Well, we have a bunch of free games once again, a new month has come in past and we have three new games. So today, we’re going to go over the brand new playstation plus games coming for the month of february. So, if, at any given time this video helped you out – or you find it entertaining please by all means – follow like and subscribe on, all social media platforms, but especially right here on youtube, because it definitely helps the video get out there in the youtube algorithm. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we knew it was coming and now it’s. Finally, here the awesome and amazing game destruction, all star is set to release. Finally, in february now, destruction, all stars is a global sports, entertainment event where stars and cars collide, the player assumed control of one of 16, all stars, each of them having access to unique heroes and vehicles now you’re going to have a whole bunch of vehicular combat. In this game, as player will see out many ways to destroy the vehicles in the opponents now for all stars who vehicles have already been destroyed. Well, they will have to navigate the arena on foot and dodge incoming attacks in order to survive. Now, while the player character is vulnerable in this situation, each all star also have unique skills that can turn the battle in their flavor. So yeah destruction also will be an amazing game and will have its cult following make sure you pick up this game and play is coming to the playstation 5 exclusively next month in february next up, ladies and gentlemen, we have quite an amazing game.

This game is called concrete genie now concrete genie is a very unique game that can be played with the playstation vr on without now concrete genie follows a heartwarming journey of a bullet team named ash who escaped his troubles by bringing his colorful imagination to life in His sketchbook now, while exploring his whole town of denska a once bright and bustling sea town now is polluted by darkness. Ash discovers a mysterious lighthouse where he must find his magical, paintbrush and charge it with living paint capable of creating magnificent masterpieces that can purify this darkness in his city, so yeah. This game also looks amazing. Also reminds me kind of epic mickey, but for the playstation 4. so make sure next month. You add this to your collection as well. Now, last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, we have another epic game. The lineup this month for playstation is turning out to be pretty amazing. Next up, we have control from the creators of max payne and alan wake comes control, a third person action adventure game, combining remedy’s trademark gun play with supernatural abilities, giving the player the ability to approach each situation in their own way. Control is a set in a very unique changing world where you go and explore unpredictable and mundane supernatural things that have taken place. A supernatural enemy has taken possession and you must use your unique abilities to take back control. So yeah playstation lineup for february is quite amazing.

Not only do we have an exclusive playstation, 5 gaming destruction all stars. We also have an amazing game that you can play with vr archive and conquer jamie and also control quite an amazing lineup of february indeed, but for right now, that’s pretty much going for the video. Ladies and gentlemen hope you truly enjoyed it once again. If you are new to the channel, hey how you doing welcome don’t forget to subscribe right here at carpool game, and i upload a wide variety videos range of them: updates tips, tricks, glitches, guys, news and a whole lot more. I also have a giveaway going right now for cyberphone 2077 links will be down below in the description for your help, watching videos i’m able to give back more.