Let me let me into my zone. Let me into my zone, please don’t. Let me yeah hi team. Welcome back to the channel hope. Everyone is well safe, enjoying life wherever you are in the world as much as we can in lockdown boring, boring, boring, well, nothing’s up now, they’re, not balls the good thing about being in the uk. Apart from the fact, it’s raining all the time, but we have a road map now of how to get out of lockdown and when things are going to start to open up. So it’s been really good sort of making plans with friends booking little nights away or trips, so yeah things are looking on the up. It does mean, though, that we are going to be probably seeing other human beings in the summer, but not really summer, already so time to start putting in that work team. If you enjoy my videos, make sure you hit the like button smash the subscribe button for the twins and drop me comment below. Let me know what you’ve been up to this week so team. The open is only a couple of days away. Hope, everyone’s training has been going well, mine’s been going all right, except i mean i’ve not done a handstand push up for a while and i think they may be in the open. I also haven’t done any double unders for a while Laughter not been getting them done, but yeah haven’t done any hands down push.

Ups, haven’t done any double unders been picking and choosing what i do shall we say been um been picking and choosing the moves that i enjoy. Most anyway, i mean i’ll, give it everything i’ve got when the first workout comes out. We actually had a hint from dave castro on his instagram the other day on what the first workout might be. 21.1, i mean there’s rumors i mean it could be diane, it could be death by something. Personally, i thought it was going to be a redo. It was going to be something like 21.1 is 17.1, because they’re, the kind of that has dumbbells and it has a box, and that done both boxes are in this open. So i thought that would have been a good one for for them to do if they were going to do a redo. But having looked at that picture, it could be death by something i mean i’m, not really sure that’s going to be that exciting for an open, workout, um i’ll have to go back and look through, but i’m, not sure we’ve done a death by during the open. Before either way really looking forward to getting uh getting onto the open, looking forward to seeing how everyone else gets on and what the sort of leaderboard looks like be interesting to see, who’s topping that leaderboard now matt fraser isn’t going to be there josh bridges said On the matt savannah, josh podcast this week that he was going to do the open he just hasn’t signed up yet, but, having looked at some of his recent videos, his training is going well actually a big fan of josh on the podcast this week.

They also asked matt if he was going to be chatting to joe rogan anytime soon i mean this whole rumor has it thing, is brilliant on this podcast? I absolutely love it. Tell us about joe rogan i’m hearing rumors that you’ve been invited to be on the joe rogan show. Is that true where’d you hear those rumors? I heard them from a very credible source. My source was: is that the joe rogan experience has reached out to you and invited you to be on the show? Oh that’s super, and so do you have a date set for the show? What show for the joe rogan show who the joe rogan experience or whatever it is it’s a podcast it’s, a big podcast, what the ufc uh the ufc commentator has yeah uh. No in all seriousness, i i don’t know if i’m allowed to talk about that. I i don’t know like the contingencies that go into it, but uh yeah, so team make what you want of that video it’s, absolutely tipping it down in the uk here today, pretty cold as well, so i haven’t actually been outside i’ve done much training so i’m, Going to leave you with a workout, i did yesterday it’s, probably a smart idea having a rest day before the open anyway, i’m – not very good at having these rest days, but i mean it’s nice when they’re forced upon you, but yeah here is a workout. I did yesterday, if you want to give it a go, drop me a comment.

Let me know how you got on, and team let’s get ready for the open smash it together and get it done have a great week.