I swear it’s about something, but i can’t remember what like you, have a foot ball: Music, hello and welcome to another episode of notaku and yes for the record. I know what is what the super bowl is so don’t ask and yes i’m excited that my team, the green bay packers, are actually in the playoffs, so yeah again, i have things to look forward to, but well i am not really that big on them. Keen on sports, i am in keen and interested in the world of the nerdy, and what better way to do that than with mega boxing and mega robot is a very great anime. I mean i put picked up the series on a whim and actually fell in love with it. I picked it up a couple years ago and i just had fun with it ever since, michael about the story of a guy named dear joe or junkyard joe, and he wants to be a mega world boxer. He always has this dream of being a megalo boxer, but here’s the problem he doesn’t have enough money and mega robots involved gears. These are things machines that people wear on their arms in order to box people joe ends up accidentally losing his gear in one of his fights and that’s, where he ends up going by the name of your joe. So he boxes people like a basically original boxer, while everybody else used gears. This series is not what you think it is if you just think that this is like um victorious boxing or hippo, you are entirely wrong.

This is not what it is. I tell you what it is: it’s rocky turned into an anime i’m not kidding. There are a bunch of moments that are very reminiscent of the rocky movies, and is that a bad thing heck? No, i love the rocky movies up until rocky 5. That is really should not have needed that, but anyways mega robots is basically rocky as an anime and it does it in the most beautiful of ways. There is one of my favorite episodes in here where they have a soldier who came home and he locked his magazine warfare. I think it was, and he you know, contemplates on how he lost his life and also he was like basically what contemplated on how he wants to commit suicide in exchange for not knowing how to live without his legs. Joe’S mentor character actually had the biggest turn of all later on in the series, and it becomes something like. Oh, my god, like you know, this was something that’s amazing, so many characters, including side characters, get so many developments and it’s really really good when they actually do, especially for joe himself, especially his at his um challenger, towards the end of the series, a guy who Had a gear on him for so many years and then finally took it off and experienced the pain that’s in this, so basically in a technical term wearing their gears is like being on drugs and being without them is like going through a drug withdrawal.

I wouldn’t personally know that i don’t do drugs, don’t do drugs, but i do notice from experience and from learning i actually have seen a person have an ibuprofen overdose. These are why drugs are bad people. Okay, so you know, even within this series, um there’s a lot of like dark and depressing mood towards it rather than uplifting, but at the end of the series it actually shows you the outcome of everything and it’s a beautiful outcome. Really i mean this series is by far one of the best that i’ve ever seen period and i’m, not a sports person, okay, um yeah. I know what all the sports are and everything i do have my own favorite sports teams and i am proud that the green bay packers are in playoffs. We will see you there, kansas city. Oh you think i’m on watch it’s. My super bowl prediction – kansas city, green bay, badger done, but anyways. I do think that this is one of, if not the best sports anime, that you can watch people say no, no that’s probably go to ico 21.. Is that what it’s called yes the football anime? I shield right well anyways in a retrospect. I happen to think that mega robots is the best that you can see, and i highly recommend it to everybody who does want to see it well and we just out of the way people i highly again recommend mega wall box.

If you haven’t seen it check it out well in terms of this we’re going to go from high flying sports action to something with a little more kung, fu, fighting and sammy. Well, jackson, give me your jackson. Ah crap people are gon na want me to make quotes on these movies, and i don’t even know them all.