Let me show you so if you tap on the apple logo and then you go to about this mac and then tap on storage and wait a few seconds for it to load. You’Re gon na see that there’s a category a very annoying category called author. That generally takes up a ton of your storage, so, as you guys can see, i have like six gigs of available storage and over 20 of this other storage – and i bet you guys – may have much much more than that, because my hard drive is quite small. I know people that have hundreds of gigs on this other storage and it’s pretty much impossible to delete it. There’S no way to go to your files and delete it or use software to delete it. There is only one way to fix this issue in order to actually get rid of it, it’s not really complicated at all, but there’s only one way to do it, as i said, and you got ta reset your mac. You got ta factory, reset your mac, so format your mac os before you quit. Don’T worry. I know a lot of you guys hate this word hate formatty. I think it’s super complicated it takes hours, but it’s not like that. Formatting. Your mac is much easier nowadays and you just got ta follow a few steps, honestly, just a few steps, but before you do that it’s very important that you save your files because, as you probably know, resetting your mac means you’re going to lose all your data And trust me that’s the only way we’re going to delete everything from the mac in order to delete the other storage.

Okay, so make sure that you go ahead. Go to finder, find your icloud drive and, like save all your files, just manually save all your files. You can use, of course, icloud drive your cloud service of preference. You can use your thumb drive, you can use a hard drive doesn’t matter. The only important thing here is after this process. You will lose all your data, so it’s very important that you save all your files, okay, extremely important to do that, make sure to save your photos. Absolutely everything and the final piece of information is: do not use time machine. Okay, if you use time machine to backup your files time machine will automatically save the other category as well, so it will save all those files once again. So when you restore from your time machine backup those files are coming back, so don’t use it you’re going to need to manually, save all your files again to the to your cloud service. Icloud drive dropbox google drive whatever just make sure to save all your files and don’t use time machine. Okay, now without further ado, i’m gon na show you how we can actually get rid of all of the other storage very easily and i’m gon na show you how to format your mac right now and i’m. Finally, going to show you how to get rid of the annoying other storage and, of course, i’m going to prove it to you after i’m done let’s go we’re going to need to go to system preferences, then tap on apple id and then we’re gon na need To go ahead and tap on overview and then sign out, keep in mind that, depending on your mac, os version, maybe it’s gon na be down here.

The position of the sign out button may vary a bit, but the important part is to sign out from your apple id right so sign out. Then you can keep a copy, whatever it doesn’t matter, because we’re going to delete the whole thing and then of course, sign out and remove cards, so we’re going to sign out and remove the whole thing. Please pay attention to those warnings, especially the ones regarding icloud. So, for example, this one is saying that icloud photos is still updating, so maybe for you, you have photos on your mac that have not been uploaded to icloud, meaning that if you just completely turn off uh, you may lose those photos so pay attention to those Icloud stuff to that icloud stuff, to make sure that everything on your computer has been uploaded. Okay, in my case i already know so i can turn it off um. I can delete from mac because i don’t want it anymore, so i can delete from mac uh. We also gon na need to put in the password, so our apple id password for a find my mac, as you guys, can see right here, just to turn it off. So after you type in your apple id password, you can go ahead and continue. As you see, i forgot my apple id for the first time i mistyped something so continue, and after a few moments, it’s going to automatically sign out the whole thing and you’re going to be presented with the system, preferences screen and you’re going to see signing to Your apple id, so you know that your apple id has been successfully signed out and removed from this computer.

And last but not least, we can close system preferences and open up messages or imessages. Depending on your mac os version, then we’re going to go ahead and tap on messages preferences and, as you can imagine, we’re just going to sign out from imessages as well, because for some reason it doesn’t do it automatically. So we’re gon na go ahead and tap on message and then, as you guys can see here, there’s my apple id there and my number and everything i have blurred all that info just for privacy reasons but as you guys can see, we have sign out. So you can go ahead, sign out and press on sign out once again. So then, as you guys can see it just quits and opens up again this time without the apple id so now we’re ready so i’m. Sorry that it actually takes a few steps. But we have to do it just to make sure everything is done perfectly and now all you have to do is turn off our computer, but before we do that, it’s very, very important that you do this process while plugged in to the charger, as you guys Can see i’m plugged in my mac is charging, as you guys can see here, and i recommend that you do that as well. Do it while you’re charging, because if your battery dies on the process, you may have issues okay, so make sure to do this. While you have it plugged in so now, all you have to do is actually uh go ahead and shut down the computer, so you press and shut down and then down again to turn off the mac.

So the next step is to put the mac in recovery mode and that’s the only step which there’s a little bit of a difference depending on what processor your mac uses. So remember, i was talking about the m1 chick max yeah that’s it. So if you have a normal intel based mac, which pretty much everyone does okay uh is the one which has an intel core. I3 i5 i7 you’re gon na follow the first method. If you have an m1 chip, so the brand new ones that are just uh introduced, you’re gon na follow the second method. I’M gon na show both so first we have the intel based, which is this one is the mac i have. So all you have to do is turn it on so press the power button and as soon as you see the apple logo on the screen, you’re gon na press command, r, okay, so comment r right here on the keyboard command r. If you have an m1 chip, mac, you’re gon na again press on the power button and you’re gon na keep holding it. Okay, so you’re gon na press and keep holding for five seconds and then you’re gon na get to the same screen. Okay, so pressing the home button, so the computer is starting command r. So, as you see it’s instant press on the home button on the power button, you see the apple logo, press command r and keep holding so keep holding you’re.

Seeing my hands keep holding keep holding keep holding until we see the loading bar below the apple logo. Okay may take a few seconds, so just bear with me and be patient right now we see the little bar, so we can let go there’s a loading bar. We can let go and the mac will start up in recovery mode it’s going to be the same thing for the m1 chip, so you’re going to press and hold the power button and you’re going to keep holding until we see uh the the same loading bar And then we’re going to get to this screen, which is the mac os recovery, which may be a little bit different depending on your mac os version, but it’s pretty much going to be the same thing on on all the latest versions of mac, os you’re. Going to see your profile picture or your name so you’re going to see your login, so you’re gon na tap on that and then tap on next and then you’re gon na put in the password and that password is your mac password, okay, just to boot! It up so it’s, not the apple id or anything like that and then as soon as you’re logged in you’re gon na see uh the recovery screen. So with all everything you can do, and first we’re gon na need to go to disk utility that’s the tool. We’Re gon na use to reset and delete everything and all the data on the mac, so click on it, click on continue and then you’re gon na see your disks and, as you can see, we have two disks.

We have macintosh hd and mac os based system. So we’re gon na be playing with we’re gon na be managing the macintosh hd. This is very, very important guys, so macintosh hd is your hard drive, is where all your files and documents and apps and everything is stored in your mac. So it’s your hard drive that’s. What we want to delete, and here on this graph, you can see how much we have used and how much we have free. So we just have. You can just see that there are a ton of gigs that are used right now, occupied by my files and all below that we have the mac os based system, and we do not. We don’t want to play with this. Okay. This is your base operating system. This is the os itself. We don’t want to delete it. We don’t want to play with it or anything like that. If we delete this there’s going to be a hassle, so don’t play with it. Okay, so let’s go back to macintosh hd the first option that’s. I can’t stress is enough: okay, so that’s. What we want to delete. All you have to do now is go ahead and tap on erase so click on erase, and then you can change your name. If you want to, i recommend, not you don’t recommend the don’t recommend to change the format or anything, just click on erase and uh. Let it do its thing: okay, so it’s gon na erase all your data and all your files from macintosh hd now it’s, just a matter of waiting.

You can hit done and, as you guys can see, it goes automatically to mac os based system for some reason. But again just do not play with this or erase anything go back to macintosh hd and, as you guys can see, some of the storage have freed, but not the whole thing so go down to macintosh hd data because there’s a little partition on every mac. There’S gon na be this little partition, so you have to see that you still have quite a lot of storage used, as you guys can see right there from this gray area, so go down to macintosh, hd data and then you’re going to need to manually delete It as well, okay, so go ahead and go to the minus button. Again, it may vary a little bit depending on your computer, where this minus is delete it and erase it and you’re gon na need to get rid of that as well. Some people have a ton of uh sub uh macintosh ag data data data, delete everything; okay, so if you have anything below macintosh, hd, you’re gon na need to delete it. Until you see this, you see that it’s completely empty completely free and, as you guys can see now you have successfully reset your mac. You have no info, no data, no apps, absolutely anything in your macintosh hd. Now all you have to do is go up to disk utility you’re going to go to quit disk utility because now you’re done uh and then we’re gon na need to reinstall mac, so we’re, just gon na reinstall the operating system as easy as that so tap On it hit on next and then you’re gon na go ahead and install and it’s gon na probably say that you have to be connected to wi fi um yeah.

You have to do that manually, so you can go ahead and hit on okay or go straight to the wi fi bars connector wi fi network connect put in your password and hit ok and then it’s going to go back again right and as soon as that Is connected, you can go back again and install mac os, and this install mac os is that mac os based system that we had that we didn’t play with that. We didn’t touch. If we touched that mac os based system, we wouldn’t be able to reinstall mac os. So this is the process we’re going to erase um reset the macintosh hd, so delete everything from the hd and then reinstall the mac os, so then just hit next. Next next select the hard drive which is macintosh hd, which is completely empty and completely free for us continue, continue and now it’s, just a matter of waiting we’re, pretty much done with the process process right now. So now we’re ready. As you can see, we have the welcome screen, meaning that the computer is ready to be set up as a brand new machine. So you can go ahead and set it up and then, after setting up the mac, the moment of truth, let’s click on the apple logo at the top and then about this mac. The first option did it work, let’s, see so now, click on the tab, storage and then wait for it to load all the categories and, as you guys can see, everything is empty.

Everything is clear and the other storage is only taking up five gigs that’s right. Only five gigs, so we reduced to five gigs and you may be wondering okay daniel, but it didn’t really work like you had 19 and then you went to like five. So then you reduced like 14 gigs, but guys that’s, not the way. You should think. Let me explain: it’s not like i reduced 14 gigs, so, for example, if you have 100 gigs of other and then you do this, you’re gon na go to 86. No. This is not how it works. There’S, a minimum there’s like a minimum of other, which is like five gigs and then that’s, how that’s, where it’s gon na go down. So if you have a hundred gigs of storage of your other category, it’s gon na go down to like five or a little bit less or a little bit more that’s. How you should understand? Okay, so that’s pretty much. It hope you enjoyed this video hope. It was helpful to you that’s it that’s. All. I can show you the only way to fix this issue if you like this video click, the like button down below and the subscribe button and the little bell icon to get notified. Whenever i post a new video and also comment down below, i really do appreciate all your feedback and i love to read all the comments and reply when i can so that’s it.

If you liked it i’m very glad again.