and you are feeling that you are actually that force embodied your body is glowing Music, observe your body glowing. Music inhale deeply exhale and let it flow Music. All these divine energies are flowing. Changing you, transforming you into magnificent beautiful, powerful, loving being that you are set intention. All my fears and worries and doubts are disappearing deleting exiting my reality and all this new, beautiful, divine energy of love, light freedom power is entering my body. Rejuvenating me, i feel i live in a new reality, Music. I am so grateful and so happy in this new reality, inhaling it remembering it exhaling it letting it stay here flow in all aspects of my life. I feel the power of leo. I can roar, i can run. I can sleep and relax Music i’m tuned in with this magnificent force called life. Everything is so easy and spontaneous everything in harmony, Music. I love myself Music. I love my life. I love this world i’m, enjoying this high vibration and smiling Music, relaxing feeling and smiling again Music. Thank you dear ones, for being with me in this guided meditation stay a moment in this meditation with this beautiful music create your realities.