Welcome back to another video bit of story time for you right, i usually cannot. Sleep cannot sleep unless i’ve got a podcast in my podcast of choice. Is joe rogan’s podcast it’s the best podcast? There is just saying the reason why it’s the best podcast is because he has an eclectic range of guests, um from scientists to fighters to comedians, to actors to kind of philosophers everyone’s on there. Another podcast i’m, enjoying at the moment, is the josh matt and savann podcast, because talk about crossfit and it’s, matt, fraser and josh bridges and so on having a chat, that’s lovely. I like that a lot. However, on last night’s one, this happened matt some of these rumors that i’m hearing about you this week, i didn’t think were true, but now that i see of this fancy haircut i’m thinking they are true. Oh here we go so both you made a comment about this fancy haircut uh i don’t feel like it’s fit. I don’t feel like it’s any different than what i’ve had i wouldn’t say. I just think it looks i’d say it looks good man yeah it’s nice, because i it’s just because i just i think it’s, because i just ran my head under the sink, because i was like oh i’m about to be on camera and, like i sleep on My side, so the hair is just like, oh see you so i ran my head under the sink and and now it looks so fancy i mean here’s, the guy james who’s, the guy who was in movies and like smoked cigarettes from like the 50s or 40s James yeah he’s rocking the james dean or like uh, something something.

Oh i always just go with it i’m, just like hey just like give me a fade with a little bit of length on top boom he’s living. That is that, because you’re going on joe rogan, no beau – and i just went in like it – was the other day we’re like dude, we need to leave the house, and so we went and got haircuts. Tell tell us about joe rogan i’m hearing rumors. That you’ve been invited to be on the joe rogan show is that true where’d you hear those rumors. I heard them from a very credible source who i don’t know your rumors are so out of left field hold on. Let me adjust my hat Laughter. This is this: is the guy that that uh, he got asked to contact me uh for a uso tour, and never did so. I don’t know i don’t know how credible your source is. Oh so it wasn’t directly from the joe rogan experience what’s that my source was is that the joe rogan experience has reached out to you and invited you to be on the show. Oh that’s, super and, and and i text you about in a tech study with josh and you started doing the onesie twosie and then now you got ta fancy over here. I was cracking up over here. I’M i’m. Getting your responses and i’m i’m, like i have a couple coupled to come back and then, like i had to like consult with sami i’m like hey.

How do i spin this? How do i just piss off even more so? Do you have a date set for the show? What show for the joe rogan show who experience or whatever it is it’s a podcast it’s, a big podcast? What the ufc uh the ufc commentator has yeah um. No. In all seriousness, i don’t know if i’m allowed to talk about that. I i don’t know like the contingencies that go into it, but uh yeah, um, okay, let’s, move on to the second rumor um. I think this would be amazing, like the joe rogan podcast is easily the best podcast in the world because of uh, because he allows his guests to have a proper conversation. So it’s not really like a a questions. Answer based interview like a traditional interview, they actually have a conversation, so you get to see the real side of them. Much like you do on the josh matt’s event: um podcast, it kind of opens up, and they just have you get to see that real character, which is which is awesome, um so i’m, really looking forward to that in other news, um over on jacob hepner’s channel On youtube, he has announced his retirement i’ve decided to essentially specifically step down from specifically competing in crossfit i’ll, be competing in other things, we’re going to talk about that in this video further on. I think one of the things that jacob does on this on this video is he speaks beautifully about change and how change is important and the opportunities that it brings as well as almost embracing a new part of your life.

I can definitely relate to that for such a long time. I defined myself as a boxer. You know all throughout my pretty much all throughout my teens i was a boxer into my early 20s. I was a boxer and that that’s kind of like the suit that i wore um and it was hard to shake once that journey stopped. It was hard to shake and i then went in to and found my job found my career and then my job almost became my persona and then here i am in my 40s and i found this amazing community again something that he talks about with such passion. Um and that’s that’s my next sort of change that’s, my next sort of journey so i’m going to stick the link in the description below because it’s so it’s it’s a really good watch and and worth watching now. Of course, the opens only a couple of days away and the dave castro posted this hint. One of the things i love about this clue is that china smith, has jumped right on it with this message. Oh yes, we meet again dave. I thought the gap in time from 20.5 to now would assist you in making your clues harder to decipher, but, alas it’s still too easy. I can only hope that you decide not to change the workout once i again get it correctly now to begin this photo displays a decaying coyote skull with teeth prominently displayed.

As everyone knows, coyotes have 42 teeth. This number clearly corresponds with the 42 double unders per round. We will have to do your full spelling of 21 shows that we will do the amrap over the lengthy duration of 21 minutes. The skull highlights a movement that hurts all of our heads through blood rushing elsewhere. Aka rowing and the desert status is a place where people exhaust themselves against the power of earth is meant to remind us of a movement that makes us feel the same with burpees it’s good to be back now, it’s very funny, um, of course, chandler smith. Doing what chandler smith does best, but also read that it could mean there is some sort of variation on diane. Diane, of course, is the 21 15 9 of deadlifts and handstand push ups um, i kind of get that skull’s upside down it’s dead. You know that kind of ticks it, but whatever it is we’re going to find out in two days anyway. So i hope you enjoyed this quick update on what’s going on in the world. Let’S keep our fingers crossed for matt going on joe rogan’s podcast, because i think that’ll be amazing. Um sad see, hepner not competing in the games, love a bit of jacob hebner, but hopefully he can get on the commentary side, because that would just make it even better. Um and yeah it’ll be interesting to find out what the first workout is in two more sleeps um that’s.

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