This is, of course, your boy hockey customs coming at you with another vid and i already know you’ve seen the thumbnail. So you know what we’re doing today, uh customer hit me up said he wanted a pair of all white g phasos um. Well, all right air force, one for people who don’t know what that means: um customized and he wanted a anime custom and the animator he wanted was mega robot, so i’m, not really familiar like too familiar with this anime but um. I did watch like two episodes. Just to brush up on it real quick, um, so yeah, so if the shoes turned out fire absolute gas, in my opinion, in your opinion too, you know if, if i’m right, you can just comment down below. You know just tell me your thoughts, but if not you feel me, then it’s cool um, if you like them, please drop a like um. If you’re not already subscribed, not already part of the hockey game. Uh go ahead hit the subscribe button turn on the post notification that way, you’ll know when i post another video, um, dang bars anyway, uh so yeah, so we’re gon na hop right into i’m, not gon na hold on no longer make sure you follow me on Ig tick, tock, yeah ig takes up on youtube, that’s all we’re on right now, um next giveaway is coming soon. I do a giveaway every time. I do a milestone.

Every time i break a milestone, so the next one would probably be when i hit 50k on tick tock, so we’re close we’re like at uh, 45k right now, so we’re getting close um and then the next one. Probably, when i hit k on youtube, then 5k on ig, so it’s coming, you found me – and i probably i’ll – probably do two winners for my ten time. Giveaway so make sure y’all stay tuned. Follow me ig. If you want to be. You know, part of that. Uh because i probably run it through ig, even though it’s a tic tac giveaway, but you know i’m gon na work it out so yeah without further ado, i’m gon na hold y’all no longer make sure you like comment, subscribe and hope you enjoy peace all right After you get all your taping prep work done, then you want to get your reference sheets and your stencils and put them on a shoe all right. So i drew out everything that i wanted to see on the shoe and outlined it and traced it with a sharpie and a paint marker all right now, you’re going to see me get my stencils ready on the qriket uh program on my computer and put them Right on the sheet, all right since i’m, using angela’s paint, i have to use it thinner that way it goes through the airbrush smoothly and after you do that you start painting so phantom phantom, so phantoms, so phantom phantom fantasy me.

So so all right for your final step, i decided to use the angelus matte finisher um highly recommended scratch resistant, it’s, perfect um after you do like two or three coats of that on the shoe they’re ready to go. I used to give my customs 24 hours before giving them to the customer. That way, i know they’re completely dry and they’ll be ready to wear all right. Thank you for watching um. If you enjoyed, please drop the like button and please drop a like button today. Please hit the like button for me uh to keep me motivated i’m, trying to come up with a custom video every week, so we’re gon na keep pushing them out so we’ll be trying to pump these out pump a custom out every week. I got a lot of customs coming up i’m, trying to record the youtube videos for y’all as soon as possible um. But some of these you know i got ta knock them out fast, so i’ll be i’ll, be thinking about recording while i’m uh customizing stuff, but anyway it doesn’t matter so i’m trying to drop a custom for y’all every week so make sure to subscribe. So you could be up to date when i drop something don’t. Follow me on ig. If you need a custom done, uh ig’s. Where is that dm me right now, ig and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can um can that’s it.