Applause, see you guys. This is Laughter uh with a free extra bus, headset from acer brown, honey; i’m coming in neighborhood, foreign Music, Laughter, Music, unboxing, the clothes box. What hello? My guys? Oh my god, is um! Music Applause me! Yes, okay! Oh oh! Look at the box Applause, Music Applause, Laughter, very guys, Music. The moment of truth; Music, oh guys, yes, gamer, stickers, wow, it’s, very nice, Music, um, foreign Music Laughter. Give me Applause. Laughter, look at the acer, laptop Music, um it’s it’s, core i7 Music hdd, narrow bezel killer, ethernet, wi, fi, azer, nitro sense, hdmi, port Laughter, please subscribe don’t forget to subscribe, daddy jp and terry ctb. Okay, wow look up Music Laughter Music. Before i forget, i will just read the specs, the laptop here. It goes. Okay, you return it to the owner. It’S i7 gen 15.6 extend 50 ti4 gig the barbie card 16 gig ddr4 293 megahertz memory, 256 gig, nvme, ssd, plus one tera, thousands with 57 and the price is 58 500..