You need to know about the january 2021, full moon in leo. So if that’s something that interests you then let’s get started Music, hello, friends. So in this video we are going to be talking about the january full moon in leo and why this is such an impactful, full moon? Why this very first full moon of 2021 is gon na, be a game changer. Why it’s a potent time for manifesting for putting yourself out there creatively romantically, also why this energy can bring a lot of ego into play, a lot of anger potentially and how we can harness the energy learn from it and become conscious and aware of how the Cosmos impact us, so if that interests, you then let’s do this. So first things: first, why is the full moon so important? As you may or may not know, the full moon is seen as a culmination time it’s a midway point in the overall lunar cycle. It usually starting with the new moon and ending with another new moon and just like it symbolically and energetically, builds its light in the sky. You see the light building leading up to that beautiful, glorious, bright, full moon. It acts as almost like a cosmic spotlight, highlighting what has and hasn’t been working for you midway through this lunar cycle period and, generally speaking in your life that’s. Why? You see a lot of people doing releasing type of full moon rituals and writing out what doesn’t work for them and even burning them.

You can actually do this in your rline astrology planner’s dedicated full moon pages, which i have linked in the description with this full moon being in the fiery fixed sign of leo. We are being encouraged and supported to put ourselves out there. That is the biggest sort of theme of this full moon, putting yourself out there, whether it be creatively professionally and even romantically, with venus coming into play, which we’ll talk about now is a potent and powerful time to stand proudly and openly in what you are passionate About as this is a perfect cosmic alignment to support you to express yourself now, let’s look at the transits that will also impact this. Full moon, as full moons can naturally just bring up heightened emotions with this full moon being square in mars. Mars can bring in more frustration and anger to the table, so it’ll be really important to stay. Conscious and aware of what triggers you stay. Conscious and aware of when you feel angry and where that might stem from this will be a potent time to sit down and journal or engage in talk therapy or conversations with friends where you’re really articulating and diving deeper into the root of. Where that anger might stem from this can be a potent time to do some shadow work as well to see ask yourself and do more self inquiry into where a lot of these things can stem from next. While this mars influence can really get conjunct with that fiery leo energy and can bring in anger on the flip side of that, it can also make us feel a lot more passionate and courageous when it comes to going for what we think is ours.

Going for what we’re passionate about and really putting ourselves out there, this is a great time to use this courageous sort of energy boost when it comes to going after what you’re passionate about going after things that are creatively fulfilling things having to do with performances um. It can even have to do with you putting out different types of creative content. Now cosmically things are very aligned to support you and really speaking up for yourself and hitting that play button hitting that upload button and sharing who you are with the world. In a more professional setting, if you have been feeling called to, if something has been leading up to around this time, for you to ask for that, raise or speak up for yourself in the work environment. As long as you are doing it and being aware of any type of anger and you’re using and channeling this energy in a courageous way to clearly articulate how you’re feeling where you’re at that is conducive with your work, environment, even romantic environment, now is a potent Time to really express, where you’re at to see how you can grow into where you feel called to be. Next, we have the very romantic planet of venus, aligning with the more power hungry pluto, also in alignment with this full moon. So what this can do is bring up some power play issues and relationships, and it can even bring up some jealousy when it comes to relationships.

This can be in romantic, committed settings. This can be in the dating world and this can even be with friendships. So it’s very important to stay conscious again of what are your triggers in this space? Where does that stem from? Why are these things bring brought to your awareness when we have certain things happen in our life? Our experience that trigger us to be reactionary or to want to hold on tighter to our ego and make sure that it’s protected by expressing that jealousy, even if it isn’t fully legitimate or maybe it is really fitting and journaling articulating breaking down where this might stem. From can be a very potent catalyst to better self understanding that way, you can talk things through in your relationships and be stronger than ever moving through this full moon. Alternatively, this can lead to some hiccups, some anger with mars coming into play as well. So this can be a very vulnerable time. Maybe you don’t feel it yourself, but you’re, seeing it in your partner or in relationships community wise. This can be a great time for you to step in and confidently express what your perspectives are. That way, you can really get to the root of where these things stem from and move forward, with, better understanding on the flip side of that, with venus being in alignment with pluto and the full moon there’s. This huge theme of confidence in your love life. So if you’re, single or if you’re in a relationship now is also a great time to bring in lighthearted flirtiness putting yourself out there being confident in who you are, and what you have to offer can be very potent around this time.

Because that leo energy is giving us the confidence, we need so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there romantically. So what should we expect energetically? What should we expect to see so kind of to summarize what i have mentioned throughout in more specific detail? This full moon is really giving us a lot of confidence, it’s, really sending a lot of energy to our egos and on one hand, that is what can give us a lot of healthy confidence to speak up. Put ourselves out. There allow our passion to just flow through unfiltered to create now is a potent time for creation during this full moon and on the flip side of that it can bring up too much ego where we get um a big head, maybe or we think that we’re, The only person or the most important person in the room and we might disregard the other people that come into play, relationship wise collaboratively, work wise, so it’s very important to strike that balance and to stay. Conscious, specifically on the theme of the ego – and maybe you don’t – have a strong ego and you’re working to build that confidence. Now is the time to step into that. Maybe you have been working on yourself and you’re and you feel a lot more confident, but you’ve been getting negative feedback from the people around you. Maybe that is an indicator that you’ve gone too far with your ego a little bit having that time to really reflect meditate get conscious of the energy field around you get conscious of where you’re at energetically is what’s, really going to be a catalyst for self understanding.

During this time, so specifically, how do we harness this energy? The biggest piece of advice that i could give you is: have you been feeling called to start that project maybe move into that next stage of a project that you’re already in? Have you been feeling called to tell somebody that you’re interested in or you’re already romantically in a relationship with how you’re feeling a little bit deeper than you already have anything related to putting yourself out there? Have you oh big one, have you been afraid to ask for help and you’ve been afraid to put yourself out there this leo new moon, this leo full moon is a potent time to express yourself and to be energetically held by the cosmos at this time and To lovingly in a caring way express where you’re at in relationships and just start what you’ve been wanting to start, maybe it started back in the new year, so in order to really harness this energy, it really involves looking at where your ego is uh. If your confidence low, have you been holding yourself back out of fear, this leo energy is really helping you to stand up and express yourself more. Have you been maybe going on an ego trip? Have you been focusing way more on yourself and you’re being more called to focus on your family or your friends and you’re being reluctant about it or you’ve noticed? Maybe i have been making it about myself, this leo full moon in conjunction with mars, in alignment with venus it’s, all about being confident in love being confident in in also standing in your power and admitting, when you’re wrong um and recognizing that there is love there.

For you, if you do that, all right y’all, if you made it to the end of this video um, please let me know down in the comments what came up for you during this video? Have you already noticed any of this energy as this full moon builds? I know i have, i usually experience it, usually at least like five or six days before the actual full moon, because the energy is building so it’s all relevant a week before and even a week after, i would say so comment down below. Also comment: three moon, emojis let’s do the full moon emojis, it can be whatever moons you want um, but that won’t. Let me know that you made it to the end and that you enjoyed this but it’ll. Also, let the youtube algorithm, the powers that be on this uh platform know that you enjoy content like this, which will help me. A smaller growing creator, continue to put out content. And finally, if you haven’t, already pre, ordered your 2021 reline astrology planner it’s, a planner that i designed that has notifications for all of the astrological events happening in 2021, along with dedicated full and new moon ritual pages. For you to actually write out all the things that you might have been experiencing or that you might experience during these moon phases, so you can go back and reflect it’s all in one planner.