I didn’t think that was gon na happen. Did you think that was gon na happen? Yes, isabella? I get it there’s, no news. Okay, so let’s talk about this let’s talk about let’s talk about what’s, going on with it let’s talk about my predictions: Music, Music, wow. My outfit is very interesting. Did you hear that marshall’s here again so essentially the build a bear workshop twitter account tweeted that an animal crossing range of bears is coming to build a bear, my god there’s, so many weeds here? Oh my god. What does the tweet actually say? I’Ll, read it out hold on coming soon. Our animal crossing tm new horizons collection is full of fun for all ages, sign up for free email and text updates. So you don’t miss a thing and it links the us and the uk build a bear workshop sites. So this is coming to both the us and the uk, maybe probably other parts in europe as well. I don’t know it only makes logical sense. Do you don’t know how big animal crossing new horizons is um and if we go to the build a bear workshop sites, so i’m gon na go on to the uk sites on the side it says coming soon get ready to create and customize with our new Animal crossing new horizons collection, signing up for exclusive updates is the best way to get the island news. That’S, a good search we’ll, send you email announcements when our animal crossing new horizons collection is available, so there’s, no like definitive, like okay, this village is going to be a buildable workshop there.

This village is not going to be. We don’t really know who’s going to be a villager that we can build or not um, but my sister actually sent me something kind of interesting. She links me in tweets from uh, nintendo wire and it says, build a bear has announced that it’s we’ll be releasing a collection of animal crossing new horizons products, and the image shows a few villages that maybe have the potential to be buildable. So, within the image we have isabelle stitches, a villager, goldie and rosie. This would be the most logical lineup of villages to build. In my personal, in my humble opinion, you know, and these villagers are standing behind a build – a bear workshop logo, which you know is this: a sneak peek of the different types of villages that we’re going to be able to build. Are these going to be the villages that we build? Are we not going to get tom nook? I personally would not get a tom nook build a bear, but the image does it. It looks promising, like i don’t, know, see right now, there’s not too much going on on the whole. Oh you’re right, um, yeah there’s, not too much going on there’s, not too much news about the whole collaboration just yet um and that’s, because it was only announced like a couple of days ago, but i personally think the two villagers that are guaranteed if they get This right, it’s, isabelle and stitches it’s a it’s, a teddy bear stitches it’s a teddy bear.

He is stitches, he is the embodiment of what would be a build. A bear workshop bear. My shops are flopping today. I have absolutely nothing. Who else would it uh? Be cool to have i don’t know if they’ll do marshall, because marshall is super popular, so is raymond’s molly, i think. Last year molly went viral um. This was before new horizons came out, but she went viral because of this image. I fell off on screen, so maybe molly molly is cute. Look at her face, she’s cute as much as i would love to have a wolf build a bear. I don’t think that’s gon na happen, somehow maybe a frog, maybe a frog. I don’t think the frogs are that popular are they popular? It would make total sense to have goldie and rosie as build a bear. Workshop bears to build you know, so the image makes sense. Maybe these are the characters that we can build. I don’t know, then again i would love to have a chat. I would love to have a cherry build a bear. Probably not, but you know look how cool she is. She has piercings. Obviously, there are a ton of villagers that would be nice to have like raymond like judy judy would be a beautiful bear. Oh my god. She would be stunning – oh my god, but from a business point of view like in my personal opinion, rosie and goldie are like the poster cats and dog of animal crossing like whenever you think of cats in animal crossing before raymond came along the first cat.

I would personally think of would be rosie and a similar thing for goldie as well. You know what’s blank doing today, i’m, oh he’s he’s crafting okay it’s been too long. How long has it been? I just got you castle bathtub. I haven’t got this. Oh this. I didn’t have this before that’s kind of cool, though i’m convinced that that nintendo wire image is aren’t, going to be the villages that we’re going to get. I am convinced i don’t know why i’m convinced, but i am but yeah leave a comment below who do you want to see become a bear in build a bed workshop um, i know buildable workshop is like really overpriced, but that’s not going to stop me from Buying, like a gazillion stitches, you know what i’m saying raymond’s. You want to be a build, a bear workshop cat, what if they made kitkat yeah, i don’t know ever since seeing the nintendo wire tweet that has been solidified into my mind like that, is what i’m expecting to see now you know it would be nice to Have a timmy and tommy as well, but maybe not because that might confuse the kids who aren’t into animal crossing mummy. Why are there two of the same bear on the shelf, but you know yeah. I thought i’d hop on here. Real quick and talk about the build, a bear, workshop collaboration. Why why? Why are you thinking why what you just started thinking? Why did you have full? I didn’t, even i didn’t, even ask for this there’s a story behind why you have these tights and you’re not gon na tell me, are you you know every single villager has the potential to become a build.

A bear workshop bear right. Personally, it’d be so cute to have molly, but then again my number one priority in my hearts is stitches, saying that, like wouldn’t, it be cool to have an official, like marshall, build a bear workshop there. You know what i’m saying this is from what aliexpress it’s cute, but imagine marshall in build a bear form. You know i don’t know it’s all up in the air right now. There really isn’t much to talk about here in terms of the of the collaboration, but i thought i would hop on here and just chill we’re playing animal crossing yeah leave a comment down below and discuss who do you want to see become a build? A bear workshop bear who would you want spills i’m by personally, and this is a very popular opinion i want stitches and also maybe as an underdog for the you know, just for the sake of it. Just for the sake of saying it, i want molly Applause. You know she is best duck and you cannot tell me otherwise, Music and starting from is it next video, the next video i’m uploading i’m starting a brand new animal crossing series? So i hope you stick around for that as well that’s enough talking for me.